Yashu Kapila Listed Among ‘Top 10 Women of the Year’ in IT Awards Asia Series

Yashu Kapila Listed Among ‘Top 10 Women of the Year’ in IT Awards Asia Series

Celebrating the achievements of women in technology, DiversityQ presented Women in IT Awards Asia, highlighting the advancement and contribution of Women in the IT industry. The management of DiversityQ has announced the list of top 10 international personalities who got into the list of women of the year awards.   

Since passion is the fuel behind success, Yashu Kapila, CEO BugRaptors has added yet another milestone in her entrepreneurial journey setting the highest benchmarks for women who led, win, and have established exemplary benchmarks. Over the years, Yashu Kapila has served various roles and responsibilities, bringing BugRaptors to a position where it has expanded to be an organization helping women, the community, and technology.   

Adding to that, Yashu Kapila, along with nine other international leaders from diverse geographical locations and brands like Amazon, Embed, and OpenSparkz got shortlisted for the Women of the Year award category out of 200 plus nominations at Women IT Asia Awards Series 2021, making to the list of Top 10 Women of the Year in IT Awards Asia.  

“I am deeply humbled and honored on getting into the list of top 10 women of the year category at IT Awards Asia. Since it is meant to highlight the entrepreneurship and technological achievements of women, I would like to say that it is our will to evolve for change that takes us to a position of greater reach and influence,” said Yashu Kapila.  

“I believe being shortlisted for this award category would help BugRaptors to explore the new dimensions of technology strategy and partnerships while fostering gender and racial equality. I am glad that the technology has made the world unite and has shown us new ways to leverage economic and business benefits associated with the technology sector,” she added.   

Over the years, Yashu Kapila has emerged as a women leader who demonstrated consistency in IT excellence, practicing innovation and leadership while showcasing what extraordinary things women in IT can achieve. She has not only showcased some exceptional business skills and technology-based achievements but has brought the idea of diversity and digital transformation into the industry.  

For the past 16 years, Yashu Kapila has not just advised the IT executives but has aimed at constant learning of the Quality Assurance and Testing procedures to foster digital transformations. She is a specialist in emerging and disruptive technologies as she has championed the aspects of technological research, advisory, and, more importantly, diversity in the technology sector, uplifting women as well as other employees who strive to achieve excellence.  

The prestigious Women in IT Awards is an initiative meant to change the statistics related to the global workforce providing a regional and global platform to women who have served exceptionally well in breaking digital boundaries and defining the significance of an all-inclusive tech sector.  

The award initiative started back in 2015 by DiversityQ as the World Bank reported women to make less than 40 percent of the total global workforce even after gender equity taking a huge progression than the past, making IT a much more inclusive industry. Nevertheless, Yashu Kapila has brought immense honor to BugRaptors and Seasia group by showing an adaptive, innovative, and inclusive approach to digital transformations in the IT industry through QA and testing.   

The recent achievement has drawn a great sense of positivity and progress in the team, while the entire management of BugRaptors and Seasia group are eagerly waiting for the announcement of the winner of the Women of the Year award that is to be made on October 26, 2021. Meanwhile, the management and the teams are extremely pleased to see Yashu Kapila’s inspiring entrepreneurial voyage and astonishing achievements.  

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