Rapidly Locate Elements For Productive Testing 

RaptorGen's Locators Plugin is inspired by SelectorsHub and Bugbot, providing dynamic and robust locators to help testers identify elements on web pages more effectively. It is an XPath plugin designed to auto generate, write, and verify XPath & CSS Selectors.

Bugbot acts as a smart editor for writing and verifying XPath, CSS Selector, Playwright selectors, jQuery, and JS Path. It can also automatically generate unique XPath, CSS Selector, and all possible selectors. This feature simplifies test automation efforts by generating reliable locators for UI elements. Testers can choose from a variety of locator strategies, such as CSS selectors, XPath expressions, or element IDs, to locate elements with precision.

Auto-generating XPaths and Selectors

RaptorGen takes the hassle out of element selection by automatically generating a wide range of locators

Axes Based XPath

Quickly locate elements based on their position in the DOM.

Relative XPath

Find elements relative to their context, enhancing reusability

Index-based XPath

Pinpoint elements based on their position in a list. 

Absolute XPath

Ensure precise element identification regardless of context.

Unique Relative CSS Selector

Generate CSS selectors that are guaranteed to be unique.

All Possible Selectors

Get a comprehensive list of selectors for any inspected element.

JS Path and jQuery

Leverage advanced JavaScript-based locators for maximum flexibility.

Robust Support For Varied Environments 

RaptorGen doesn't just stop at generating locators; it's equipped to handle diverse testing scenarios with BugBot’s dynamic test features.


XPath and CSS Selector Error Handling

Detect and gracefully manage locator errors for uninterrupted testing.  


Shadow DOM and Nested Shadow DOM

Seamlessly interact with elements inside shadow DOMs. 


iFrame and Nested iFrame

Navigate through frames effortlessly for comprehensive testing.  


SVG Elements

Easily target Scalable Vector Graphics elements for specialized testing. 


Dynamic Elements

Adapt to dynamic page content with confidence. 


Verify Multiple XPaths and Complete Locators Page:

Cross-verify locators to ensure accuracy and completeness. 


Exception Automation Suggestions

Receive intelligent suggestions on potential automation exceptions.  

Universal Compatibility 

RaptorGen seamlessly integrates with all major browsers, frameworks, and automation tools, including:  


Empower your automated testing efforts with RaptorGen

The ultimate locator generation tool for a seamless testing experience! 

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Technology Stack 

Implement the Locators Plugin using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, ensuring compatibility with major browsers. 



Provide reliable locators with auto-generated options, including XPath, CSS selectors, Playwright selectors, jQuery, and JS Path. 


Error Handling 

Handle XPath and CSS selector errors, including shadow DOM, nested iframes, SVG elements, and dynamic elements, with informative messages. 


Framework Compatibility 

Ensure seamless integration with popular testing frameworks like Selenium, Playwright, Cypress, and WebdriverIO. 


Cross-Browser Support 

Make the plugin compatible with all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge) for consistent performance. 

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