Professional Social Networking Platform Testing Performed using Selenium Webdriver and TestNG

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Professional Social Networking Platform Testing Performed using Selenium Webdriver and TestNG.


  • The client introduced a social networking platform that allows users to quickly create profiles and can link with others as well.
  • The product was designed with 3 unique concepts (Dual Wall, Search by skills and instant messaging). It was made additionally accessible on mobile applications (iPhone and Android).


  • Each test cycle consumes approximate of 150 hours
  • More than 1500 test cases to be executed
  • Checking compatibility for different OS versions for PC and mobile devices
  • Ensuring browser compatibility of the website
  • Extensive and detailed reporting to the client

Product Solutions

  • Planned automation for regression testing
  • Usage of selenium web driver and Selendroid for cross-platform testing
  • Test Cases executed using TestNG framework provided detailed reports for individual test case
  • 85% test cases executed using automation

Tools And Technology

  • Selenium Webdriver: Automated testing framework for performance testing across different web browsers.
  • Java: Programming Language used for writing test scripts.
  • Testing: Functional testing framework.
  • Appium for devices: Automation testing framework for iOS and Android devices.
  • Selendroid: Hybrid and native mobile application testing framework
  • Operating System: Windows, Mac, Android & IOS
  • Databases: (Oracle, DB2, SQLite, MySQL, SQL Server etc.)
  • Browsers: (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari), Browser Stack

Client Benefits

Browser Stack used for cross-browser compatibility on real browsers

  • Regression Time reduced by 70%
  • Exceeded quality expectations of the client with fast turnaround testing.
  • 100% Test Coverage.
  • Test execution time reduced by 40% per test cycle
  • The total cost of testing reduced by 50% per test cycle

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