Driving Functionality, Usability, and Network Capabilities To A Learning Management System

about client

The client provides a resource for online spelling practices and online spelling tests, designed to meet the needs of children and adults of all ages. Besides, they teaches their subscribers to develop their English spelling proficiency in an interactive and fun way.

Product Overview

The basic idea of the product was to create a unique learning system integrating traditional teaching methods with a progressive, student-led curriculum for a fulfilling, and enjoyable learning experience.

The Developed Product Had Following Features:-

  • Listening- with the help of audio recognition
  • Spelling- Correct spelling of English words based on phonics
  • Vocabulary- A key part of our phonics-based system is increased vocabulary
  • Scores for spelling-part of reports
  • Practices and Quizzes
  • Kids and Adults Learning

Product Challenges


Functionality Issues

  • Audio of the Teacher was not audible
  • Clicking "play" button is allowing to start the quiz.
  • Search was not responding with correct results
  • Answers were not getting submitted and "reply" option was also not working

Network Issues

  • Poor connection between the tutor and the student.
  • Not have clear picture where a student can see its own result of completed assignment.
  • After quiz the wrong and right spelling difference is not differentiated.
  • Audio is not clear when teacher dictates problem in the quiz.

Usability Issues

  • Correct answers count is not displaying correctly.
  • Incorrect/blank user image
  • No track of child’s learning.
  • On submitting result, text turns to hyperlink.

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Product Solutions


Improved Functionality

Multiple Male and Female teacher voice implementations in case if a student feels the audio of teacher is not clear then the student can change the audio/voice of the teacher. Play button, search and dropdown helps to select child interest and all are functioning accordingly.


Ease of Use

Student can run unlimited quizzes and verify its performance with progress graph. It also offers an environment independent of parents and teachers, allowing students to develop learning autonomy and self-study habits which are valuable in ongoing education.

With many upgradations, Parents can keep track of child’s learning, involvement on exercises etc. can be easily recorded


Enhanced Usability

Any parent can practice dictation and mock spelling tests with their children at home. A part from spelling, SpellQuiz focus on dictation exercises.

Improved listening, pronunciation, and comprehension, as well as widening student's vocabulary. Greater phonemic awareness and spelling ability will also improve student's reading ability.

Tools And Technology

  • Stack PHP Zend framework, ReactJS, Javascript payment integration with PayPal
  • QA Mantis - Issues Logging was done in mantis fromwhere Developer team check and resloved the issues and at last all the issues were clos

Client Benefits

  • Encouraged self-paced and self-directed learning.
  • The skill area being targeted here is not actually limited to spelling only. Listening, dictation, typing, vocabulary and speed are also being strengthened.
  • Growth in child confidence with spelling confidence.
  • Spell Quiz integrated audio allowed custom content, and provided the flexibility attracts customer and also helped in correct pronunciation of word.
  • Improved typing skills.
  • Interactive quizzes for all age groups.
  • Improves self-esteem and confidence.
  • Improves work and study habits.
  • Positive learning environment

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