Technology is transforming the way we access information and entertainment.  

Today, many people have started to ditch their cable TV subscriptions that cost about $100 a month, while switching to streaming video services such as Netflix, which cost as low as $10 a month.     

Moreover, cost-effective mobile data services offered by telecommunication companies in countries like India have made people download at least one of the Best Video Streaming Apps on their smartphones. Some of the most popular options include Amazon Prime, Netflix, Vimeo, JioCinema, Hotstar, Voot, SonyLIV, and many more.  

But why are all these video and media streaming apps gaining so much popularity.  

In this blog, we will aim at underlining how video streaming and cloud services are made for each other while highlighting the factors that redefine the approach to entertainment. Besides, we will walk through all the details that are vital to ensure the perfect & quality-oriented video collaboration with cloud testing.  

Let’s begin!     

Why Is The Combined Use Of Video Conferencing And Video Streaming Gaining Momentum Worldwide?   

Although both technologies differ from each other, and they have their own set of use cases. In many organizations, the terms ‘video conferencing’ and ‘video streaming’ are used interchangeably. Yet, when using each technology individually, as a company, you can obtain many unique benefits. But, today, market-leading companies are integrating video streaming options in their cloud-based video collaboration platforms because it helps them engage during both internal and external communication.    

If you want to know about the role of video collaboration platforms better, the best option is to understand a bit about

So, is the modern and re-defined video workflow or a cloud-based collaboration platform designed for almost every use. Likewise, you can privately upload, share, and review media with your entire team, anywhere in the world. Furthermore, it lets you integrate any type of file into its platform.    

For example, whether it is the point of sharing files up to 5x faster than Dropbox, getting access to its native iPhone app, sending review links to clients, or uploading file types from pictures, maps, scripts, files to references, is the incredibly quick collaborative platform, both in terms of creation and consumption.     

With readily available video collaboration software or platforms, you can initiate a conversation with a few people and allow others to watch. Yes, by using video conferencing tools and live streaming services together, you can effortlessly increase your brand transparency and help your teams get a platform to show what you’re actually made of.    

Thus, if you are the person whose business is registered at multiple locations, you should have access to a Live Streamed Video Conference tool or application to connect your many remote employees and a global customer base. This tool allows your viewers to fully engage with your organization and raise any questions about your product or brand for improving its usability.    

Some Intriguing Live Video Streaming Statistics For 2021  

When it is one of the most popular ways to consume unlimited content, it is very likely for anyone to be using some sort of streaming application. Whether it is the matter of consuming content through sporting events, concerts, video gaming, or “going live” on social media, Live Streaming or video streaming is the new routine.   

With the right networking and cloud infrastructure, video streaming can revolutionize user experiences and conveniences. If you want to know about the popularity of video streaming, you can check out some intriguing Live Video Streaming Statistics for 2021.    

  • By 2026, the live video streaming market is forecasted to grow to $149.34 billion (Valuates Reports).   

  • Live video is estimated to increase by 15-fold in 2022 and reach a 17% share of all internet traffic (Cisco).   

  • 80% of people watch a live video than reading a blog (Livestream).    

  • The Set-top box (VOD, Live TV, DVR) as a viewing destination diminished from 64% to 56% (Livestream).   

  • Netflix generated $24.99 billion in 2020 (Backlinko).   

  • According to the same study, Netflix’s mobile application for Android & iOS was downloaded 19 million times in January 2021 alone. In addition, it has about 203.66 million subscribers worldwide.    

Perfect Combination: Video Streaming and Cloud    

Video streaming providers have adopted cloud scaling to increase the bandwidth and speed of such platforms. Generally, speed and high bandwidth are two significant factors that are heavily noted by companies to handle heavier video requirements and help people get a better viewing experience. Right from the video collaboration to taking the content to the audience, cloud technology serves as the safest and most convenient way of introducing video content to the public.   

One of the best examples of a platform that provides a better video viewing experience and easy to scale massively on the cloud is YouTube. Thanks to advancements in cloud technologies, which makes it most accessible for YouTube to reach thousands of millions of people and become the second largest search engine online.     

Video Streaming + Video Conferencing – One Look To Another Combo    

For worldwide organizations, the real power of these two enterprise technologies is understood when they leverage both of them together in a single platform. For example, by combining a video streaming platform with your existing video conferencing software, you can easily create on-demand and live video.    

Moreover, it is possible for you to store, secure, and extend your video assets through automated Artificial Intelligence Services such as translation, searchability, and closed captioning.    

As you know, video is an easily digestible format that you can choose as a user from any region or any device. However, after combining these two technologies, from team leaders to executives, or almost everyone in an organization can stream live or record events of thousands of internal as well as external stakeholders in the form of employee onboarding courses, executive webcasts, compliance training, crisis management, marketing events, and many more.    

Furthermore, due to the advancements in technologies, it gives an ability to leaders to collaborate with remote workforces and even with the members of global offices, without worrying about their sizes. The best part of extending video conferencing with a video streaming platform is that you can easily get access to hardware and software infrastructure in one place.    

Diving Into The Ultimate Objective Of Cloud Testing    

Cloud testing services is one of the best options to avoid bottlenecks that occur in video streaming and video conferencing software because it is the type of software testing offered by a third-party service provider by using its cloud computing resources to test your software applications.    

Nonetheless, this type of testing can be performed by using several cloud test environments. For instance, when choosing a cloud testing service for your video collaboration tool, software testing companies can help you get a guarantee for its speed, quality, security, and many other factors that help us know that the software or an application is working perfectly without any bugs or loopholes.   

