How Crucial Is DevOps for Digital Assurance and Testing?


By Neha Sethi

How Crucial Is DevOps for Digital Assurance and Testing?

DevOps for Digital Assurance and Testing

Be it any eCommerce application or your banking software, only the mere thought of these technologies crashing is overwhelming. Especially when the concept of digital transformation is ruling the world, the unavailability of an application, software or website at the extreme hours of need could be a significant turn-off for the users.   

On the other hand, the software that is meant to work on specific business tasks when not accessible to the users could lead to the potential loss of opportunities. The same goes for the retail applications that are made to offer the omnichannel experience to the users while delivering consistent performance.   

Here comes the role of Digital Assurance and Testing services!   

Digital Assurance Services not only complement the performance objectives but can help yield value to the DevOps operations. In this blog, we will aim to highlight the role of Digital Assurance & Testing in DevOps while underlining several important reasons that make DevOps essential.   

DevOps & Digital Transformation  

With the entire world progressing towards digital transformation, the need for a dynamic and personalized customer experience has got a big boost. However, the same has even made the developers and QA Testers work on improving the speed, security, and quality of the digital initiatives.   

Like every business, these days are software-driven and aim to cultivate a pleasing experience with applications, the whole concept of technology is being redefined. Besides, the rapid growth of the technology sector has pushed every business and industry to lean on analytics, cloud, IoT, mobile, and social apps or software, making way for frequent change in development tactics & software testing strategies.   

The situation has not only driven the stress amongst business executives but has also increased the burden on testers and developers. The world now needs technology that could outperform the existing products in the market and could even offer stability while meeting benchmarks related to speed and quality. Besides, the technology must be designed to align development and operations for collaborative and sustainable development.  

Why DevOps Is Essential for Digital Assurance?  

Since DevOps is an integral part of Continuous Development, Continuous Testing, and Continuous Integration initiatives, involving a digital assurance model in the process allows better launch and upgrades with minimum or managed downtime. Moreover, testing being a collaborative activity helps to drive method and strategy that aligns with entrepreneurial goals.  

All in all, sticking to a digital assurance strategy adds more value to an existing IT model by making it more responsive. On the other hand, DevOps as a practice nurture everything beginning from automation, collaboration, or integration objectives allowing a more streamlined communication workflow.   

Let us now dive into the detail of understanding what makes DevOps essential for Digital Assurance services:  

  • Efficiency & Speed  

If there is anything that makes DevOps a necessity for a digital assurance model, it would always be automation in the first place. Automation not only drives speed to the Software Development Lifecycle but helps in the selection of the right tools for DevOps complementing project requirements and reports.   

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On top of that, automation helps to maintain the accessibility, functionality, and performance of the product under test, allowing constant monitoring for added speed and efficiency.   

  • Improved Collaborations  

Since DevOps is a process that feeds on collaborations, it streamlines the digital assurance model for easier execution on the continuous deployment objectives. Besides, it even delivers support on all the functions, which is necessary to gain consensus in protocol and process.  

In simple words, the whole agenda behind the use of the DevOps model is collaboration, and the same goes for digital assurance. Thus, DevOps helps to achieve the shared goals of configuration management, tracking functionalities, and anything that could affect the test environment and development scenario.   

  • Fostering Resource Skill  

When it comes to technology and digital products, there is no definite approach that can be used for testing. Rather inventing the technology of the future demands consistent efforts made to revisit the existing methodologies or reinvent from them. Here DevOps allows meeting the continuous testing and integration goals by practicing rapid testing. Also, the process brings the opportunity to the team to work on measured strategies that can help in effective tracking.   

Apparently, DevOps works as a strategy to upskill the digital assurance services team to make more informed decisions for all the upcoming projects that are similar or involve similar tasks. It will help enhance the capabilities of the digital assurance model and can even aid testers in collecting an all-encompassing experience.  

  • Growth & Innovation  

If it is anything that can help all the mobile app and software development companies stay profitable, it is only the idea of incorporating innovation that fosters growth. Since digital assurance assists the business industry to yield solutions that are sustainable and can add to the revenue, pairing DevOps into the model could boost responsiveness towards innovation. It can be the adoption of any technology or tools that could apprehend development teams and software testing services for advanced collaborations.   

Moreover, such a strategy would create space for reconfirmation on what has been tested and what worked in the current strategy that should be enrolled in the innovation model made to capture any available growth opportunities. Also, DevOps into the digital assurance model could make way for QA early in the SDLC, allowing early tracking and error detection. The approach, in the end, could help yield better quality plus necessary cost-effectiveness in the long run.  

DevOps, Digital Assurance, & Business Resilience  

When it comes to DevOps, it is undoubtedly the best practice you need to cut down the chances of failures. Nevertheless, the modern aspect surrounding the digital transformation initiative is creating technology that, if it fails, should have the capability to rebound. In such a situation, Digital Assurance comes as a protective measure to avoid any incidents, crashes, or attacks that might hamper recovery.   

DevOps, on the other hand, complements Digital Assurance with quick rollback through enhanced communication and improved collaborations that can help with innovative research. Moreover, organizations that contain DevOps and Digital Assurance in combination enjoy more performance-oriented culture that brings tangibility and traceability in the process. Moreover, a collaborated approach even helps to resist any system or application failure.   

All in all, digital enterprises these days look for more innovation as they are highly focused on improving ROI for their business. Digital Assurance as a practice helps these business enthusiasts to adopt new technologies confidently, while DevOps in combination helps to streamline the digital assurance and testing benchmarks.   

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Summing it up, DevOps in Digital Assurance & Testing is meant to improve the already existing quality process through:  

  • Improved Automation  

  • Reduced Time To Market  

  • Rapid Feedback   

  • Extraordinary Collaborations  

In other words, Digital Assurance is a practice that demands consistent performance, and DevOps helps to further streamline the process for more valuable deliveries. Though DevOps helps take control over the cycle time, it still does not possess any effect on the quality factor of production features.    

At BugRaptors, we bring you all the expertise you need to understand and implement DevOps methodology into your already existing Digital Assurance & Testing model. We can help you with pre-developed checklists, best practices, methodologies, and validations on all the test data.   

For more information, please feel free to reach us through  


Neha Sethi

Neha is a testing professional having diverse exposure in various projects and application testing with comprehensive understanding of all aspects of SDLC. She is well versed with Manual testing, Mobile application testing, performance testing, load testing, Web applications testing. She is able to create effective documentation issue report and also working with bug tracking software which is used to report the bugs. Highly motivated and excellent team player with strong interpersonal, analytical and communication skills.

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