Cultivating A Stronger Business Impact for An Innovative B2B E-commerce Portal

about client

The client has an ISO 9001 accreditation and offers various products of aircraft equipment. It is an innovative business-to-business eCommerce portal where consumers can buy new products as well get repair for their products.

Product Overview

To create a website that can handle solutions and carries features like news, academy forums and various other services offered.

The developed product covered the following functionalities:

  • Worldwide coverage and logistics.
  • To operate with 29 branches, local and international.
  • To offer the best equipment for individual requirements.
  • To offer the opportunity to view all systems on site

Product Challenges


Functionality Issues

  • Continued Uncertainty
  • Item Tracking Issues
  • Data Security Threats
  • Lack of customer retention features

Serviceability Issues

  • Lack of support features
  • Speed issues
  • Reliability issues with the solution
  • The application lacked flawlessness and robustness.

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Product Solutions


Overall Improvement

  • Scalability goals were met to overcome uncertainty issues
  • Item tracking made easy
  • End-to-end security testing was done
  • Customer data security was improved.

Improved Serviceability

  • Customer navigation and Support made better
  • Speed issues were fixed
  • Optimized the Databases for rich customer-experience
  • Robustness and flawlessness were attained throughout.

Technologies Used

  • Integration: O/s : Linux, Windows, Paylpal Pro,
  • Database: My SQL    Magento 1.9
  • Gateway: fedex shoping gateway. prototype j5
  • Magento Languages: java QA
  • Mantis: Issues Logging was done in mantis fromwhere Developer team check and resloved the issues and at last all the issues were closed.

Client Benefits

  • The solution offers you a wide range of products.
  • Creative Ways to Promote our product.
  • Drones, additional components, charging technology and software as well as cameras and film equipment should be used.
  • Highly reliable arrival and departure times.
  • High level of security and reduced risk of theft and damage also Less packaging required.
  • Send your cargo almost anywhere.

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