Load Testing Services for Banking and Finance Application using JMeter

about client

The client is a leading application development and application service provider (ASP) in the domain of banking and finance. The application is a finance tracking application in which client wants to manage all his customer’s financial activities and updates.

Client developed a mobile application for Android and iOS platforms. App has several user roles involved in the system and system is with web and mobile interfaces for a particular type of users.

Product Overview

  • The application was about to track and manage the financial information of its customers.
  • The bank provides loan facility to the customers and then the agents track and update the information of customers who need the loan, need to submit installment and what is the status of the current or previous installment of finance etc.
  • Web interfaces were accessible by admin and other super users and mobile app were being used by agents to update and manage customer information.


  • Client’s focus was on the mobile application, required an extensive performance testing platform to stress application at the Web Service/ API layer in which we have to determine the performance level of the Web Service/ APIs that were used in the application in the development phase.
  • The client had a large number of users of the application and expecting more numbers of users in coming days.
  • The client wanted us to check and let him know that currently how many concurrent and serial users can access the system and run the application without any performance issue or delay.


  • Being an ASP, the client asked us to provide performance level of the application so that client can optimize the APIs (Web Services/ APIs) or upgrade their infrastructure.
  • The client had also asked to pinpoint particular API that isn’t performing up to the point as compared to the other APIs.
  • Optimization of Service/ APIs.

Product Solutions

  • After having a discussion on the requirement and functional process of application we had a discussion with our technical experts on the load and performance of the application.
  • BugRaptors defined a QA strategy compatible with the testing requirements of the client’s application.
  • Our first step was to decide on the right tool that would replace Load Runner. Selection of the right tool ensures saving not only valuable time but also money.
  • We decided to use JMeter for load and performance testing of the application that provides flexibility to simulate any number of users and requests.

Defined Test Strategy:

  • As per client requirements, we developed a strategy in which we have decided to use an open source tool i.e. JMeter and defined a plan of execution.
  • First, we prioritized the APIs to perform the load test and as per the priority list worked on the APIs one by one.

Identified Stable and Realistic Test Data:

  • It was required to identify the correct test data to perform the load test; this is the first thing that we need to work on any application for load and performance testing.
  • Firstly we identified the test data and also created the same as we need to perform the request in bulk on APIs.
  • We created users in bulk and created other required data that is similar to the production environment of the client.

Devised a Monitoring Strategy:

  • For every task, monitoring is the crucial part in which we have to manage and monitor all the statistics that further defines end results.
  • We had developed a monitoring strategy to keep an eye on ongoing execution of the test.
  • During the monitoring, we kept all the APIs and infrastructure statistics that gave us a clear picture that how the application and server are behaving before-load, on-load and after-load.

Developed Adequate Test Scripts:

  • In JMeter, we already have various preloaded listeners and various types of samplers to get desired monitoring result and create a request.
  • In this execution, we worked on the test scripts that were used in JMeter.

Analyzed server performance:

  • Monitoring server resources at the time of execution like the CPU, Memory, Disk I/O and Network.
  • Resources we used: JMeter’s “Standard-1.3.1” set plugin that was configured on client-server to communicate with our JMeter client.

Tools And Technology

  • JMeter: A powerful Load Testing Tool that can analyze the performance of an application through automated tests.

Client Benefits

By executing a well-planned QA process and strategy, BugRaptors helped the client attain the following benefits:

1. Response time improved 70%:

  • As per results client tuned the APIs and queries to come over 70% improvements in response times.

2. Reduced risk and overall time for testing life cycle:

  • As the performance of the application was increased and now application was quick responsive this increased overall time of testing and reduced risk of project delays caused by performance issues.

3. Meeting the Performance Benchmark:

  • As per the client’s expectations, we enhanced the overall system and were able to meet the performance benchmark as per the expected number of users in the coming days.

4. Identified production server requirement based on performance data:

  • Client analyzed the performance data and shared report then client was clear about the current performance of the server and accordingly client had identified the production server/ infrastructure requirements and was able to determine the monitoring thresholds.

5. Exhaustive test case coverage:

  • Due to the complex nature and integration of multiple modules, test coverage was an important aspect of quality in the application.
  • Automated test scripts covered all the scenarios and cases.

6.Prioritized test scripts:

  • Test scripts were executed in batch, based on the attributes (for e.g. ID, Category, Priority) or a specific test script depending on the functionality to be tested in hand.

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