How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Change Software Testing?


By Jaswinder Kaur

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Change Software Testing?

Software testing is an important phase in making the product reliable and satisfactory for the customers. Since customers' satisfaction is always the main focus, from time to time, we keep on working on new technologies and processes to ensure the quality of the product.

Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing

AI is the new popular term in today’s world which is making its place in almost every industry.

So companies are also seeking AI & ML services to make the work faster and accurate so that customer is satisfied with the product delivered to them.

According to the world quality report, 2018-19 customer satisfaction is the main goal that can be achieved by automating the testing process. The transition from manual to automation, software testing using artificial intelligence will be a welcome change.

1.Introduction of New Tools and Depreciation of the Old Ones:

Many of the tools are replaced by AI software testing tools that were being used for manual testing. An analysis of the software by AI is done much quicker and faster than humans. It takes almost half of the time to analyse and look for bugs in the software. Because of this feature, there is a possibility of replacing some of the tools or may have to modify the tools to work with machine learning or maybe replace them permanently.

Artificial intelligence testing tools are evolving into the market at a rapid pace. As a result, more and more developers are using these tools for testing the software.

2.AI will Rule over Manual Testing:

With the advancement in technology, new software and tools are emerging which in one way or the other are affecting our daily life. Now with the immense impact of artificial intelligence on software testing, the testing which was done manually in hours will now be done with multiple results at the same time frame but it does not mean that humans are not required at all.

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3.Supervising Positions for Humans:

When computers came in, many of the tasks which were done manually was handled by them quickly and accurately, but we know the computer itself cannot do anything till any of the instructions are not given to them. So individuals still required to give instructions.

No doubt with the emergence of AI, analysis, and testing of the product can be faster but for its execution and supervision, we need humans. AI cannot work without feeding a set of guidelines to the system. Humans are required to set the criteria, maintaining test patterns and supervising those test plans. So for doing that individual must have data science skills. In-depth learning of software code is required to feed into the AI to help it to differentiate between working and problematic aspects.

4.AI can be used in Software Testing to Automate the Testing Process:

Time constraints are always a critical part of the software development and testing phase. Software is being pushed into the market without proper testing and if it does not work properly then it frustrates the customers and they will lose all faith in the product.

In some organizations in order to tests the product and finds the bugs QA/QC teams are not present, it's only developers who perform unit testing of the software. Through automation testing with AI, 80% of the workload can be removed from Manual testers.

5.AI will Reduce Bug Ratio:

With AI we can find more bugs in the product. Questions that always arise in our mind how, when and where bug enters into the system, It also answers modules where small bugs and error occurs which in turn improves the code optimization. AI generates the information which can be used by testers if any modification in the code, and it prevents bugs to enter into the program. Bugs found in the development phase are easy to fix and manage as well as time-saving.


So after analyzing “How AI is going to change the software testing” we came to the conclusion that AI in near future will be more beneficial for the software testing company for its ability to analyze and process large data at a faster pace. The world is moving fast, in order to keep up the pace with the world we need to automate our processes too. This is how the delivery of the product must be sound and quick and as per customer satisfaction.






Jaswinder Kaur

Jaswinder is ISTQB certified tester and works at Bugraptors as QA engineer. She is well knowledgeable in Mobile Application Testing, Cross Platform Testing, Manual Testing, Web Testing, Compatibility Testing, Regression Testing and Sanity Testing. She is able to create effective documentation related to testing like test case, test report etc.

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