Why Quality Assurance is a Necessity for Digital Payments?


By Neha Sethi

Why Quality Assurance is a Necessity for Digital Payments?

Digital payments are responsible for empowering individuals and businesses who are planning to make a transaction via online or digital modes. Companies that are already well-established are devising new strategies to stay relevant and maintain their market dominance.  

Digital payments, on the other hand, must be tightly integrated into the software, and for this, one must consider digital payments testing to ensure that all parties from the payer to the payee will be able to get a safer banking experience while exchanging money through electronic mediums.   

For this, one must employ robust software testing procedures, and you must have a detailed knowledge of core digital-enabled services because digital payments have become a ‘standard’ as more businesses have crossed geographic barriers to mark themselves globally. Similarly, digital payments greatly influence the customers' buying habits because of their availability of transactional features.   

Accordingly, one must give more importance to quality assurance because it helps banking sectors in their digital transformation and helps customers know the various ways to rent out unused items. Furthermore, when it comes to paying for premium services, they choose QA for digital payments system since they feel more secure while using it and make sure that their payments will go to the right vendor.   

Why There is a Need for Digital Payment Testing?  

Customer satisfaction is one of the major reasons for taking Digital Payment Testing. In the digital era, your customers are using more social media, and it will take a few seconds to ruin your reputation if you provide them poor and illegal banking services.   

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Therefore, if you are planning to invest in real-time digital payments systems and want to take a sign-off from paper work, you need to first think about digital payment QA because the success of your digital payment initiative depends upon various factors.  

Likewise, you must have the conductive infrastructure to guarantee the safety of the system. Besides, you must have access to robust digital software testing practices to guarantee efficient and seamless platform integration with the delivery of digital services.   

Here are some reasons to choose Software Testing & QA for Digital Payments  

1. In order to make investment decisions, it is crucial to help modern society get information related to banking and financial services instantly. Also, you must focus on providing a real-time time experience through digital payments testing as it can help you standardize the processes and save a lot of legal paperwork. Moreover, Biometric authentication has also been a major breakthrough with the kind of financial services being offered by third-party vendors or banking institutes. For this, you must concentrate on finance domain testing.

2. As it aims to determine the quality standards and raise those standards collaboratively across the departments. Also, it ensures that the quality of the product is assured right from the early stages of the application lifecycle. Due to the increased interaction with customers, digital assurance is essential across the entire digital platform. Additionally, digital assurance guarantees that digital services will integrate well with other platforms. The impact of digital technology on the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance domain is clearly visible due to the extensive usage of tablets, smartphones, and social media.  

3. Continuous testing in the BFSI domain speeds up the continuous integration process and continuous delivery. It provides constant feedback to the teams and empowers them to test with wide coverage in the earlier stages of the application lifecycle. This removes the traditional testing bottlenecks, such as the non-availability of well-equipped test environments. The financial and Insurance sectors involve a huge amount of data. Continuous monitoring between development and IT operations helps the agile teams achieve success using DevOps practices.  

 4. There is a sharp increase in peer-to-peer lending of products, services, and money. These services are convenient as well as hassle-free. There is no need to mention that the payments are usually made digitally. The applications show real-time data as per the requirement and immediately link the customers with the platform users. In order for businesses to function effectively, mobile applications must be bug-free and fully functional.  

 5. More than ever, online aggregators are assuring customers faster and better product delivery and services. This has led to increased customer expectations. Digital customers are not just concerned about the product but are also sensitive to timing, value convenience, particular about the response of the customer service department. The product deliveries are now easily traceable due to better tracking features. Therefore, in order to make the delivery time-efficient and seamless, it must be ensured that the software system has no glitches ranging from the application to the processes and the product.  

 6. Mobile security and third-party payment systems have robust security features such as PayPal and Apple Pay. Although security features have improved over time, the rate of digital fraud has also increased over the past few years. For business products, the updates should be faster and more accurate. Also, you should never let the security be compromised, especially if the digital payments system contains sensitive user data. Apart from this, there is a high need to use two-factor authentication and applying machine learning because both techniques help greatly improve security features, and while implementing robust security testing, it lets you focus on authentication processes.  

Key Factors Affecting Digital Payment QA  

We have seen a lot of transformation in the banking industry. However, if you’ve decided to switch from physical payments to digital systems, there are some factors that you need to focus on while leveraging QA to experience the significant influence on digital payment and EWallet systems.   

  • Functionality   

More than 90 percent of your banking-related applications are functionality-dependent. Accordingly, you must focus on functionality testing because it helps you improve the overall quality of the application and lets you validate the entire component of your product.   

  • Security   

Security is another concern of a wide variety of digital banking users because if the banking system is fully safe, your users will take the initiative to try new features. Thus, in order to make your digital payments system disaster-free, you must perform security testing because it guarantees that applications are ideal to be launched. Additionally, it assures to increase customer trust, the organization’s reputation, and data confidentiality.  

  • Performance   

Due to increasing software and apps for online banking, your customers today rely on cashless transactions so, you must execute the performance testing to monitor whether the app can handle a huge amount of traffic or it will give slow responsiveness or crash issues when this application is used by a million of users at the same time.   

  • User Experience   

Without users, your app cannot perform well. At this point, you should never take risks, mainly when you know that your customers face difficulty while understanding a complex user interface. To help them get a hassle-free digital payment solution, you must ensure seamless integration to e-payment gateways and net-banking sites. Also, you must take responsibility for data integrity to maintain the trust between customers and banks.   

Benefits of Digital Payment Testing  

Digital payments have become one of the crucial factors for improving overall customer service for all financial organizations. If you have already performed quality analysis for digital payments, you may understand why testing is so important to speed up digital payments. However, if you don’t know the Benefits of Digital Payment Testing, here we have a quick list of benefits to mention:   

  • It helps identify potential issues and provides solutions to problems before the software’s release because after launching the software, it becomes challenging to fix the bugs and make it impossible to gain a high reputation in front of customers.   

  • It helps discover performance glitches in the early stages of development and makes sure to reduce the time to market.   

  • The digital payments testing assures that the company that is going to use the online payment software will have a competitive advantage over its competitors and acquire a faultless and high-performance digital payment system.  

  • It helps reduce the incidents of online theft and the number of errors in payments, and in return, it promises to safeguard the sensitive information of customers.   

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Neha Sethi

Neha is a testing professional having diverse exposure in various projects and application testing with comprehensive understanding of all aspects of SDLC. She is well versed with Manual testing, Mobile application testing, performance testing, load testing, Web applications testing. She is able to create effective documentation issue report and also working with bug tracking software which is used to report the bugs. Highly motivated and excellent team player with strong interpersonal, analytical and communication skills.

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