Maximizing ROI Through Added Visibility and Improved Onboarding for an Online Learning Platform

about client

A project dedicated to develop student’s unique learning skills while embodying their potential. Inner Explorer leverages the latest and most contemporary thinking and learning technologies to maximize ROI and Business impact. It is a secure and reliable online program for beginners to access their inner wisdom on website

Product Overview

Implemented an online learning platform featuring audio sessions, onboarding plugins, and admin.

The developed product covered the following functionalities:

  • Dashboard to monitor analytics
  • Create the conditions, through a daily practice, that made it possible for students to access their inner wisdom for learning
  • The inner Explorer programs teach mindfulness in the contemporary sense.

Product Challenges


Testing Visibility Issues

  • Testing Inner Exploer application on multiple devices with different OS versions in a matter of a few months.
  • Switching to different platforms.
  • Poor visibility handicaps measurement.
  • So many people owning small parts of a manual onboarding process.
  • Few individuals have visibility into how well an entire onboarding program function

Onboarding Difficulty

  • Poor onboarding experiences.
  • Undermine a company’s ability to retain talented new workers.
  • Cost companies more and more to recruit and hire employees especially those who have plenty of options elsewhere.
  • Lack of role clarity.
  • Test data compatibility on different databases.
  • Handling Personal Transition and Relocation.

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Product Solutions


Added Visibility

  • Make good use of company tools
  • Be flexible
  • Provide instant feedback
  • Reconsider your onboarding schedule
  • Embrace the idea that you can’t possibly overcommunicate

Ease of Onboarding

  • Get technology into the hands of new employees as quickly as possible
  • Emphasize our learning platform featuring audio sessions, onboarding company’sculture and values.
  • Emphasize our learning platform featuring audio sessions, onboarding company’s culture and values.
  • Used breakout rooms, frequent check-ins, and super animated facilitators to keep new hires engaged.
  • Model continuous learning by asking for feedback and acting on it quickly .
  • Emphasize the role of the hiring manager and a designated buddy.

Tools And Technology

  • Developer: Java/J2EE ,Spring 3.x,Hibernate 4.x,Jquery 1.11.x,Mavaen,Apache Tomcat Server 7.x
  • Database: My SQL
  • CRM: API/Libraries :Paypal Payment API Integration : Salesforce O/s : Linux
  • QA: Mantis - Issues Logging was done in mantis fromwhere Developer team check and resloved the issues and at last all the issues were closed

Client Benefits

  • Stronger employee experience.
  • Ease to manage job openings when at an all-time high
  • Employees have no shortage of opportunities available to them.
  • Higher employee engagement.
  • Better employee retention.
  • Easier talent attraction.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Facilitated compliance with organizational procedures and goals.
  • Boost performance with the right onboarding plan.
  • Promoted communication up and down the corporate ladder.

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