BugRaptors COVID Task Force: Response, Support, & Care

BugRaptors COVID Task Force: Response, Support, & Care

The coronavirus global pandemic has made the world paralyzed – no access to vaccines, no oxygen support, no proper medication, no beds in hospitals. We’ve seen a lot of people dying due to COVID. Many of them have been affected and died not just because of the virus but because they have unmanaged situations. Even after the invention of so many vaccines, people are facing difficulty while getting adequate healthcare. We hope to see every single human being on the planet safe and healthy.   

There are about 18.4 million COVID cases in India and maybe many more because these numbers are not stable. However, we at BugRaptors (a division of Seasia group) wish for our employees' safety and want to promote their good health. So recently, we’ve established the COVID Task Force to facilitate an agile response to the pandemic. This Task force is led by Ramanpreet Kaur (Response Coordinator), Shreyasi (Campaign Manager), and Rupinder Kaur Chandel (Medical Supervision) in support of BugRaptors, a subsidiary of Seasia Group.   

To continue our ethos of togetherness, we take immediate action in the form of CTF (COVID Task Force) to provide all our employees with doorstep delivery of COVID kits services with Immunity Booster Protocol (natural remedies), food, groceries. We’ll also be running a vaccination drive.  This initiative is specially taken for our workers initially belong from Tricity.   

Overarching Purpose   

 As part of the Covid Task Force, our coordinators are ready to support all the Tricity employees with proactive measures, timely response, and medical assistance. Moreover, the Covid Task Force seeks to minimize the transmission of COVID-19 and wish for workforce safety.   

What We are Doing to keep our Company’s Family Members Safe   

  • Our coordinators promise to provide the required resources and guidance to employees, and they will help them to solve their queries and conditions by providing immediate medical and administrative support.   

  • The regular key insights will be shared with we will properly maintain the health records of all employees.   

  • Covid kits with natural remedies, food and groceries will be delivered whenever the Tricity residents need them.   

CTF Squad Contact Support is Available 24/7   

 Whether it is the matter of getting Covid kits from any part of the Tricity or receiving natural herbs and medicines from the comfort zone, the departments’ members at BugRaptors ensure to serve their best to protect the workers during the Coronavirus.   

In case of any emergency, medical support, one can connect the CTF force:  

Contact Details:  

Email Id:  

We’re looking forward to protecting you through Covid Task Force when you are not able to manage these challenging times alone. Don’t let the virus win; Your safety is our priority. Till then, please stay home and be safe.  

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