Game testing and localization testing of a motion sensing game

about client

An Italian client had hired us as his testing partner when he found his game application was difficult to use for an older age group. The application was designed from somewhere else, but the client was not satisfied with the development. His aim was to entertain senior citizens with his game and provided them a greater sense of independence. He wanted to improve their memory capabilities, faster-thinking, motor skills, concentration level, and hand-eye coordination, but he got nothing which he was expecting after his game's release. A very few people used his application because it was not up to the mark.

Our Approach

When he came to us, we recommended localization testing because it was a motion-sensing game that had contained visual, functional, and language-related bugs. He got confused for a minute while trusting us because he already spent hefty money on other game development companies. But when we gave strategy in his hand and reported regarding every single issue in his application, he impressed a lot and filled with confidence. To make them happy and satisfied, we fixed all bugs from his motion-sensing game and took money when he ensured his game was now simple to use.


  • We, BugRaptors, had tested this motion-sensing game for the very first time.
  • Validated internal and external links to run the app at the correct location.
  • Developed a simple and easy workflow to help end-users understand the game features itself.

Product Solutions

  • Provided relevant zip codes, addresses, names, and phone numbers for Italy because it was designed for Italian users.
  • We gave an intuitive UI/UX and visual fonts to make it readable for his native users.
  • Keeping security and usability in mind prevents the personal information of game players and feels them valued to all age groups.
  • Made it suitable for Android, IOS devices with provided Orbbec Astra sensor for real-time view.
  • We arranged AR and VR based tools and set up a lab to test such kinds of games that required motion sensing.
  • Localization testing was done carefully to check the authenticity of texts written in the Italian game.
  • Test data was created by our game testers to cover all game testing scenarios.
  • In the final stage, test reports were generated with discussed all functional components to maintain transparency with the client.


  • Time-to-market delivery with 100% test coverage.
  • Reduced 50% testing time due to the distribution of game tasks in our agile team.

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