During the last few years, digital transformation, such as the adoption of online sales platforms, has heavily affected the retail industry. The rapid shift towards eCommerce solutions and the need to create an omnichannel experience have all changed the way the retail industry worked. Moreover, the need to cater a stable experience to the customers with an easy to explore store navigation has immensely increased the load on the front-end and back-end of the retail software. 

With time, the retail industry software technologies have expanded to inventory, CRM, data warehousing, eCommerce channels, supply chain management, and PoS systems. Coming to the point, running multiple systems over a single software needs effective retail software development followed by effective eCommerce testing that can help meet the goals. 

Since the retail industry is all about creating a customer experience, an inefficient quality experience with a website, applications, or software could drop the entire sales chart for a business. Therefore, creating a fully functional retail marketplace implemented with PoS performance testing is vital for success.  

Especially when the retail sector is constantly evolving, there is an immediate need to rectify all the potential eCommerce Website testing and performance challenges that might bother the business.  

But What Calls For The Digitalization & Why Testing Is A Mandate? 

Business these days have completely evolved when it comes to shopping and working on transactions. Thus, every organization, irrespective of their industry, is looking forward to taking advantage of the online marketing platforms to keep their customers engaged while enchanting users over the web.  

On top of it, the increase in the use of mobile devices and high-speed internet services have given a much simpler way of shopping to people across the globe. Fortunately, the trend even called for 1.5 percent of sales worldwide due to easy buying experience, quick payments, and multiple transaction options. Moreover, retail is one of the finest and fastest-growing sectors emerging year-over-year, and therefore, to meet the changing lifestyle needs of the people, it is extremely necessary for retail companies to invest in testing and quality assurance services.  

With the potential value of the retail industry to grow to 31,880.8 billion by 2023 as per the Global retail industry analysis made in 2017, selling online needs to be made an easy-to-approach process. This means taking technology to the users, which are designed to take an extensive load of user traffic, handling thousands of transactions every minute, offer performance, and meet all the functionality needs.  

Also, the introduction of advanced technologies like AI and ML into the eCommerce and retail sector needs retail giants to get over technical implications hindering the end-user experience. On that note, let us quickly jump to learn about the challenges that the retail industry has to face with the digital transformation model that needs immediate attention to retail software testing services.  

Generic Challenges :

  • To embrace the digital transformation meeting the market standards and the competition. 

  • To ensure customer loyalty while taking sales to digital platforms. 

  • To deliver a rich customer experience for added brand value. 

  • To keep up with the expectations of the customers. 

  • To offer safe and secure transactions. 

  • To foster innovative technologies for effective outreach. 

Software Testing Challenges:

  • App performance issues creating a negative user experience. 

  • Security and compliance issues making the web apps possess glitches. 

  • Payment processing delays. 

  • App load time issues. 

  • Usability and functionality issues like poor navigation need to be fixed using manual testing in the retail domain. 

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Retail Software Testing: Taking A Deep Dive 

When it comes to retail and eCommerce, any flaws in your application equals business loss and customer disengagement. Thus, online channels that fail to keep up with performance goals must ensure that any security or performance issues on their store should be immediately rectified. Here comes the role of software testing services that are objected to creating pleasing customer and business journeys. Some of the most significant aspects of retail software testing that must be worked for refined business performance could be listed as: 

  • Overcoming app performance issues through performance and load testing 

  • Security testing made to work on transactions 

  • Integration testing to work on payment processing delays 

  • Negating high app load time through load testing 

  • Usability and accessibility testing to confirm smoother navigation. 

Let us get into a bit more detail on understanding PoS testing and retail testing services for achieving desired quality and speed.

  • Since retail apps are integrated with software and hardware peripherals, functional and non-functional testing helps to retain the architecture of the application for performance. 

  • Thorough testing should be done to work on UI and process optimization. 

  • Payment gateway integration testing is a vital part of retail software testing strategy.  

  • Security testing must be done to ensure the security of user data and effective transactions.  

  • Usability testing should be done to deliver a pleasing user experience.  

  • Implementing test automation frameworks for regression testing and continuous testing. 

  • Lastly, QA and compliance testing to ensure that any release made to the market should meet standardization goals. 

Benefits of Retail Testing Services 

Though there are certain retail companies that believe investing in retail application testing to be a costly process, it actually possesses a lot of benefits related to customer experience and business.  

In context to customers, early eCommerce and PoS testing could allow you to create a bespoke and user-friendly customer experience. It allows your DevOps teams to create glitch-free websites and improve the SDLC for adaptive business outcomes. A thoroughly tested application could allow your customer to enjoy stable performance for any level of traffic and load, thus extending accessibility and sales goals.  

As long it is concerned with the business benefits of retail testing services, investing in retail testing allows you to have massive savings on development while yielding faster releases. Besides, retail testing could allow you to reduce human intervention through test automation services while the more human features could be worked through manual testing. Moreover, the process could be leveraged to have comprehensive quality insights and enjoy a bigger ROI boost as soon as the product hits the market.  

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The Crux 

Unlike other sectors, the retail business is different, and therefore it is not possible to generalize the use cases. However, working on digital transformations through a wide range of integrations need keen attention to quality.  

Also, retail software testing is not an internal process but a business essential that can help cultivate sales and ensure an extensive customer base from across the globe. Thus, early planning and implementation of digital testing of retail software could help yield business profitability. 

Good Luck! 

Need help taking your retail business to greater heights? It’s the right time to invest in retail testing services and ensure quality in performance, sales, as well as ROI.   

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Raghav Vashishth

Raghav is a QA enthusiast working as a Team Lead at BugRaptors. He has diverse exposure in various projects and application testing with a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of SDLC. He has 7 plus years of hands-on experience with blue-chip companies like Hitachi, Vmware, and Kloves. He is well versed in Load and Performance testing, API Testing, Manual testing, Mobile application testing, Web application testing and can create effective documentation related to testing such as Test Plan, Test Cases, Test Reports, etc.


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