The gaming industry has always stayed to be an extensive business. As per the information shared by Statista, the global video game market stands at USD 118 billion while the figure is about to reach USD 138 billion by the end of 2021.   

Moreover, the introduction of subscription-based models like Apple Arcade and Google Stadia have given an even stronger push to the industry. But the sudden boom in the gaming industry has also widened the scope for game testing services.   

Especially when game enthusiasts only seek exclusivity with the game design, interface, and storyline, game testing services are vital to ensure quality assurance benchmarks for any product entering the industry.   

Nevertheless, there is a huge difference between testing software and games, as game testing is more about creating a life out of the designed content while meeting the expectations of the users.   

With years of experience handling game testing projects, we understand the importance of using the testing best practices when it comes to game testing. Especially when any game development brand is not able to find a reliable partner to lead their game testing and launch operations, it can definitely affect the success factor associated with the product.   

Before we jump on understanding the game testing best practices, let us have some quick insights on understanding the three primary components of video games that must be worked for optimum user response.  

1. Game Graphics    

Every video game, no matter which platform it belongs to, having top-quality graphics tends to capture the attention of gaming enthusiasts. However, it is equally necessary that heavy graphics integrated into the video game are made to affect the playing experience.   

In short, the idea of designing video games needs developers and testers to create products that can align well with the standard GPU configurations of mobile devices as well as dedicated video gaming platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, etc.   

This might need video game testers to run the game on multiple devices to analyze that the given product should not bring any pressure to device CPU consumption, GPU consumption, the temperature of the device, and of course, battery and data consumption.   

2. Security Testing  

Some video game developers, especially those working on mobile games, tend to monetize games through advertisements using so many third-party tools. However, such actions increase the chances of penetration into the system while affecting the user experience as well as security.   

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Also, the use of third-party tools can even affect the gameplay disturbing the functionality of the game. To avoid such a situation, game developers need to hire game testers who can help with functionality, security, and usability checks on the product. Moreover, outsourcing game testing can even aid gaming companies in creating a smooth and faster experience while integrating essential features like social media handles for greater engagement and participation.   

Especially when most gamers these days love to flaunt their gameplay, scores, and achievements on their social media accounts, social media integration allows you to capture a wider audience, create word of mouth, and ensure greater success.   

3. UI & UX Testing  

The only thing that defines the success of a video game is the effectiveness of UI and UX. Gamers only engage content that offers a superlative experience, making interface testing a priority.   

Therefore, testers and developers should ensure that the onboarding experience should be easy and effective without any overwhelming information that complicates the initial experience of the user. Besides, the use of font colors, size, style, and anything that can help users to get familiar with the gameplay must be put under test to rectify every corner case that might hamper the gameplay.   

With all those insights into the most significant components of the game development and game QA services, let’s quickly dig into learning the mobile game testing best practices while we will try highlighting how a reliable partnership with a game testing service provider could help aid the overall game launch process.  

Mobile Game Testing Best Practices  

Though game testing is a complicated process, it still shares certain aspects of software testing as they are vital to achieving the highest quality of the game. Moreover, running these tests allows working on the aforementioned factors of the game development.  


Similar to software and applications, game testing requires cultivating a seamless experience for the users across different devices, platforms, and browsers. Moreover, the games need to offer required support on external gadgets like VR, controllers, etc. Compatibility testing allows improving the quality standards of a video game, offering maximum convenience to the users.   

Also, it is crucial that any game developed should be tested for all the low-end, mid-range, and high-end range of products in order to serve the maximum community of users for varying CPU, GPU, and other device configurations.   


Functional testing or functionality testing is another common practice with game QA testing services. The process involves identifying different user flows, foster automation testing, and ensure smooth navigation and response for varying user behavior. This means creating a common behavior with the game for the varying usage patterns and navigational flows.   

The process usually involves keeping a check on logging CPU, GPU, RAM, Battery, and other components that have a direct effect on the responsiveness of the game and vice-versa. Above all, game functionality testing allows yielding stability with the product.  


Localization testing is a very critical aspect of the game testing process. Since video game enthusiasts are actively looking for engaging content with the newly launched video games, localization testing ensures that the product under test could serve users across diverse locales. Even if you have launched your game in a specific geographical region, localization testing allows you to scale your reach and offer wider adoption opportunities to the users.   

And what if the launched video game gain popularity in a region where the native language is not English or maximum of the user community speaks some other language. Localization in such circumstances allows your users to change textual and audio content as per their preferred choices.   

Above all, localization game testing allows you to yield a greater audience and longevity for your game.   


Last but not least, performance testing for video games allows testers to track any poor graphic rendering, sluggish response during the gameplay, excessive load on battery and RAM, unnecessary consumption of GPU and CPU, etc. The process usually involves game testing services to use different devices to ensure similar outcomes could be nurtured for varying device viewports.   

Performance testing goes hand in hand with functional tests to ensure a consistent user flow could be curated for the users. Besides, the testers encourage the use of emulators, simulators, mobile devices, as well as popular gaming devices to verify performance aspects.   

But, How Partnering With A Reliable Game Testing Company Helps?  

The gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing industries that have rapid adoption of advanced tech solutions like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, as well as Virtual Reality. With so many technologies involved in the development process, it is vital that Game QA services should be integrated well into the industry, creating a better user experience and, of course, higher industry revenue.  

Besides, integrating so many special technologies to create unique gameplay need quality assurance services to be involved at all stages of development. Though most gaming companies have already embraced the change, there are still many gaming companies that need to onboard a professional and experienced game testing company that can accelerate the launch process and ensure that only the best products land the market.   

All The Best!  

At BugRaptors, we have all the intellect, testing tools, and techniques that can help you test your games for satisfying the highest quality and compliance benchmarks. Besides, partnering with a game testing outsourcing company could help you yield consistent growth in the long-term without compromising on testing and QA factors that you might otherwise skip due to a lack of knowledge on the latest tools and QA industry practices.   

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Kanika Vatsyayan is Vice-President – Delivery and Operations at BugRaptors who oversees all the quality control and assurance strategies for client engagements. She loves to share her knowledge with others through blogging. Being a voracious blogger, she published countless informative blogs to educate audience about automation and manual testing.


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