Unlock The Best Tech Innovations By QA Industry


Unlock The Best Tech Innovations By QA Industry

No doubt, the rise of technology is booming all around the world, and we all can experience its impact on our day-to-day lives. In the present time, the way we perform our jobs is entirely different as compared to the earlier time. Technology has not only improved the daily lives of the people but has also transformed the businesses. Technology has provided businesses with the latest and advanced resources so that they can reach their goals. Moreover, the boom of technology is continuously introducing people with such type of technical things that people have never experienced before.

Along with the passage of time, the software testing industry is changing and progressing; there is no doubt about it. At the same time, software industries are also contributing to the development of the tech industry. The technical advancements in the software testing industry encourage the testers to strengthen their skills systematically. Therefore, it is really essential for both the software development and testing firms to walk with the world to succeed in their individual fields.

So, what do you think? Which newly launched technological innovations are the most impressive ones in QA Industry? Don't worry! In this post, you will get answers to all your queries.

Codeless Test Automation

Recently, many changes take place in the world of technology. A similar thing happened in the software testing world when test automation developed to support active software releases by keeping the quality at priority. Automation has always been captivating, as it reduces generally known testing efforts and aids in the testing process.

Now the question that may strike in your mind is - What is the purpose of Codeless Test Automation? Well, it helps the software testers as well as the businesses to automate test cases without speculation about the coding. Apart from this, it also supports in delivering faster testing results and saves time to understand the coding process.

Artificial Intelligence in Testing

When it comes to AI in software testing, there is nothing wrong with saying that it is the only way to scrutinize under a set of particular conditions. During the app testing process, software testers identify the hazards and risks involved in software implementation that can harm the overall performance of the app.

On the other hand, software testing is continuously engaging with higher automation to contribute towards the efficiency and accuracy in the drive towards digital transformation. To make the applications more reliable, the whole world is turning their heads towards Artificial Intelligence (AI). Artificial Intelligence is also known as machine intelligence. It refers to the situation where machines are capable of doing all such tasks that demand human intelligence.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

If you are not aware of the term Robotic process automation (RPA), RPA is the use of software testing along with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to take care of high-volume and repeatable duties that demand human knowledge to perform. Tasks related to queries, calculations, and records & transaction maintenance, etc. come under the same roof.

In the present time, the improvements in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and software testing have revolutionized the tech world. Nowadays, the rise in technology has also transformed the businesses, thanks to the latest and eye-catching technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Cognitive Computing technology.

A Shift from QA to Quality Engineering

The world is continuously changing with a thundering pace, and its full credit goes to the blast of technology. We can say that the world in which we live, the things we see, and the jobs we do, all fall under the panel of technology. Now let us talk about Quality Assurance (QA), it supports a systematic waterfall approach for the sake of testing. However, it is a step by step and a lengthy process. Thus, QA is struggling to match the changing dynamics in the software testing field. With Quality Assurance (QA), it is easy to pile up the data and processes. On the other hand, by using Quality Engineering, it is easy to make the job done concerning the testing and automation process.

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IoT (Internet of Things) Testing

IoT (Internet of Things) - It is one of the exploding technologies, and it is also a challenge for Test Automation. If we talk about its configuration, it is a network of things interconnected to each other with the internet. The software that controls the hardware functionality of IoT, it connects all the inter-connected systems with the internet. Also, the same software connects it to all the other things.

Furthermore, there are several vulnerabilities in the system. Thus, the system needs to be tested for the sake of quality, functionality, and other security parameters. According to the HP report, 70 % of the systems that are connected to IoT are vulnerable to security-related concerns.

Digital Transformation with Agile Methodology

In the Manifesto of Agile Software Development, Agile methodology was introduced for the very first time. Since then, Agile methodology has been ruling for the last 17 years. This approach supports to work with several small teams in collaboration so that all the processes can be delivered quickly and continuously. If we talk about the strong point of Agile methodology, it can be fruitful in terms of User Experience (UX).


This post reflects the best innovations of all time, whose credit goes to the QA industry. Also, it articulates the methods and trends of Software Testing that can unlock your way to the next level of computing. BugRaptors is a software testing company committed to using the latest tech innovations to provide its global clients with accurate and bug-free software testing and QA services.


Ritu Chauhan

Ritu works as QA engineer in BugRaptors She has experience in software testing, exploratory testing, regression testing and mobile Testing. Well experience in designing and create test conditions to address feasibility and technical use cases.


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