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Upgrade your QA efforts with the standardized solutions

We are helping organizations across verticals to enhance their QA practices to achieve quality goals successfully. BugRaptors test center of excellence offers centralized command for running standardized test process with optimum utilization of QA infrastructure.

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Next-Gen Test Center of Excellence

Alterations in the businesses and technology made the small to enterprise-level organizations realize the major role of testing in attaining the product quality, boost productivity, and fasten the speed of its marketing. So, in order to fasten the testing functional efficiency and quality, centralized testing has turned out to be unavoidable for the larger organizations.

TCoE helps to enhance the quality, makes you ready to take active decisions and take lesser time to the market. But corporations face difficulty while accepting few challenges related to TCoE setup. They face hardship in creating a smooth test process all over for the organization with the substandard utilization of the people, tools, and infrastructure. At Bugraptors, with our consistent test processes, we help you in setting up test center of excellence to parallel your testing processes, infrastructure, people, and tools to conduct as a shared service.


Our Approach for TCOE

We work upon a seamless approach for implementing the testing center of excellence methodologies while utilizing the automation, metrics, and best-standardized testing resources which can help businesses meet their objectives in a smarter and accurate manner.

QA Process and Maturity Assessment

  • Proposing roadmaps.
  • Cost and time estimations.
  • Identify tools, people, and process.
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Return on Investment (ROI)

  • ROI estimation.
  • Budget constraints for automation.
  • Identify resources, time, and complexity.
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Requirement Analysis with Solutions

  • Identify customer business strategy.
  • Customers’ pain points, and other factors.
  • Document solutions & modifications.
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Release Environment Management

  • Confirm if the project is ready for release.
  • Review major changes in the release.
  • Confirm database scripts and amount of work required.
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Scoping, Monitoring and Execution

  • Define the scope of the project.
  • Identifying the risks and working on them.
  • Reporting on the basis of test execution.
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Test Reporting

  • Status display in form of Pie charts.
  • Generate reports online or offline.
  • Screenshots can be displayed in the report wherever required.
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Advantages of TCoE Setup

  • Your software quality will be intensified and further deliver customer satisfaction.
  • It will leftover only fewer defects leaks, so reducing the production support.
  • Maximize the ROI from testing with fortification and standardization.
  • Centralized test repository for all kinds of projects.

Why BugRaptors TCoE?

  • We have a strong understanding of the best practices of software testing.
  • End to end services with proper scoping, monitoring, execution and maturity assessment.
  • Our TCoE model stands out differently where each team uses their knowledge, best practices, and other related resources to work for your return on investment.
  • Our test reporting is flexible for quick inclinations in the project.

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