QA Process & Maturity Assessment

BugRaptors’ focuses on optimization and accelerating the ongoing QA process by evaluating the scope of improvement in an organization’s existing QA process against industry standards. It provides the fair idea that where an organization stands with respect to the industry standards.

Do you feel your QA Process does not match with the industry standards?

Noticeably, the longer the errors survive through the development process the cost of errors increases exponentially. It is important to find the inefficiencies in the system right from the test planning phase minimizing the extra costs. We thoroughly assess our processes to make sure that the QA processes and delivery proficiencies are accessible, well organized and agile.

Possible modifications are proposed to organize the QA process in the best possible way that includes:

  • Proposing a roadmap stating main purposes and responsibilities.
  • Identifying the cost and time estimations.
  • Estimation of tools, people, and process.
  • Defining the improvement areas along with the approach to execute the same.

To improve the overall quality of the application, after evaluating the limitations of an organization’s QA processes a roadmap is proposed considering the business objectives. This process helps in improving the quality, speeds up the delivery time, increased productivity.

We evaluate the process and recommend the improvements to assure the quality of the product that we deliver. BugRaptors’ Maturity assessment process identifies the areas that need improvement. The QA & Maturity assessment process that we follow includes well-organized test processes that lead to the discovery of process related issues at a very early stage. It also handles time, cost and quality constraints.

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