Why Your Business Need A QA Plan?


Why Your Business Need A QA Plan?

Quality is the prerequisite when it comes to software for business. Imagine you want a software for your business, and after months of the tedious development process, you got a buggy app!

Not cool right?

That is the reason you need a plan where you can test and fix issues of your web or mobile application before launch. To execute this, you need a plan which we are going to cover here in this post.

Why your business needs a QA plan is the question we will address. You can also consider this post as QA plan 101, where I will brief you about the benefits of QA planning and how to make one.

So, without any further ado, let’s get you started.

What is Quality Assurance Plan?

A quality assurance plan is a document which will help your business to get bug-free software for your operations. This document is created by the team, which is handling your development project. The next question to address is what content these documents contain. Allow me to answer that for you.

The quality assurance plan document consists of activities that are meant to make sure that your end-user gets a quality product. When it comes to quality assurance process, there are four tenets that are paramount. These four tenets are Plan, execution, continuous testing, and continuous fixing.

Did you notice that the first tenet of the agile-oriented quality assurance process is planning?

Without a commendable QA Plan, there is no start to the QA process, and without a QA process, your business will spend more and more on the betterment the software because you never get the quality in the first place.

Let’s talk about why and how QA planning objectives will help you in your business.

Quality Objectives & Its Impact On Your Business

When it comes to making a Quality Assurance Plan, you need to make sure that you are clear with the objectives. Six Sigma prefer to use a predefined algorithm which can help you in determining the quality objectives. To determine the quality objectives, your quality assurance plan needs to understand the problem statement of your customers. Without it, you cannot define a path on which you want to take your process to solve the issues of your customers.

QA Is A Business Analysis Tool

Without a proper QA plan, you risk your business to face unprecedented consequences. With a proper QA plan, you get better Intel. When you know what are the weaknesses, capabilities, and behaviors of your app, you as a stakeholder can easily make informed risk mitigation plan for your software’s current release.
If you don’t value a plan, you are shipping bugs, and I can say that you’re doing it on purpose because you know that your app was not ready, but you released it anyway.

Measuring QA For The Success Of Your Business

This is another benefit which your business can miss if you don’t go for a QA plan. Quality goals are quantifiable and believe me; it is a challenging task without a plan. That makes QA planning even more important for your enterprise. Software quality is a subjective matter, and to identify tangible solutions, you must follow every step of your plan very carefully.

It Is All About Tying Your Business Goals With Your QA Strategies

If you don’t invest sufficient time and energy in improving your quality assurance plan, your QA success will all go in vain. Resources here play a significant role. To push your QA plan to success, you need support (believe me, you cannot skip this part).

Developing your company’s mindset towards strategic & intelligent quality decisions is simple when your Quality Assurance Planning is aligned with your business vision and goals. That is why we at BugRaptors, always focus on QA planning. Our trailblazing testers understand your business vision and goals. We first make sure that our testers align their mindset with your business goals and then craft a Quality Assurance Plan exclusive for your business to deliver only quality.


Sharad Yadav

Sharad works as a Consultant QA at Bugraptors. He is having multidimensional skills with respect to Manual testing, Mobile application testing, Game testing, Compatibility testing, Smoke testing, Responsive Testing, Sanity testing and Regression testing. He is also having expertise in preparation, development and execution of Test cases, Test procedure specifications and Test summary reports etc.

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