Quick Guide to Understand Everything about Regression Testing


By Neha Sethi

Quick Guide to Understand Everything about Regression Testing


Regression testing is a kind of software testing that ensures that the software which you developed and tested just a few days before still performs as expected and even if there are so many new changes made in its code. In other words, it is a partial or full selection of already implemented test cases in which testers re-execute or re-run the tests to check whether existing functionalities in software are working fine or not.

Why Is It Important to Get Regression Testing?

What’s regression - “When you fix one bug, you introduce many newer bugs.” If such newer bugs you ignore or don’t check with the regression testing company, what will happen? In this case, your software will be known as buggy and become unreliable.

Huawei's Problem wasn’t Chinese Backdoors. It was Buggy Software. According to the British report of 2019, the watchdog team found that the Chinese telecom equipment was basic but reported the potential vulnerabilities in its product code that caused security risks. At that time, President Trump gave orders to ban this company’s equipment completely. Still, this process was not done because some Uk and other countries' network operators found Huawei’s wireless equipment very useful and budget-friendly. To maintain its reputation, Huawei further started working on its product and strengthened the security protections in its engineering workflow. It encouraged collaboration among industry and foreign regulators and ensured to provide robust security to telecommunication networks worldwide. Even, the company promised to invest $2 billion in engineering improvements.

Now you may understand why it is essential to get regression testing services to maintain the product, reduce defects, protect bug creeps from lack of communication and information, and ensure its robustness.

Give a few minutes read to the points that are mentioned below to help you know the importance of regression testing in software development:

  • Regression testing plays a crucial role in the software development process because it helps test the complete functionality when the developer adds any new feature. 
  • Regression testing ensures that previous application functions will never get affected after making new changes to it.
  • Regression testing in agile allows development teams to make continuous changes in the application and make it easy for them to obtain the software's stability and overall quality. Whether it is the point of making a small localized change or a larger change in the software, regression testing is always taken into the process. The regression testing company verifies that the new code doesn’t conflict with the older code and will work correctly.
  • It is essential to prepare regression testing techniques early because this testing type helps decrease the risks that occur when skipping the hidden requirements.
  • After finding and reporting a defect at earlier stages of the software development, it becomes easier for testing teams to fulfill the release timelines and deliver bug-free solutions to the customer.
  • After making the rapid changes in the software, regression testing ensures continuity of business functions. Automated regression testing services are preferred by software companies today to save the execution time and focus on the quality and major areas that need to be fixed. Moreover, automation regression testing helps to meet the faster shipping needs.

Regression Testing vs. Unit Testing

Unit testing is a type of software testing performed by programmers in which they check that a small piece of code is performed as it is intended to prepare. The scope of unit testing is limited. It can be easily written and executed, and its effectiveness depends on what is considered useful by the programmer. Unit tests don’t rely on outside systems.

Unit testing is the initial level of testing in SDLC, STLC, and V Model that is done before integration testing. It is a white box testing method that allows testing of the software components or individual units. Unit testing aims to assure that each unit of your software will work as per your expectation.

However, one can get the regression test done to verify that no new bugs are introduced while making any modification in the system. Another testing is retesting that you should need to know because it can create confusion in your mind and may help you understand something similar to the regression testing. Retesting means performing a test again to the feature or error to confirm that the code is fixed. It is necessary to retest the defect if it is not repaired accurately. After fixing all defects, you can freely deliver the software to the concerned person.

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Different Regression Testing Types

Different types of regression testing help check the existing functionality, which is needed to run after making the latest changes in the application. Let’s check the types below:

  • Corrective Regression Testing
  • Selective Regression Testing
  • Retest-all Regression Testing
  • Progressive Regressive Testing
  • Partial Regression Testing
  • Unit Regression Testing
  • Complete Regression Testing

Some Scenarios Require Regression Testing - Example

  • When any new functionality of a feature gets added in software/application.
  • When the codebase is repaired to fix defects.
  • When modifications are done in the configuration.
  • When you fix the performance-based issues.
  • When patch fixes are made.
  • When the source code is optimized for improving performance.

Best Strategies to Follow for Regression Testing in Agile

  • Create effective regression testing techniques or strategies.
  • Perform smoke and sanity testing.
  • Consider test automation.
  • Update and maintain regression packs daily.
  • Conduct complete regression testing with continuous testing.

Pick Any Best Regression Testing Tools for Everyday Use

  • Selenium
  • Ranorex Studio
  • Katalon Studio
  • TestComplete
  • Testsigma
  • Watir
  • WebKing
  • QTP
  • vTest
  • Silktest
  • ActiWate
  • IBM Rational Functional Tester


Today, every business owner demands high-quality software because it boosts customer satisfaction, maintains a great user experience, protects from disastrous situations, and helps you become profitable and productive.

Do you need software regression testing, functional regression testing, system integration regression testing, automated regression testing, or end-to-end regression testing? We provide you whatever you need because we are BugRaptors that is the best CMMI level software testing industry in India and worldwide. Our testing teams have proven experience and are proficient in all regression testing types, so you can quickly meet your unique needs with us. From product maintenance to defect reduction, we ensure to offer you a robust delivery of your software. Give us your necessary details.


Neha Sethi

Neha is a testing professional having diverse exposure in various projects and application testing with comprehensive understanding of all aspects of SDLC. She is well versed with Manual testing, Mobile application testing, performance testing, load testing, Web applications testing. She is able to create effective documentation issue report and also working with bug tracking software which is used to report the bugs. Highly motivated and excellent team player with strong interpersonal, analytical and communication skills.

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