Ensuring Adequate Performance of a Real-estate Website through Manual Testing

about client

The client is a leading entity in SaaS-based Real Estate business, with forward-thinking and envisioned a website that would serve as a real estate marketplace.


The client had a clear idea regarding the target audience and how they wanted to serve this segment. Knowing how stressful it can be to find the right apartment that meets customer’s needs, the client wanted an end-to-end online real estate solution that would connect the tenant and owner.


  • The website is a vast system and the count of test cases to be executed for a release was more than 2500.
  • Understanding accounting business rules for client’s country was complicated.
  • Verifying that all the existing features are covered in the new system, as the website is an upgraded solution for clients.
  • Ensuring the existing system live data was migrated successfully.

Product Solutions

  • Test coverage for the error-prone area was increased and test cases of these modules were executed first.
  • BugRaptors received consultancy from an accounting expert for accounting process.
  • To cover all data migration risks, BugRaptors included Database testing in the scope of testing
  • To ensure that all test cases are covered requirement traceability matrix was maintained.
  • The accurate transaction results in accounting modules.
  • Test case updates and reusability increased thus saving time.
  • Involvement of the traceability matrix helped in test coverage thus reducing the defect slippage and stable builds.
  • Involvement of the traceability matrix helped in test coverage thus reducing the defect slippage and stable builds.

Tools And Technology

  • Accounting
  • Database testing
  • ERP testing
  • Test cases
  • Data migration
  • Operating System: Windows, Mac
  • Browsers: IE, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome

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