BugRaptors Featured In Worldwide Digital Assurance Market Research Report

BugRaptors Featured In Worldwide Digital Assurance Market Research Report

BugRaptors is one of the promising companies in the world that were listed in the annual report published by Global Digital Assurance Market Research. The 2019ā€™s report highlighted BugRaptors as one of the leading companies that deliver quality services and client satisfaction with their top-notch services.

The report contained adequate information about companies that were shortlisted for the list of top 200 companies from a total of approx. 1000 companies. Different companies were analyzed in different categories, which eventually focused on the overall market reputation in delivering exceptional services in all aspects. The companies that are offering out of the box services in all aspects and contributing in global sales were listed in the top list.

The factors on which the report was based included the timely delivery of projects, quality and regulatory compliance, customer support, and market contribution. BugRaptors was in the top qualifiers as the leading service provider in the domain of software testing and quality analysis.

About the Report

There were numerous companies that are currently offering similar services to the global clients and the report focused on the ones that are serving with the top-notch services and ensuring standardized approach. Furthermore, the report clearly depicted the reasons why these service providers were highlighted in the global market.

BugRaptors maintained a good position in the list as it is one of the companies that provide complete testing solutions for diverse business needs. Whether it is the mobile application testing or desktop application testing, BugRaptors has delivered outstanding services in all aspects of quality and commitment.

These were some points that were considered for the category of quality analysis and performance testing service providers:

  • Software testing approach: Whether a company utilizes a manual approach or uses modern automation-based testing
  • Application or software testing based on the type of requirements
  • Use of modern tools and strategies to deliver adequate results without any glitches
  • The experience and expertise of a service provider in delivering the best in class services to diverse business needs
  • Using the right approach and strategies in minimizing the efforts and encouraging automation of the processes
  • Timely delivery of projects and overall ratings of a company in meeting the exact requirements of the clients.
  • Different companies were analyzed on different parameters as per their domains.

The objective of the Report

The primary emphasis of the report was to ensure that the quality of services is maintained in all perspective. This simply means that a company should be able to deliver quality services in all aspects along with maintaining a healthy reputation in the market. Here is the list of objectives of the report:

  • For analyzing companies on the basis of their efforts in saving time and providing efficient services on the basis of trending technology.
  • For working precisely on the things that eventually contribute to making the working platform a lot more convenient for developers and testing professionals.

BugRaptors holds a great market reputation as the foremost quality analysis service provider across the globe.

News Source: DBMR

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