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A French client had a mobile application having core functionality revolving around Geofencing technology. The client wanted to launch the app in the event that was targeting businesses from European countries. They required a stable and well-tested app for iOS and Android both.

The primary purpose was mobile app testing and to test the application on over 30 devices that are commonly used throughout Europe. Client’s main requirement was to get a QA partner who would come up with the list of the devices widely used by Europeans and ensure that the application is stable and functioning properly, especially on these 30 different devices.

Product Overview

There were 3 major characteristics in the mobile app that made him enrich the comprehension of customer behavior with habits, preferences, and real-time actions in the physical world.

Following are the characteristics:

  • Recognize user visits at key locations (list of places or custom geofences).
  • Recognize key user moments in the physical world, such as the user arriving home, leaving work, or starting his/her commute.
  • Recognize user behaviors in the physical world, such as frequent shoppers, gym lovers, staying late at work, and more.

Project Challenges and Requirements

  • Listing of the most commonly used devices in European countries to meet the client’s requirement for max device coverage.
  • Arranging and managing 30 different real devices with defined zones for Geofencing.
  • Verifying notifications on all the devices based on zones and their entry and exit points, the prerequisites set as per requirements to cover all the scenarios.
  • Keeping usability of the application in mind also validating that the app is simple to use with minimum input required.

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Product Solutions

  • Our testing team studied the market trend and analyzed the geo-fencing in-demand mobile devices in the European market and came up with the list of most widely used iOS and Android devices.
  • There were multiple resources deployed on the project to manage 30 real-time devices for notification testing. They performed field testing using different modes like walking, biking, and, most commonly, car trips.
  • Test data was created to make sure there were multiple different zones for which testing could be done. It was validated that notification received in each and every defined zone is triggered as per settings done. The test data was created, keeping in mind that all the scenarios are covered.
  • Testers also reported multiple suggestions to improve the user-friendliness of the geofencing mobile app apart from some functional issues in the applications.

Tools and Technologies We Used

  • Jira : For bug reporting.


  • 100% test coverage with well-defined prerequisites.
  • Maximum device coverage for the launch.
  • Smooth function of application.

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