According to All India gaming federation, With the constantly evolving technology, industries anticipate a $300 billion increase in mobile game revenue by 2025.  

Businesses are increasing their speed of learning by taking this development and expansion into mind. Users will undoubtedly seek quality as gaming applications expand in popularity. Quality is what everyone seeks!  

Because of the intense competition, delivering any product with bugs will ruin everything and this is where game testing steps in!  

There are many automated testing tools for gaming applications that aid in game testing. Besides, game testing allows developers to work on creating a rich and dynamic screenplay, giving more pleasing UX to the game heads.  

In this blog, we will learn about the risks involved in game testing and what are the game testing types.  

Let’s begin!  

Risks involved in game testing!

Irrespective of your level of expertise, you must be aware of both the advantages and disadvantages. Once you've considered the advantages and disadvantages, the quality of delivery won't suffer. Always verify these risks before beginning the game testing. One should know:  

  • Whether or not the gaming app can keep users interested?  

  • Whether or not it has entertaining features?  

  • Is the interface of the application user-friendly?  

  • If the game's features are simple to access?  

  • How high-quality are the media files (pictures, texts, graphics, videos, audio, etc.)?  

These are the main dangers of any gaming software. As a result, if you are clear on these issues, testing is more adaptable for game testers.  

Wondering how game testing has evolved? 

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7 Different Types of Game Testing Techniques 

The primary goal of testing is to draw attention to application errors. Its purpose is to eliminate all bugs from the program.  

There are several methods for testing games, all of which focus on making applications bug-free. Here are seven widely used testing methods.  

1. Functionality Testing  

Functional testing, as its name suggests, can, when appropriately used, assist testers in determining whether an application is practical following the requirements.  

The QA team looks for general application concerns throughout the process, such as asset integrity, audio video, scalability, graphical representation, etc.  

Highlighted Features :  

  • The testing technique falls under the category of "black-box testing," and it validates the product's performance by the requirement document.  

  • Functional testing takes a little longer than other testing methods because the QA team must check if fundamental elements like visuals, messages, and users' comfort are present. 

  • Functional testing also verifies installation, network problems, and support procedures.  

2. Combinational Testing 

The QA team employs this strategy to evaluate the functionality of the gaming application.  

This testing strategy aids in detecting defects that speed up the development process.  

Combinational testing synchronizes the outcome by applying several combinations of inputs under the guidance of a QA specialist. Additionally, combinational testing is essential to driving quality and productivity, making gaming applications incomplete without it.  

When creating a game application, one should unquestionably conduct combinational testing.  

Highlighted Features:  

  • The reports of the approach are systematic and straightforward to understand  

  • Combinational testing ensures the product's performance via all feasible combinations of parameters.  

  • The QA team uses three methodologies to undertake combinational testing. They are Pair testing, Category-partition testing, and Catalogue-based testing.  

3. Exploratory Testing 

The team does not use any pre-written test cases when using this testing technique. They instantly test the entire system. Additionally, the testing methodology's premise places more of an emphasis on "Imagination ability" than it does on conventional testing.  

A tester must examine the gaming application and find flaws using analytical skills. Agile models also adhere to exploratory testing, which is about learning, considering, looking into, and visualizing.  

Exploratory testing is crucial before making a gaming application available to the general public since it gives testers a place to work. As a result, the team updates the application and identifies faults on behalf of the general public.  

Key Features of Exploratory Testing:  

  • No one has to create test cases in advance.  

  • The team creates test cases during testing only.  

  • The idea focuses on “Thoughts & Research.”  

  • Avails space for testers to discover more testing environments.  

  • Better productivity is available.  

4. Compatibility Testing 

The primary goal of compatibility testing is to draw attention to compatible problems. As everyone knows, gaming applications are popular and have taken the world by storm.  

An application should function in this situation in line with end-user expectations. Even within a single technology, there are numerous device versions, necessitating compatibility testing.  

A game app must function consistently on all mobile platforms. As a result, testers check an application's responsiveness across all mobile platforms by considering fundamental elements like resolutions, audio, videos, graphics, etc.  

Its Features :  

  • Testing for compatibility establishes whether an application is compatible with all devices.  

  • Additionally, it evaluates the designs and text across all screen sizes, tests the product's performance across multiple operating systems and browsers, and ensures the application's reliability and scalability.  

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5. Cleanroom Testing 

Gaming applications must be tested in a cleanroom. Sometimes the QA team reports the same defects repeatedly without being able to pinpoint the root cause. Therefore, Cleanroom Testing is crucial in these situations. One can pinpoint the precise origin of faults and minor errors using the strategy of this testing approach.  

Additionally, the gaming application is productive, reducing the testing effort. Thanks to cleanroom testing techniques. Even test subjects can have fun playing the game. We control all testing techniques because we are a top testing firm.  

Cleanroom Testing Features:  

  • Cleanroom testing is a concept that combines statistical analysis, improved design, and mathematical understanding.  

  • The testing procedure finds the application's fewest flaws. -Since programming begins after proper specification, it is not a programmer testing notion.  

6. Play Testing 

This testing technique requires the tester to play the game like a player, as the name suggests. The QA team simulates a competition to see if any errors occur.  

Additionally, if we test a game with a player, it helps to compile general problems. The crew also has the chance to check all the non-functional components.  

Additionally, they can estimate how entertaining the game application is. Overall, this testing strategy contributes to developing an innovative, captivating, and player-focused application.  

This is probably the tester's go-to testing technique, but one should never let their guard down. They must preserve the harmony of amusement, usability, and attractiveness.  

Play Testing Features:  

  • Play Testing should always be considered because it generates a real-world scenario.  

  • The idea focuses more on situations like fun facts and user involvement.  

7. Regression Testing 

One of the essential techniques to use during testing is regression testing. Preserving the futuristic changes in place guarantees the application's functionality.  

Regression testing also highlights new bugs by thoroughly rechecking the application's functioning. In this testing, the developer reruns the code and contrasts the results with earlier results.  

Quality cannot be compromised; each testing phase is valuable in and of itself. Regression testing increases the productivity of a gaming application.  

Regression testing Features:  

  • Regression testing involves revalidating and running all tests to find bugs.  

  • It compares the results of previous and current tests.  

  • Using overall judgment ensures the quality of an application.  

Therefore, these are the seven techniques or game testing types that the QA team should use to test the gaming application. 

Wrapping up!   

At Bugraptors, QA professionals improve the focus, engagement, and aesthetics of your gaming application. We are well acquainted with the newest automation testing technologies.  

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Shaifali Sharma

Shaifali Sharma is an ISTQB certified web automation lead with a passion for ensuring software quality through robust testing methodologies. With a strong background in automation testing frameworks and tools, she excels in designing, implementing, and executing automated test suites to streamline the software development process. Her dedication to continuous learning and staying updated with the latest trends in automation testing enables her to deliver high-quality solutions that meet the evolving needs of the industry. Shaifali's commitment to excellence and her collaborative approach makes her a valuable asset to any software automation team.


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