Yashu Kapila Nominated As Mentor Of The Year

Yashu Kapila Nominated As Mentor Of The Year

Global Awards 2021: Yashu Kapila Nominated As Mentor Of The Year

Chandigarh – October 14, 2021 – Giving recognition to business leaders who have demonstrated extraordinary leadership in advancing business best practices, diversity, and inclusion, the Women Tech Network has announced the nomination of Yashu Kapila at Global Awards 2021 Women Tech Network.   

Celebrating 100,000 Women in Tech who have fostered innovation with impact and purpose, have defined multiple award categories embracing the thought leadership of the women of have exceptional leadership skills and have all that it takes to shape the business for leading digital transformations.   

On this nomination, the CEO, BugRaptors, Yashu Kapila, said, “The tech world is currently experiencing a growing need for exclusive leadership by women who can create an impact on the companies, industry, as well as communities. I believe when you are working for a position like CEO of a company, it comes as an opportunity to empower all the people around us, and in my case, it is the women in the corporate sector who only need the right mentorship and platform to showcase their potential.”  

“I am extremely grateful and happy to see me nominated along with all the other women leaders from around the world. It is a highly empowering feeling altogether” - she further added.   

Ever since the beginning of her career, Yashu Kapila has been highly focused on nurturing female employees as business enthusiasts and leaders. Moreover, the exclusivity of her mentorship clearly reflects in her brand BugRaptors that has managed to be the Best Quality Assurance & Software Testing Company.   

Recognized by popular magazines and tech websites, Yashu Kapila has invested her years of expertise and knowledge in establishing her Quality Assurance company leading digital transformations in so many industries, including banking, healthcare, finance, retail, telecommunication, transportation, government/public, and many more. And it has only been possible because of the efforts she has shown by bringing world-class technology into the testing operations while establishing test automation platforms, IoT Device labs, and Mobile Device labs.  

The entire team of BugRaptors is highly positive, with Yashu Kapila being awarded as ‘Mentor of the Year’ at Global Awards 2021 since she has recently made it to the Top 10 Women of the Year at WIT awards Asia Series and holds a fair chance of being featured as Top Women of the Year.   

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