Testing Of A Pharmacy Dispensing Machine for Different Hospitals

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The client hired BugRaptors with his pharmacy dispensing device integrated with a desktop application.

The client desired to launch its dispensing device to monitor pharmacy activities in the hospital with different locations and to assure quality parameters.

Product Overview

BugRaptors received the pharmacy dispensing device to store, track and monitor the replenishment of controlled substance inventory within hospitals. We made it an automated medication dispensing system to support decentralized medication management. It ensures the clinics' safety and efficiently dispense the right medications for the suitable patients at the right time.

Following are the main features of this Pharmacy Device:

  • The device streamlines the pharmacy to the nursing floor, virtually reducing time-consuming and error-prone manual recordkeeping.
  • It also makes it easier to quickly spot discrepancies or signs of diversion.
  • This device stores the tablets as well as syrup’s inside under the Cabinets/Door/Refrigerator and as per the roles of nurses and allows doctors to dispense the medicine in real-time.
  • In hospitals, multiple devices can be installed for multiple departments.

Challenges and Requirements

  • Wrong medicine dispensing through the device may lead to death. So, it was necessary to conduct testing for small to complex features of the dispensing machine.
  • The client wanted to execute the 14000 test cases in 3 months on the real device.
  • Provided Authorization testing for different roles (Doctor, nurses, Medicine Loader) on the device. The client Requested access from the backend and asked us to test from the same access on the real device.
  • Testing of all device behavior logs in the database.
  • Offered various types of testing for medical devices varies in features as per the client’s demand.
  • On a weekly basis, the QA team set up the test environment with the application and integrated it with other devices because the QA team had received the latest build every week.

Product Solutions

  • Pharmacy dispensing device testing is the toughest task. We utilized our brainstorming ideas with the best testing strategies to make the application testing process smoother.
  • Our QA team completed integration tasks and performed various testing types to make the integration of the device successful and the application easy to understand.
  • Our Teams prioritized several testing aspects, from usability testing to functional testing.
  • Every single behavior of the device store in Database logs, so our team performed the database testing for it to ensure every event of the device.
  • Multiple patients get registered at the backend and adding the pharmacy-related data to get the testing done through the pharmacy machine.
  • QA team played an important in end-to-end authorization testing and provided access-based testing for the dispensing machine. Only an authorized person can access the device door. It creates a discrepancy if an unauthorized person tries to access it.
  • QA team provided some suggestions to our client with extra features to improve the user-friendliness of his application/device.

Tools And Technology

  • Done Real-time testing on the dispensing device and the integrated application.
  • Database testing done with Microsoft SQL Server 2012.
  • TestNG Functional testing framework.
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Azure Dev Ops and Microsoft Tool Management (MTM)

Client Benefits

  • Pharmacy dispensing device with the integrated desktop application is working smoothly and bug-free as per the client’s requirement.
  • 100% Test Cases executed and test coverage is achieved.
  • As per the roles, users can dispense the medicine from the device with zero error.

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