When it comes to game testing, remember you need to deliver a smooth yet thrilling experience to your end users. Right from the graphics to the functionality and display, you need to cultivate a user interface that could meet with your user experience goals. 

Besides, games are more than software, and it requires manual black-box testing in the age of automation. Even after the vast advances in AI-related technology or test automation, the Game Testing Service Provider relies on manual approaches because it helps them get accurate results and ensures an immersive experience during testing.  

However, developing a robust automation system is as challenging as the game development itself, and if you do not have a reliable game tester, you can never settle on the quality benchmarks that you have defined for your product. Cutting it short, your testers have to work hard in a complex industry, and they have to take responsibility for unexpected duties in order to test the game with proper balance.   

In the next few minutes, we will try to give you a quick tour of the game testing process, the process to lead the game testing strategy, and the role of QA in the entire product development and release lifecycle. 

Let’s start! 

What Does Game Testing Do? 

Game Testing is an effort or activity made or performed by the media & entertainment testing service provider to identify and fix hidden bugs in the game. It helps you check the playability of a game and allow you to suggest the needed improvements to the development team before launching the app to the market.   

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What is Bug in Game Testing?  

In case of not performing testing, one can consider your game as a buggy. Now the point is what actually bug is in Game Testing. So, the bug is an error that indicates that your game is not up to the mark. However, the type of bug can differ according to different games.  

Still, to help you know about the bug better, below, we have mentioned some common types of bugs/problems in the game testing. Also, we will provide some solutions and best approaches for testing games that you can check below:  

Problem1: Game is Full of Defects: When the particular feature of the game is not tested as intended, it will become successful in giving a poor user’s experience. This process help you know that your game is full of defects. Similarly, your game can behave in an incorrect manner.   

Solution 1: If you want to fix a defect in your game, you need to Hire a Tester for Game Testing who has all the expertise on game testing techniques and tools to meet the end goals. Overall, you can expect that it has a detailed knowledge of the defect management process and help you improve the quality of your game.   

Problem 2: The game Works Very Slow: You can experience a slow performance or sudden hang or crash issues with your game, mainly if the app that you are using has so many bugs.   

Solution 2: In order to improve the performance of your app and to avoid hang or crash issues, you should first understand the common reasons for your game app crashing are:  

  • Poor Memory Management  

  • Insufficient Testing   

  • Unnecessary Usage of Code  

  • Device Incompatibility  

  • Errors and Exception Handling  

  • Network Issues  

  • Database Connection   

  • Poor Front-end Optimization  

  • Poor Management of Software Development Lifecycle  

Similarly, you can understand top software failures that occur due to a lack of testing. After knowing these problems, you can finally select the Game QA Testing Service Provider in India to up your game and eliminate performance bottlenecks or the above-mentioned issues without any hassle.   

Problem 3: Incorrect Logics Apply to the Game: If you are trying to conduct game testing without any knowledge of programming language, it would be difficult for you to cope up with game testing challenges.  

Solution 3: C++ and Java are two main popular languages many companies use for Game App Development. Therefore, before testing, you must know the ABC of your game, or you must have technical skills to understand the game details, game design, or you must know how to enhance the testing process by leveraging technologies, programming, and coding. Apart from this, you must have developers' tools to find the game issue and create a bug report for further learning purposes.   

Additionally, there are some other defects that you can find at the time of loading games, typing any texts, changing the sound settings, or you can get an inconsistent feel while using your game. These bugs or problems will always come when you miss the testing part because it is difficult to ensure whether your game will work flawlessly or not. Whether it will fulfill your users' expectations or not. Now, the point is, how should you get the game testing done?  

If you are looking to perform game testing with 100% accuracy?  

You need to choose BugRaptors because we have expertise in Game Testing Services and have a reliable approach to understand your unique game requirements, prepare a strategic test plan, design test cases, and execute them efficiently to help you get the engaging experience.   

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The Best Practices: How Do We Perform Game Testing? 

Establish the Process   

Before initiating the testing, we believe in establishing a testing process and providing guidelines to our QA team. They further make modifications and update necessary things in the guidelines or based on the requirement of game app testing. After that, they break down the complete testing cycle into stages like Alpha, Beta, Regression, Merge, and Release stage and then move to the next step, which is customization.   

Customized Testing  

As every business owner has unique requirements. Accordingly, depending on one size is not the right option. One should treat each game as an individual entity. Similarly, you should pay attention to the game elements and focus on all areas that are necessary to test in the game.   

Involve Devs in Testing   

While testing any feature of the game, it is essential to ensure that the game is quality-made. Since QA is a part of the complete testing process, so you should always Hire Game QA Testers to focus on the core functionality of the game, and it will help you get more time for debugging even after fixing a number of defects in the game.   

Prepare a Checklist for Test Cases  

Test cases are essential for the verification of all areas of the game. It helps you avoid post risks and allows you to make changes as per the features required in the game.   

Conduct Adhoc Testing   

After having a checklist for test cases, we prioritize Ad-hoc testing as it helps us achieve good coverage and makes it easy for us to evaluate the game with a linear approach.   

Testing Based on Physical Devices   

When choosing simulators, it becomes difficult to confirm whether the game will perform exactly on real devices or not. That’s why we at BugRaptors perform testing on physical devices and obtain accurate data to understand how the game behaves in real-time.   


Crystal clear communication is necessary to achieve success for game testing. At BugRaptors, we have various tools/software/applications for real-time communications and to interact with other team members for defect uploading. We also use excel sheets to avoid data loss and have databases to save your records for the next time. Apart from this, we conduct regular scrums to make test plan strategies, implement tests, and record test results, and ensure that bugs will track effectively.   

What emerging trends are we using for game testing?   

Other than manual testing, we have automation solutions to test the back-end & the various areas of development. Moreover, we perform performance testing to optimize the games and consider security testing/penetration testing to ensure that game is secure enough to prevent sensitive user’s information like usernames, passwords, phone numbers.  

Also, we leverage modern AI-based QA to make smart decisions for games and provide you with a fun-based gaming experience.  

QA Role in Game Testing   

Today game manufacturers want to give the most playful user experiences, or you can understand they want to create an addiction in users for playing games. Accordingly, ensuring the quality of games has become a critical concept for our company.  

And, for this, our QA testers perform different types of game testing like Combinatorial Testing, Functionality Testing, Clean Room Testing, Compatibility Testing, Regression Testing, Load Testing, Adhoc Testing, and Play Testing to assure that whatever the bugs/defects your game has present, will fix while testing the code. Similarly, clients will get a delivery of the polished product before it is released to the public and will be able to satisfy all their requirements.   

All in all, QA is the essence of development process when you need to take the best of your gaming products to your audience out there. It helps you align with all the functionality, performance, and user experience goals that make a game true success.  

Good luck!  

Looking for some professional game testing support? Let our experts at BugRaptors be the helping hand you need.  

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Shaifali Sharma

Shaifali Sharma is an ISTQB certified web automation lead with a passion for ensuring software quality through robust testing methodologies. With a strong background in automation testing frameworks and tools, she excels in designing, implementing, and executing automated test suites to streamline the software development process. Her dedication to continuous learning and staying updated with the latest trends in automation testing enables her to deliver high-quality solutions that meet the evolving needs of the industry. Shaifali's commitment to excellence and her collaborative approach makes her a valuable asset to any software automation team.


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