We are living in a dangerous world where cyber threats are common in every business. Still, we can’t sit hand in hand, especially if the business is online & if the company is running with real-time web application/software & if you & your customers have too many expectations from it.

cyber security threats

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Then, how can we protect the critical data of our business from vulnerable attacks?

It’s simple. You can consider cybersecurity testing that is the type of software testing that helps eliminate the risks, threats, any glitches from the software application and protects malicious attacks that hackers commit in the digital world. Moreover, cyber security testing companies offer this kind of test to the people who want to identify weaknesses, potential flaws from the software system and run their businesses as per complete safety standards.

According to the research, the data collected from the Cybercrime Magazine in which stated that “if it were evaluated as a nation, then cybercrime - which is projected to cause harm of $6 trillion USD worldwide in 2021 - would be the third-largest global economy after the U.S and china”.

If you are serious about reducing the worry of cybercrime or don’t be a part of the next wave of breaches, there are some recommended cybersecurity tests that a business whether small or large must undergo to evaluate the risk potency in this world of everything cyber.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is also called ethical hacking or pen-testing. That is the practice of testing a network, computer system, or web application to detect security loopholes that an attacker could misuse.

Several Types of Penetration Testing

Three types of Penetration Testing are very popular and are considered by companies to fulfill the cyber security testing standards of different business niches.

  • White Box Penetration Testing
  • Black Box Penetration Testing
  • Grey Box Penetration Testing

     1. White Box Penetration Testing

White Box Pen Testing is comprehensive testing in which your tester gains plenty of information regarding your network or system such as OS details, Schema, Source Code, IP address for finding the typographical errors, checking the errors in your app’s design, verifying the logical decisions with true and false values so that you can attain complete security for your business.

     2. Black Box Penetration Testing

It is a dynamic application security testing or black box pen testing in which your testers have no idea about the IT infrastructure of a business. Yet, they take an interest in collecting the information regarding the targeted system or network and ensure to the people that the expected outcome will occur, even if they don’t know how it arrives. The main benefit of black-box testing is that it is possible to conduct the test based on the user's perspective rather than the designer. For this, testers don’t need many years of experience or specific language knowledge to meet the customer’s unique requirements.

     3. Grey Box Penetration Testing

Grey Box Penetration testing is the translucent box testing in which the tester takes very limited or partial information regarding the internal details of the system’s programs. This type of testing aims to examine how many levels of access a privileged user may achieve to harm the potential risk. It bridges the gap between complexity and usefulness. One can use this test to represent either an attack or an insider threat that has violated the network's perimeter. 

Vulnerability Scanning or Vulnerability Assessment

If you have the technical expertise, you can quickly evaluate the security risks in your software systems. If you don't know anything about this activity but intend to earn more money & impress your customers with software service, all you need to ask any cyber security testing company that can provide you with valuable insight about your industry’s weaknesses and perform vulnerability assessment tests to reduce the probability of threats.

The advantage of taking vulnerability testing is to assure that your organization will stay secure due to the facility of easily scanning networks, application software, and operating systems. In any case, if your software contains an inappropriate design or the authentication is not much secure, this kind of test alerts your testers and makes it easier for them to fix all problems before exploitation by someone else. Various open-source tools are available to perform vulnerability scanning with automation strategies and perform tasks regularly.

Testing Methods for Vulnerability

It doesn’t matter who you hire for vulnerability assessment, but it matters what security testing methodology is chosen by the tester to keep your data and business secure.

Let’s check different testing methods for vulnerability:

  • Active Testing.
  • Passive Testing.
  • Distributed Testing.
  • Network Testing.

Red Teaming

It is an ethical hacking or a multi-layered and full-scope attack simulation that is designed for independent security teams to examine how better any industry’s networks, applications, people, and physical security controls can tolerate an attack from a real-life adversary. It allows companies to test their knowledge and ability while protecting, detecting, and responding efficiently to an attack.

Red team assessment is not all about finding weaknesses from the company, but it is the best attempt to secure the business with clear effort and consistently enhance the business posture for the future.

Advantages of Red Team:

  • Finding the risk and vulnerable breaches against critical business data assets.
  • All procedures, tactics, and techniques of real threat actors are efficiently replicated in a fully-controlled and risk-managed manner.
  • Evaluates the company’s capacity to react, recognize, and prevent targeted and advanced threats.

Program Update Checks

It is vital to check software updates; otherwise, it becomes easier for outside attackers to harm your files and do any misuse in your business. If you want to gain cyber security testing benefits, you need to take care of the necessary updates of your applications’ versions and programs. If you don’t know what patches, versions, and updates are essential for your system, you can hire the best cyber security testing companies to get your work done.

Cyber Security Test Tools

As we know, there are numerous types of cyber security testing. Similarly, there are a wide variety of cyber security test tools that we're going to elaborate on here.

  • Metasploit

It is a widely popular penetration testing automation framework that helps professional teams recognize and manage security assessments, improve awareness, and stop attackers from staying away from the company’s networks, applications & servers.

  • Wireshark

It is available for free and allows for analysis, network troubleshooting, learning, software & communications protocol development. It is the de facto norm for many non-profit and commercial businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies. It is mainly a network protocol analyzer that provides every minute detail about your packet information, network protocols, and decryption. One can use it on Solaris, Windows, Linux, OS X, NetBSD, FreeBSD & many other systems.

  • Netsparker

It is an automatic web application to perform penetration testing. This software is capable of identifying everything from SQL injection to cross-site scripting. If you are a developer, you can use this tool on web applications, web services, and websites.

  • Grabber

It is a web application scanner or a tool that is very easy to use and portable for detecting and scanning vulnerabilities on the website. The features of Grabber are SQL injection, cross-scripting, and file inclusion.


Smart devices, mobile applications, and the latest technologies are very close to everyone, from business owners to your customers. But don’t get cyber attacks closer to your business, digital assets, or your customers’ data because that closeness can cause you many trillion dollars and allow your consumers to boycott with you. If your mobile & web application or any software product needs safety standards, don’t delay.

How BugRaptors Can Help You?

Giving utmost security assurance has always been the supreme motto of BugRaptors. With the diversed domains coverage, we understand how several business are obessed with the cyber security and how far it can impact the business value and returns. Every domain and business have their own conventional requirements from variety of security perspectives. Some require advanced techs and other require critical security coverages.

With this experience, our domain knowledge experts identify each custom business security requirement and plan the test accordingly to offer the best suited solution for you. We provide cyber security testing services and have a team of certified security testing professionals who can guide you the best about cloud security threats, ransomware & phishing attacks, ML & AI-based security threats, and propose a best guided solution for all your security concerns.

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Tushar Kashyap

Tushar Kashyap, Security Testing Manager at BugRaptors, brings over 14 years of extensive experience in Security testing. Holding Multiple security certifications, Tushar has a diverse testing background, having contributed to projects across various domains. His experience spans both outsourced and insourced projects, showcasing his versatility in adapting testing methodologies to different environments. His leadership ensures the seamless implementation of robust security measures, contributing significantly to the success and integrity of projects across different domains and project structures.


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