With the ever-growing demand for technology, the development and testing process has become extremely tricky. From modification of code to implementing new functionalities, every major and minor requirement could lead to unexpected behavioral changes in the product.   

However, most development brands have found the solution for the same by making their way towards regression testing services. Regression testing allows testers to identify defects in a recently built code while allowing developers to address all the undesirable outcomes right away.   

Regression testing is all about re-running the test scenarios made for every build until a new functionality or code is deployed to the system. Such arrangement allows validating that the previously developed code and functionality performs seamlessly for all the new changes introduced. In short, regression testing helps testers to confirm that any new build has not caused any regressions or adversely affected any functional elements of the system.  

Regression testing these days has become more of a technical concept with the introduction of automation. Automating regression tests not only allows rapid compilation of the code for the last build to track its accuracy but even helps to save time, money, and resources. However, there are certain common mistakes and practices that are associated with regression testing. In the next few minutes, we will try to highlight the entire idea for automating regression tests along with common mistakes that you are likely to make when you resist hiring regression testers with professional expertise.  

Let’s begin.   

When To Automated Regression Testing?  

Regression testing is all about repetitive testing, and most software testing companies tend to struggle when they have to accommodate the same into their SDLC schedule. Thanks to automation as it is the only way to resist all those extremely consuming manual testing hours on checking the code.   

Nevertheless, the most important question that comes with the use of automated regression testing is to know the right conditions to use the technique. Some of few critical situations that might need you to hire testers for regression testing automation include:  

  1. Automation can be done easily for all the pre-existing functionalities.   
  2. When manual testing takes a toll on time and resources, automation saves the day.  
  3. When the system needs to undergo several iterations with the code.   
  4. When certain system components start to show defective functionality.  
  5. When the defined production costs involved budget for all the updates and fixes.  

Apart from these, there are so many other functionalities, conditions, and circumstances, where automated regression testing could help you simplify the entire quality assurance process. Since automation has the capability to resolve all the time and resource-related concerns with a development project, there are few important concerns surrounding its implementation.  

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Common Mistakes With Automated Regression Testing  

At times, automation may appear a solution to all the testing issues, but still, every quality assurance service provider firm resists the use of automated regression testing service for all their projects by default. This is because automating a task that involves regression testing may involve mistakes made by the QA experts. Some of these can be highlighted as:  

  • When technical teams do not find value in regression tests  

Regression testing is more of a process and not a task that reflects the immediate value to the project. This is why most testing professionals tend to develop a belief that investing in new features is better than investing in retesting the same features again and again. However, the truth is skipping on regression tests could make your project miss the opportunity to launch a seamless product into the market unless you have coders and testers who have the potential to develop the most precise builds.   

  • To skip the use of validation  

Test scripts made to execute without validation can be disastrous when you need to automate the regression tests. For instance, there is a webpage that needs the user to log in, validation allows testers to validate the achievement of the task, I.e., logging in to a page.   

On the other hand, regression testing service providers need to focus on using checkpoints for script validation so that web objects, page parameters, and any text can be verified before execution. Also, checkpoints should be placed at all the necessary points of code that need validation.  

  • To stick with visible validation only  

The next big mistake that testers make on their way to regression testing is failing to realize the importance of validation for non-visible objects. This can be related to the use of a POS system where the user is able to see the confirmation of the order on the screen, but the landing of information into the database is not assured.   

More importantly, when testers restrict validation only to visible elements of the project, it leads to so many errors compile in the background.   

  • Record & Playback Features  

At times, it may appear that record and playback features help testers working for a regression testing company to simplify the writing of test scripts. But the right way to create the most successful regression scripts is generating only the skeleton of the code using record features. Otherwise, the testers might miss all the chances of customization with the test scripts negating the benefits of automation.  

Automated Regression Testing Best Practices  

When you are on your way to finding the best regression testing service provider, make sure you always settle for a brand that understands all the advanced and basics of regression testing along with potential mistakes to avoid. On top of that, it is vital that the hired team of testers for regression testing should have a clear understanding of all the best practices that can help improve the outcomes through a well-defined procedure.   

With years of expertise taking regression testing services to the world, here we have compiled a shortlist of best practices that can help you create the most seamless products.   

1. To stick with a test schedule  

The first step to precision and accuracy with your regression testing project is to have a schedule for maintaining the entire process for effective control. Above all, when sticking to a schedule, the entire load of tracking the software under test can be managed easily while keeping the QA team informed of every progression, as well as every next step to make.   

2. Write negative tests  

The next big step that helps testers to improve the regression testing cycles is to write negative test scripts. This can help the QA team to confirm that all the test scripts in use should not be producing any false-positive results.   

3. To Organize Test Categories  

When we say defining categories for the tests, it is about simplifying the test management procedure. Moreover, when you have categories for all the tests, it helps your testers to understand which tests must be automated in the first place while prioritizing the functions that are most important and are required to be used frequently.   

4. Functionality Coverage Tests  

When you are done working on all the potential defects and code modifications, the next thing that you need to do is run functionality coverage tests. These checks are meant to keep the system in check for critical functionalities. Besides, functionality coverage tests could help eliminate the effort for running a complete regression test unless it is extremely necessary.  

The Crux  

Though automation seems to be a tempting alternative to all the manual efforts required to execute regression testing, the inefficient implementation done based on scarce knowledge could lead to more harm than good. To ensure automation works well for your regression testing service, the testers, the developers, and the other QA teams should focus on building coherent testing strategies that can help yield productivity.   

While there is no denial of the fact that automation for regression test suites helps save time, money, and resources, preventing incorrect practices from ruining the project can only be done by partnering with a reliable regression testing service provider in India.   

All The Best!  

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