When it comes to making better software, most of us believe that testing is the key create impeccable technology.   

Indeed, it is! But there are certainly other factors that help development companies to have the most out of testing. Yes, we are talking about the talent acquisition part of the operations for any software testing service provider like us.   

In short, Testers are the most important part of the entire testing and development lifecycle. Right from receiving the container of new software or application until it is deployed for its end purpose, the technology runs through several phases of testing. And the process generally involves programmatic testing of the code while working on numerous test designs to dig every possible problem associated with the product.   

But consider how disappointing it would get for any organization that claims to be the best software testing company when hours of effort by their experts show no special effects on the quality. Though those endless hours of testing design help to collect data that becomes the base of future test practices, there is definitely something extra that testers could do to redefine the standards of Quality Assurance.   

In the next few minutes, we are going to dive you through the list of seven ways testers could leverage the Quality Assurance process while contributing the best out of the testing operations.   

Let’s dig in.  

1. Improving Test Designs  

The first thing that testers could do to design better tests is designing the tests that could protect the product quality. However, it could only be accomplished by understanding what tests could aid the product in defining value to the end customers and must be covered in the test strategy. Though this might need testers to deal with certain errors and defects that are easy to fix or maybe not, either way, it can help add to the testing process that holds some value.  

Besides, this needs testers to work with developers directly in order to be a part of the software development lifecycle. Right from the sharing of requirements to the production stage, testers working along with developers could identify any missing test coverage that could highlight a red bar in the code or the system functionalities.  

2. Impulsive Performance Monitoring  

The next big step that you can do to improve the Quality outcomes of your project is to focus on impulsive performance monitoring. This might need you to take assistance from the product managers, developers, and even a test specialist who could dive into the architecture to locate any uncertainty or ambiguous change requirements. Though it is not feasible to move ahead of time, spontaneity in the performance measuring process could help figure out important things that might lead to downtime.  

Most top software testing companies rely on this theory as they work by identifying any missing scope for change or a clearly visible change for which testers have no idea from where to test. In short, the early approach to identify such problems need collaborative efforts as it could help testers to work on change and offer solutions with better outcomes.  

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3. Frequent Coverage Checks  

Though it may not appear very good to read, most of the QA software testing services have some stereotypes associated with the testing approach they follow. This usually works by sticking to a defined approach of testing while includes certain confirmatory tests built as a part of a standard test plan for checking on the effectiveness of the product.   

However, such an approach has certain limitations as it may offer quality within the confined parameters but doesn’t guarantee the same for more complex problems. Therefore, it is vital that coverage checks must be done more frequently by the testers to ensure a constantly improving test coverage strategy.  

4. Building Automation  

Another important aspect of testing is working on UI tests in WebDriver that can identify any changes in features as a part of test procedures. Since every product is made to offer some unique value, it is essential that testers must focus on such type of coverage. However, this needs testers to work on the research part for their own tasks and build the missing tests to overcome any missing coverage.   

A quick approach to implementing such tactics could be building a test that aligns with user workflow while inspecting the data attributes. Such an approach is actually very beneficial in the case of some retail testing projects where testers need to deal with a vast number of pages and data. However, sticking to the aforementioned approach could help you accommodate anything new, like a page with missing information on the display while pushing you to create more failing tests to identify such issues.   

5. Identify Test Problems At Early Stages  

When we look at the market and the end customers, it feels like people only need feature factories which always means something new and better to experience. However, technology doesn’t work like that. Before tech companies aim for some new features, it is vital that there must be a solid test strategy that can stress any flaws. It can be anything like using the same API to allow two different products to fetch data without wondering of any API changes that can break or affect both the products.   

Since it is not easy to identify such challenges, there must be a dependency tree to follow that can help developers, testers, and anybody working on a project identify the scope for missing tests. Besides, testers need to ensure that any amendments made on the web must be immediately tested to rescue issues that the product might have developed. Also, any updates made on versions should be tested right away to avoid any issues flowing to the upcoming versions of the application while making the test process more complex. For instance, working on security testing projects for banking or finance software that is not tested for every update or have some minor code flaws that flow from one version to other could be a major threat to the organization’s data, privacy, and money.  

This is the reason why most testing companies that are considered to be the best software testing service providers have started lobbying automation to have immediate feedback. Luckily, it has even helped to solve the issues and has made testers combine the best of manual and automation testing to rectify such issues.  

6. The Team Approach  

When we talk about agile development and advanced practices like DevOps, it is quite easy to bring the right people together. The best part of such a strategy is that it helps non-programmers to learn a lot about programming while many programmers tend to grow their strategy skills. In a similar fashion, testers and developers need to be brought more closer by the QA software testing services to ensure more in-depth testing with improved technical skills and a change to the basic approach.  

This team approach can be considered as an exploratory practice that could help broaden the skill base of the testers diving through heuristics, problem modeling spaces, experiment planning, and rhetoric processes. Testers and developers undergoing these skills could get greater coverage on the programmatic tests while expanding the scope of the test projects.   

7. Code Review & Test Coverage  

Last but not least, the journey to be the best software testing service provider in India needs testers to adopt some type of code review strategy along with pull requests for platforms like Git. It should not be left at the developers’ end to work on recommendations that can help create clear code that aligns with defined standards of maintainability.   

Besides, testers could even try working on techniques that can help expand the coverage for accessibility testing by working on pull requests, which can lead to better tests for every different layer of the project. It can be altering any existing data manipulation-based UI test that can be run for API testing or overcome any test coverage issues for an undefined and variable value set of code. This would enable testers to improve or rather streamline missing workflow, negating the future risks, if not making any changes to the code.  

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The Crux: Identifying The Potential In The Tester’s Role  

The testing process has stayed to be the same for years. Though it has helped software testing companies align with certain defined standards of product, it is necessary that the role of testers must get greater recognition than the testing process itself.   

All in all, the software stays to be software but understanding the true potential of the tester could help take the process of testing a bit further. From fixing code errors to feature reviews, testers could handle so many things that can establish new benchmarks of testing and, of course, unexplored and improved standards of quality.   

Good luck!  

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Munish Garg, is a Senior Coordinator QA Engineer & Editor associated with BugRaptors. He’s extremely passionate about his profession. His forte in testing is API testing using tools like Rest Assured, Postman etc. He’s a great team player and loves to help everyone. In addition to testing, he’s also fond of writing code which he likes to implement in his domain. He also loves to read and travel to new places.


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