With the world moving quickly towards technology progressing toward digital transformation goals, the demand for business applications, enterprise solutions, and software has multiplied. Despite all the significant growth that IT consulting firms and the development industry have witnessed, one thing that has stayed consistent is opting for Quality Assurance services.  

Even though there are many organizations that have recognized the importance of quality assurance in creating sustainable and scalable technology, the other major areas of conflict include making the decision between in-house and outsourced QA services. There are many organizations that believe that making a choice between outsourced and in-house QA services is subjective.  

However, the truth is outsourcing QA services is always an effective decision compared to building a team in-house, unless you are a QA service provider yourself. Even if the choice of hiring a QA outsourcing service provider may depend on business goals and objectives, outsourcing has its own merits when you need to harness the value of technology. Also, exposure to outsourced services over in-house QA brings you advantages to overcome quality risks along with big savings. 

In this blog, we will highlight all the factors that make QA outsourcing a better decision compared to an in-house QA setup while understanding the need for technology. Let’s begin!  

Recognizing The Need For Technology & Quality Assurance 

The instability in the business industry is nothing new. However, the recent pandemic made way for greater turbulence, disrupting everything right from the supply chain to operations. The situation led the business organizations to struggle to keep their head above water to sustain themselves until technology came to the rescue.  

This might not appear anything new to you as technology has always stayed to be a significant ally for business giants, but the shift towards software technology revealed potential opportunities. From operations to efficiency, people were never serious about injecting technology into business.  

And therefore, every industry, right from retail to healthcare, started to build its reliance on remote technology that can drive value and sustainability to the business. In short, software is the future of the digital transformation journey. However, the sudden and accelerated movement towards software solutions somewhere left quality assurance behind as only those who embraced QA operations were able to create a more dynamic impression of their business.  

In other words, from sustaining operations to retaining customers, all need businesses to understand their priorities, where QA shares the same space as development. And the need for attracting, engaging, and creating loyalty requires standardization of technology that comes with Quality Assurance.  

On that note, let us quickly jump on to understanding the potential outcomes that one can yield by outsourcing Quality Assurance services.  

Reasons To Outsource Quality Assurance 

When we say, Quality Assurance services, it refers to creating websites, applications, software, and any other enterprise solutions to meet quality standards and compliance benchmarks. Since the process demands a team of highly-experienced and skilled QA testers, building a team from scratch brings so many hurdles.  

Even the IT service providers and consultants who have internal teams tend to struggle to align with QA goals as software developers could not act as QA engineers. Outsourcing QA services brings so many benefits which can be listed as: 

Access to Top-tier Talent 

Finding the perfect Quality Assurance experts is quite tricky when you need to filter the best team. However, working with a software testing company helps you overcome all the hassle with their distributed teams. These are the experts who are ISTQB certified and have all the specialties you need to meet your QA objectives.  

Free-up Internal Resources 

Quality Assurance and software testing services involve so many complex tasks that are not linked to the standard operating procedures of a development company. On the other hand, outsourcing Quality Assurance services allows your in-house teams to work on core business operations and create greater value while QA benchmarks are achieved.  

Not sure how QA Software Testing Outsourcing Works? 

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Exposure To Best Practices 

When we say quality assurance, the best practices keep on changing depending upon the introduction of technologies. Therefore, partnering with a QA outsourcing service provider allows you to stay updated on the latest trends and test methodologies. Whether it is integrating DevOps, QAOps, or Agile, outsourcing QA allows you to implement the best practices into your projects. 

Reduced Risks 

As the test process is extremely meticulous in nature, leaving the testing part to developers and business analysts can only make certain things go overlooked. However, having a QA partner helps you to avoid downtime and ensure quality as you let developers and QAs focus on development only.  

Save Expenses 

When you have an in-house team, it often gets expensive to maintain the team and meet the build requirements. Also, these people are involved in highly project-specific roles or other temporary tasks. Such a situation needs businesses to hire QA engineers for every upcoming requirement which often becomes unfeasible. Outsourcing QA engineers allows you to bypass all the time, costs, and other hassles of hiring and retention. 

Scalability Benefits 

When you are aiming to innovate on your business technology, it is better to skip the entire process of hiring and building a team. Having QA services outsourced allows you to be more elastic and enjoy scalability depending on the changing requirements. Moreover, the scalability advantage even comes in handy when you plan to expand your business to churn greater productivity.  

Control & Communication 

Engineering and development operations are always on and therefore they need to stay in sync at all times. Constant communication is essential for taking innovations forward and progressing on them. And therefore, many IT companies often get reluctant to outsource their QA operations to a third-party service provider.  

And it is true to some extent as not all QA providers have the capability to meet the dynamic needs of the clients. However, a carefully vet QA outsourcing provider could help you take control of the project and ensure smooth communication. 

Need Help Driving Value On Your Quality Assurance Initiatives? We Can Help You! 

When you are working on the development of a project, it never comes easy or cheap. Even if you have extensive money and resources available, it often gets overwhelming to keep up with changing market landscape for technology.  

We at BugRaptors bring you all the expertise you need to define proper QA processes. We help you with easy-to-adopt and highly intuitive QA services that help you yield all the efficiency and value required.   

If you need more information on outsourcing QA testers, feel free to reach our experts through info@bugraptors.com  



Vivek Rana

With rich experience of more than 8 years in the industry, Vivek Rana is a QA enthusiast working as a Team Lead at BugRaptors. Starting his journey as a system analyst, Vivek over the years has developed a strong grip on manual and automation testing services. His fun-loving approach and whole-hearted dedication make him a perfect team player. He is a highly driven expert and loves to travel to mountains escaping the city hustle and bustle whenever he longs for some leisure.


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