Application Security Testing – Challenges And Business Benefits


By Achal Sharma

Application Security Testing – Challenges And Business Benefits

The epoch when Security Testing was compared to a ‘strong firewall’ is over and done. Lately, companies have started looking at ‘not so obvious’ security startled. People tend to assume that security is unease just for peripheral end applications. Although in the same way, it is a genuine issue for applications coded in the precincts of an organization. Henceforward, there is a budding necessity to form a proactive Security Testing tactic.

Security testing has been a notorious route proposed to divulge blemishes in the information systems. With some logical limitations in security testing, fly-by-night from security testing does not ensure flawless a system neither gives any surety about the system adequately satisfying the security requirements.

Encounters For Application Security Testing

Ominously bigger search space

  • When linked to the functional tester or functional test automation tool security tester and security automation tools need to deal with a mounting test space. An automation tester looks forward to automating testing to the T and rest of the testing should be assisted with the scripts made. A tool developer wants to develop a user-friendly interface, for the user to be guided in context-specific tasks.

Furthermost defenselessness is rising.

  • Susceptibility that is present in a not often used part of the application is just as likely to cause damage as one on the application’s log-in page. Any flap, however murky, has the potential for negotiating the quality of the application.

Need to test hidden parts of the application

  • A functional tester is first and foremost concerned about testing that what is bare by an application’s interface. Furthermore, the application’s backend interface necessitates testing now and then. Being a Performance Tester you possibly will see through some conditions to assure the system’s backend passes load testing.
  • Wholly In these cases, the test target is located by the application.
    Security testing is not being the same. A security tester essentially shields an application against a variety of unspecified attacks such as:
  • GET parameter
  • Cookie value
  • Hidden POST parameter

Headstones in Automating Security Testing

Writing tools that automate that test a web application’s security is a hardship task, for that you compare to testing an application’s functionality.

However, an untested approach can result in wrong positives and wrong negatives.

Just as it is unquestionably reasonable for a web application that agrees to take user input involving strings a“%” and “--”. Although an automation tool will often pennant the same as vulnerability.

Looking on a false negative, contemplate an email application that facilitates the users to compose and read emails online. It would evidently be an inaccuracy in application to display a mail without HTML encrypting. Nevertheless, an automated tool would possibly not hook this vulnerability just as the “Read Mail” page may not get generated being a direct result of cross-site injection that the automation tool can try on “Compose Mail” page.

Undeniably, the aptitude to abate numeral value of false positives and false negatives are ought to be one of the vital measures in plump for a security test automation tool.

Benefits of Static Application Security Testing

Notwithstanding the aforesaid encounters, Welfares of static application security testing habitually compensate the outlays.

They take account of the facility to perceive exceedingly multifaceted vulnerabilities, which one cannot observe without admittance to the source code. Moreover, the aptitude to tell the whereabouts of the error in the source code, together with the line number, which momentously makes remediation straightforward.

The facility to offer an appreciated framework during application development to sense errors in advance so that they aren’t security risks on front end besides the organization.


If it comes to testing; software is nothing it does not work in a user-friendly way. A disapprovingly important verification method is “Application Security Testing” that grosses a very large percentage of a project’s resources, including plan, budget, staffing, and facilities. Unlike the many useful activities of systems engineering, testing is comparatively exclusive because it is inherently destructive.

The aim is to force the system or its apparatuses to fail so that the defects that caused the failure can be uncovered and then fixed. In addition to defect detection, testing is also performed to provide sufficient objective evidence to validate confidence in the system’s quality.

At BugRaptors, it’s always our first priority to provide the best software testing quality services.

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Achal Sharma

Achal works as QA engineer in BugRaptors. He is well versed with manual testing, mobile application testing, game testing, compatibility testing , Regression testing and sanity testing and able to create effective documentation related to testing like test case, test report etc.

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