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Our Engagement Models

Dedicated Team
Dedicated Team

Dedicated resources assigned as per your requirements i.e. the resource works for full-time on that particular project to learn your requirements and the project details in order to complete the project withmaximum efficiency. The team works under direct supervision of your project manager and you get to interview your team prior to selection. Costs differ with team size, level of expertise and duration of project. Test Lead from our side will be responsible for all communication, questions and management of the team.

T&M model means the client pays for the task as far as assets utilized for the undertaking over a period. Costs vary according to team size and hours invested. T&M Model is the right choice allowing you to alter your specifications, change time plans and characterize scope during the execution of your project. The payment is made on the time rate basis. Through regularly - generated task sheet we provide regular detailed reports on the work done on your project, which describe the progress and process of your project and also facilitate you to plan ahead.

Time and Material
Time and Material
Fixed Price
Fixed Price

Relevant in projects with low anticipated duration and fixed cost module and in this Price and timeline of the project is fixed at the start of the project. Fixed Price Model is appropriate for the customers who know precisely their requirements and are well documented. The service provider and the customer both carry some scope-related risk. Milestones -based payment schedules are followed for progress monitoring. For any changes in the project requirements, a standard change request procedure is followed.

Size of projectSmall & MediumMedium & LargeLarge
Client’s ControlLittleSignificantFull