Talking about the concept of digital transformation, it is entirely the evolution of software technology developed to take us closer to the future. Besides, all the efforts made to upgrade technology are meant to step into a future that represents convenience and unfold something that was never seen or observed.   

DevOps has turned out to be one such gift for the tech industry, especially the developers and organizations that heavily lean on IT innovation.   

Sticking to the definition, DevOps is all about blending the development and operations to yield the best out of business with the right tools, techniques, and best practices. Also, DevOps has all the potential required to bring sync in development and QA solutions while driving rapidity into the process.   

In simple words, the whole idea behind connecting development and operation is to complement coordination in the software development lifecycle while nurturing better outputs. Nevertheless, the whole idea behind progressive and futuristic development is to bring QA, security, development, and operations all closer. Moreover, the DevOps approach brings all the necessary speed and precision required to curb the manual process with automation.   

With our vast experience working on DevOps & Quality Assurance Solutions, we will aim at highlighting all the Top DevOps trends that IT enthusiasts, as well as business organizations, need to keep in mind for staying productive in 2022. Let’s begin!  

Infrastructure as a Code  

Already adopted by the industry at a very fast pace, Infrastructure as a code is all about altering the development process with an API-driven model that can complement application codes. The process is meant to aid automation by making a database, networks, servers, and storage to be all work through easy to read and easy to modify code.   

The practice has become a critical part of the SDLC and DevOps approach as it allows businesses to scale out to the cloud with improved storage and data influx. Besides, the combination of automation and cloud decreases the chances of data loss while complementing the performance benchmarks. The best thing about using Infrastructure as a code is the control on deployments and updates with improved scalability on introducing patches and versions to the infrastructure.   

The Rising Demand for DevSecOps  

The next most significant trend surrounding DevOps that is going to rule the development industry is merging DevSecOps into the foundational model. It is more about widening the scope of QA and security collaborations into the development and operations, making way for DevSecOps. The concept is meant to add more value to the security process, especially when everything on the web is vulnerable to loss and cyber threats.   

The DevSecOps model could help an IT organization working on a software, application, or website with an advantage to automate the most consuming tasks. Besides, the right combination of tech stack and tools could aid in carrying all the development operations in a more secure and smooth manner. Also, the model would help QA engineers to assist developers on deployments and infrastructure-related provisions.  

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Chaos Engineering  

Chaos Engineering is another ruling concept that will make a more prominent impression in 2022 while offering better support on security and crashes. The process aims at breaking the system to identify the flaws and reinforcing all the weak links in the system. The whole approach is meant to aid developers in recognizing all the potential threats and avoid any attacks that are made with the intention to hamper the real-world performance of the product or misuse the user data.  

Though there is a large number of tools available to help developers with the technique, executing the practice in the right manner is something that makes the most difference. Therefore, it is highly recommended that QA and Developers must be in sync when they need to work on the whole idea of locating the system’s weaknesses through effective R&D.   

More Automation  

Since evolution is all about pursuing a change, anything related to DevOps and Quality Assurance needs to serve the emerging demands. Especially when we talk about continuous evolution, every phase defines certain new updates. However, working on DevOps and Quality Assurance need developers to have a consistent focus on learning the technique and practicing multitasking. And the only way to prevent all such load is using automation.   

For instance, developers could aim at automating the most consuming tasks and shift their focus on activities that need undivided attention. All in all, the objective behind the use of automation testing solutions is to work on tricky tasks at priority while leaving the tedious ones to automation. In other words, automation is the key to the rapidly transforming tech world as the need for efficiency and speed could never be met alone with manual testing services. Moreover, automation technology holds great potential in the future when it comes to complementing cloud technology.   

Manage Multi-Cloud Environment  

When working on an individual cloud platform is already a complex task to pursue, integrating multiple cloud platforms could help free all the space and resources. The multi-cloud platform allows developers to create applications faster with better use of tools. On top of that, multi-cloud platforms allow better planning against disaster recovery as they allow active data migration. Also, when working on time-critical applications, it could help avoid technical difficulties and foster quick deliveries.   

Since more and more organizations are getting involved in cloud practices, DevOps has become a go-to tool to work on the development process. In a nutshell, the idea of a multi-cloud environment is going to be a primary requisite for software technology, while DevOps would be worked as a technology to leverage changing technologies to their full potential.   

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Amalgamation Of DevOps & Agile  

Though it is believed that DevOps is likely to overpower agile, the future would bring Agile and DevOps work in sync. This is because both these aspects of technology have the potential to cover each other’s flaws, making way for an evolved environment.   

As Agile can even help testers to drive speed into the project, the DevOps teams could add more value to the project allowing quality to flow into the products. Besides, the approach could even help to enhance the collaborative competencies of the testers while driving a culture that allows a greater scope of productivity backed by streamlined communication.   

The Crux  

Summing it up, the integration of DevOps into the existing model has been a tremendous help in accelerating the growth of the industry. From delivering quality in products to meeting the expectations of the users, every organization, right from Amazon, Netflix to small-sized development companies, has started to use the idea of DevOps for better quality and delivery time.   

Given the massive incidents of DevOps success on deployments and updates, the future of DevOps feels like a convincing bid to make. And just in case you are looking for some expert assistance to meet your quality assurance goals, consider planning a free consultation call with our experts through   

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