Some examples of software tests often operated in cloud environments are as follow:    

  • Functional Testing: Involves Smoke, Sanity, White Box, Black Box, User Acceptance, Integration & Unit Testing.    

  • System Testing: In this test, the entire system is tested to ensure all the features are working smoothly.    

  • Interoperability Testing: It checks whether the application performance can be maintained amid changes in the applications’ infrastructure.    

  • Stress Testing: Stress testing aims to check the ability of applications and help them perform functions under peak loads.    

  • Latency Testing: It checks the latency time between actions and responses within an application.    

  • Load Testing: It checks whether the application can handle a load of a maximum number of users or not. Besides, it tests how the application behaves when multiple users access it at one time.    

  • Security Testing: It helps minimize security vulnerabilities in the code and the app’s data.    

  • Performance Testing: Performance testing also helps in eliminating bottlenecks that slow down the app’s performance.    

Some other cloud testing types can vary according to the customer’s requirements. Still, some of the popular names are Availability Testing, Disaster Recovery Testing, Multi-Tenancy Testing, Browser Performance Testing, Compatibility Testing. 

A Redefined Approach To Entertainment With BugRaptors 

  • Convenience   

No one has enough time to create a TV schedule. However, with mobile-based video streaming options, people can watch their favorite programs whenever they like. Whether it is the matter of watching TV programs while sitting at a bus stop, riding a train, driving a car, or watching one after other shows live during work breaks, it is now possible to get a convenient video streaming experience anytime and from anywhere.     

  • Personalization  

Video Stream Services and Video Streaming apps make recommendations based on viewing patterns or profiles. Based on the evaluation of customer’s interests, these apps create a customized buffet of recommended content and help people get a personalized video streaming experience.    

  • Scalability    

Many services enable customers to choose the features and functions according to their budget, which means if you want to watch the limited content, then you need to pay online for that service only. With this, you can avoid the payment for those programs and services, which you don’t require.    

  • Affordability    

Affordability is one of the major reasons for video streaming. Well, convenience, personalization, scalability, or customization are significant drivers that help make it easy for us to cut the cord and discover alternatives to cable TV.    

The shift toward live programming and video streaming brings both obstacles and opportunities for the video production industry. Thus, those who know how to make adjustments in the application based on the latest video streaming trends and user requirements will become successful. Similarly, Performance testing of video streaming applications and video collaboration tools is crucial to deliver the fastest application to your potential customers.  

Plus, with effective testing, you can ensure that the video collaboration tool, the application, and video content are all:    

  • 100% breakage free   

  • Can handle high internet traffic   

  • Can run across all devices without any responsive issues   

  • Flawlessly streams data under unstable network conditions   

  • When used on desktop computers, tablets, laptops, mobile devices, no matter what browser is used doesn’t give any cross-browser compatibility issues.    

Hire BugRaptors for Performance Testing Services   

Ensure The Perfect & Quality-oriented Video Collaboration With Cloud Testing    

How is the importance of cloud testing for quality video collaboration revised here? Well, suppose you are using any cloud-based video collaboration tool or video conferencing software in your organization such as Asana, Trello, Microsoft Teams, Slack, GoToMeeting, or any other clone of such apps/software. In that case, you should perform cloud testing to facilitate better communication between project managers and staff, various team members, and other collaborators.    

For instance, a poor network connection is one of the most common problems many people experience when joining online webinars or video conference meetings. Due to this issue, they may face difficulty while screen sharing, listening to the important audio, presenting any lecture through videos.  

Similarly, some other video conferencing problems that act as pain are:   

  • Download required to join the meeting.    

  • Trouble joining by phone.   

  • Screen sharing is highly complicated and ineffective.    

  • Call quality is one of the most popular issues of video conferencing software.    

  • Interactive meetings are difficult to realize.    

  • Corporate firewalls or incompatible browsers block the use of conferencing software.    

  • Screen sharing is slow and lags.    

  • Lack of modern audio-conferencing technology.   

  • By default, video conferencing software doesn’t come with compelling security features for malicious content.    

When avoided testing, one of the reputed companies like Amazon partner Juspay shamed online.   
Avoid similar scenarios on your cloud based video conferencing app with timely testing.
Get The Help!   

Why Choose BugRaptors For Your Cloud Video Conferencing App Testing? 

We’ve heard a trendy phrase – Teamwork makes Dreamwork. Yes, teamwork can become the reason for our improved productivity, increased profitability, highest job satisfaction, and company’s success.   

Similarly, collaboration is necessary to promote self-awareness and help your teams be problem-solvers. When it comes to integrating technologies into daily workflows in order to support and encourage collaboration, there are numerous operations that you can get as a business owner.   

However, none of the tools you can find are as effective or powerful as video.    

The introduction of video collaboration platforms has changed the way we work. It is a true fact that today from mobile teams to the remote workforce, anyone in an organization can easily collaborate with each other and conduct n number of face-to-face meetings online without worrying about travel expenses.   

Notwithstanding, when it comes to getting the best video conferencing or video streaming experience, it is hard to forget cloud testing services.   

You know why? Because it is the widely used strategy that you can take into account to test your video collaboration software and be assured of most common factors from availability, performance, disaster recovery, interoperability, multi-tenancy to security that are necessary to improve the quality of video collaboration and even video streaming when combining together in one centralized platform.  

Good Luck! 

We care for your live streaming quality ? Are you facing quality and performance issues while using Video Streaming Apps, Video Conferencing Applications, or any other software? If yes, you can hire BugRaptors, the best software testing company for all your media streaming quality assurance needs today.   

We ensure to fulfill all your software testing requirements and provide the best video viewing experience.    

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Kanika Vatsyayan

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