Industry Verticals

We are redefining client solutions that create value for global corporations across industries such as E-Commerce, Real Estates, Telecommunication, Insurance, Financial Domain, Healthcare, Education, and services such as Media. With a strong foundation of industry based domain experience, we are on top of competitive, regulatory changes and advances in technology in order to enable enterprises to compete in their sector.

BugRaptors strongly believes that domain knowledge is of incredible value. Undoubtedly, our technology knowledge and testing skill is our core capability while the domain expertise adds more to our value. Our deep understanding of various industry verticals helps us provide effective testing and QA solutions.

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Healthcare Testing

Our end-to-end testing solutions add value to Healthcare domain. We use various testing techniques to provide better interaction between Doctors and patients.


E-commerce Testing

We have expertise in providing best-in-class retail QA solutions help in achieving a robust business platform. Our e-Commerce application QA testing services provide strong customer base.


Banking Software Testing

We have expertise in providing robust testing solutions for complex Banking applications that includes legacy systems, diverse data sources, testing voluminous data, etc.


Utilities Software Testing

We follow a strategic testing approach and use proven and well-defined testing services. We strive to meet the progressing demands of the Utilities sector to surpass business benchmarks.


Telecommunication Testing

Retain your customers in the competitive and dynamic telecom industry by using our impeccable testing services. Our cost-effective telecom testing solutions help reduce OpEx, and errors.


Media Testing

We provide comprehensive end-to-end testing solutions for video and media industry. Our vast experience in working for the publishing platforms, have contributed to creating a niche.


EdTech Testing

We offer a broad spectrum of Educational Testing Services to empower you for smooth record handling and create smart GenNext programs. We guarantee security and reliability.



We create a secure and engaging customer experience while serving evolving insurance services. Our testing expertise and blending the insurance sector with technology is a perfect solution.


FinTech Testing

Security and accuracy are crucial for Financial organizations. We have domain expertise in providing completely secured, cost-effective, and advanced testing services to the finance sector.


Real Estate Testing

Gain an edge over your business rivals by expanding your scope of business beyond buying and selling. Effectively handle high data volumes using our secured Real Estate testing services.



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