Progress Towards Visionary Testing 

Visual Testing employs advanced algorithms to compare the expected visual appearance of applications or websites with their actual appearance, pinpointing any discrepancies or defects. The powerful tool covers a wide range of visual elements including text, images, colors, and layout by analyzing screenshots. 

RaptorVision captures and stores screenshots of the current build. Testers can then compare these screenshots with subsequent builds to identify any visual discrepancies or regressions in the user interface. The visual testing feature provides a visual diff tool that highlights differences between screenshots, making it easier to detect even subtle changes in the UI. All in all, visual diff is a utility that allows you to find the differences between two versions of the same file. 

Features That Make RaptorVision A Perfect Choice 

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What Enables Smooth Visual Testing On RaptorVision? 


Active Screenshot Capture

Implement a mechanism to capture and store screenshots of different builds. 


Advanced Image Comparison

Develop or integrate visual differentiator tools to compare screenshots for identifying visual differences.


File Format Compatibility

Ensure compatibility with common image formats (e.g., PNG, JPEG) for seamless comparison.


Direct Comparison Option

Provide a streamlined option for direct comparison without manual uploading of screenshots.


User-Friendly Interface

Design an intuitive interface for easy screenshot upload, initiation of comparisons, and result visualization.  

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Why Must You Choose RaptorVision? 

  • Efficiently compares two versions of the same file.

  • Facilitates finding differences between builds or files.

  • Automatically captures screenshots of builds.

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