Digital payments are on hype these days; especially in this modern era. Every day people are shifting to non-cash payment methods which are more convenient and straightforward to transfer money across bank accounts.

Demonetization is another critical factor that has triggered the use of digital payments among the common masses. This resulted in the acquisition of digital instruments by the merchant outlets, as well as mushrooming of UPI to transfer money across bank accounts in a simple and convenient way. Even local vendors have started accepting payments through digital methods such as the use of Paytm has increased a lot in the last year. Hence, it is evident that a broad base of customers is reliant on digital payments and its quality should not be compromised especially it has finances involved in the scenario.

Need for Digital Testing

Overall, every business is using digital solutions nowadays. The number of people using online shopping has increased to save time instead of visiting the stores. Marketing budgets are also now more focused on digital media. Branding is on hype these days and is geographical boundaries is no obstruction to it. From a customer’s point of view, ordering products or availing any service is a game of few clicks. Customer satisfaction is now measured online rather than a physical experience. User experience is on topmost priority as numbers of products are already available in the market. If the customer doesn’t have rich experience, the attention will be diverted to the one with better performance. QA testing for financial services, therefore, holds more significance than ever before.

Now, the question arises how to make the quality of transactions better in a short period? The agile process requires continuous delivery of a stable system to market. This further aggravates the need for high-quality payment solutions to be delivered. A system approach to software development as well as testing is required to meet the increasing demands of the consumers. It is imperative to improve the customer experience to target substantial customer experience. Testing is a critical area in this field than it was ever before.

Importance of Test Automation in the Digital Payment Process:

Most payment transactions occur through ATM cards as well as smartphones through UPI payments. It is of utmost importance that the user-interface and the application at hand are accessible and straightforward 24 by 7.  Testing of critical functionality of payment gateway needs to be tested periodically to ensure high-quality standards. Automation of tests is the best way to achieve the required level of testing. Performance testing of payment gateway is also required as large number of customer base can be accessing at one time.

Security testing is also recommended for testing of APIs containing confidential information of consumers. Breaches in payment gateway integration are steadily increasing which has made the necessity of test automation all the more necessary. To conclude, security testing using automated tools regularly is required to keep going on the growth of online transactions. This way customer will feel more secure, and those who are unsure of using online payment methods will be encouraged to apply the same.

Digital Payment Systems Trends:

Numerous social networking sites are also inclined towards providing payments integration through the built-in user interface. Facebook is one such platform where the beta testing of the payments system is being performed through its Messenger application. Coming to messenger applications, WhatsApp is no different and is also planning to release a built-in payment mechanism. Search engines like Google have also launched its application known as “Google Pay” which is based on UPI transactions directly from one account to another.

Mostly, digital Payments involve third parties to complete the payment process which is known as a payment gateway. There are terms and conditions laid by these third parties that are indirectly benefiting the customer and the merchant. Digital Payments also involve using banking applications, and ultimately one account is being debited, and other is being credited. Henceforth, performance should be by the banking system standards and conforming to the legal rules. In such scenarios, planning test automation at an initial stage helps in adherence to processes at the very starting only.

To conclude, payment gateway integration involves the transfer of money which is critical for everyone involved in this process from merchants to customers. Test automation solution will help to make the Digital payments more secure, easy to use and customer friendly through its capabilities.


Shaifali Sharma

Shaifali Sharma is an ISTQB certified web automation lead with a passion for ensuring software quality through robust testing methodologies. With a strong background in automation testing frameworks and tools, she excels in designing, implementing, and executing automated test suites to streamline the software development process. Her dedication to continuous learning and staying updated with the latest trends in automation testing enables her to deliver high-quality solutions that meet the evolving needs of the industry. Shaifali's commitment to excellence and her collaborative approach makes her a valuable asset to any software automation team.


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