Software Testing Trends For 2019. What To Expect?


By Taranbir Kaur

Software Testing Trends For 2019. What To Expect?

Classical approaches for software testing and using old practices for testing the application is not going to bear good fruits in the present context. So, technological advancement is the need of the hour if we are bound to produce quality in the software so developed.

Where is the change now?

Software companies are now days drifting towards the more comprehensive approach of software development which has given birth to a new fundamental approach i.e. the agile methodology of developing software. Also, automation in testing is the buzzword nowadays. Various trends have gained prominence in recent times but automation testing and agile methodology are sprinting ahead of all.

What needs to be done?

It is evident from the present situations that gone are the days when the testing phase of the application and its intended result are accomplished by manual testing. With the advent of Information technology, manual testing has become somewhere redundant in some cases. So, one needs to adopt new approaches that too latest one whilst testing the software applications. Now to mention an underscoring effect of the same it is required that the person looking after the quality part of the application should have hands-on knowledge of automation tool to test the application.

Latest Software Testing Trends those are Inevitable:

1. Moving ahead with Agile environment

Agile methodology is the latest framework and the most efficient too. Businesses are passing through digital modernization's ever since data has become pivotal in gaining prominence. The latest add-on in this trend is the adoption of the agile framework. It is a bridge between meeting the transformation initiatives with business needs. In the agile approach, new features are delivered incrementally in each sprint that too in a time-bound manner and delivering the sprint one after the other.

2. Ushering of Dev. Ops.

In dev. Ops testing begin at the preliminary stage of the development life-cycle. This approach enshrines continuous testing and continuous monitoring by the testers to validate whether the developer has built the product right or not. Functional as well as performance aspects of the application are gauged under this section.

3. Envisaging testing through Cloud-based testing tools

Use of cloud-based testing tools will be prevalent in the time to come. Cloud-based testing tools can be used in varied forms of testing be it cross-browser testing, performance testing and so on.

4. Machine Learning

i) Rational Traceability Matrix – RTM is a tool intended to achieve test coverage. It is a beneficial tool for mapping the test cases with the requirement.

ii) Defect AnalyticsUsed to identify high-risk areas of application for the prioritization of regression test cases.

iii) Log Analytics – Identifying tests which need be executed automatically.

5. Combining manual with automation testing targeting expertise

Clubbing the expertise of both the manual and automation testing is bound to give rich dividends in the quality process. Though manual testing is still the mainstream for usability and design sections but automating the software applications brings efficiency to the system. So, both are clubbed together to test the applications to overcome even miniscule shortcomings.

6. Security Testing – a cutting edge

With the ever-increasing use of handheld devices which are interconnected in the present digital world. Data breach is a matter of paramount concern because a single attempt to breach data poses a threat to data privacy and authorization which in return can damage the reputation of the organization. So intended to cope up with such inimical threats Security testing has been a core value in the entire testing process.


With the ever-increasing demand for quality and security of the application test engineers needs to be abreast of the changing trends and should be accomplished with the cutting edge technology. So the above-mentioned trends are going to help the professionals in gaining excellence at par expertise in their respective careers.

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Taranbir Kaur

Taranbir is ISTQB certified QA engineer, works in BugRaptors. She has handful of experience in Web testing, Mobile testing, cloud based application testing, cross platform testing, Exploratory testing, Regression testing and compatibility testing. Well versed in creating test scripts, test reports etc.

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