Disability can’t be a Restriction: Make Web Accessible for Everyone.


By Mahasweta Singh

Disability can’t be a Restriction: Make Web Accessible for Everyone.

Is it achievable for your web page to be excessively accessible?  You want to include everyone by making your information accessible. Great accessibility doesn’t just happen.

Is your website Accessible to all the people?

A good web application should cater to all sets of people and NOT just limited to disabled people.

What is Accessibility Testing?

Web Accessibility Testing is a subset of usability testing where it makes sure that the product is useable crossways over millions of individuals with the disability like vision defect, old age, hearing etc. The main goal, for accessibility, is to find that how simply a person can use products.

A good web application should cater to all sets of people and NOT just limited to disabled people.

  • Users, who are having restricted access to content.
  • Older people, who are often computer illiterate.
  • Users, who are using NON-Standard Equipment.
  • Users with poor communications infrastructure.
  • Users who are not capable of running the latest software.

Why Accessibility Testing Matters?

The web is assuming greater significance in our lives with each passing day, be it e-payments, e-paper, e-commerce, Internet banking, social media, etc. So this is becoming very important to make available all these electronic and information technology tools to everyone, especially for people with some disability.

It aims to provide people of different abilities such as:

  • Physical Impairment
  • Learning Impairment
  • Cognitive Impairment
  • Visual Impairments
  • Hearing Impairment

Individuals with disability use assistive innovation to operate software product.

  • Screen Magnification Software - It is used to enlarge the monitor display and make reading easy for vision-impaired users.
  • Speech Recognition Software - It will convert the words which users spoke to text, and serves as input to the computer.
  • Special Keyboard - It made for the users for easy typing who have motor control difficulties.
  • Screen Reader Software - It is used to read out the text that is displayed on the screen.

How can Accessibility Testing be done?

Accessibility testing is challenging for testers as they are unfamiliar with disabilities so there are different ways of testing the Accessibility are:

# Hearing Impairment:

The person who has a disability of hearing can access the content on the website but when it comes to the audio and video they will going to face difficulties. So for that, an ALT text means Alternative text should be there related to particular audio and video.

Example: There is a video based on how to Book a Bus Ticket: So for that, the text should be there with proper steps so a deaf or hard to listen person can read details and get an idea what the video is all about.

# Visual Impairment:

Color blindness and Poor vision disability comes under Visual Impairment.

a. Color Blindness:-

Color Blindness means a person who is not able to view some specific color properly. Like, a person having color blindness of red color and the website is 60% in red color > then the user is not comfortable with the color. So that the website should be developed in such a way that a person with color blindness does not face any problem to access that.

Example: If a red color button is outlined with black color, then it is easily accessible to the user.

b. Poor Vision Disability:-

For a person with a poor vision or different eyesight problem want to access website then the best thing to do is avoid small text and the website should be designed in a way that the layout should not be breakable while zooming the text.

# Vision Disability:

The person who has a vision disability and wanted to access the website, then there is one option named as SCREENREADER.  The Screen reader is Software which is used for narrating or voice over the content on the web. Basically, it will speak what is on your website whether it is Link, Images, content, Radio Button, Video etc.

Example: When the page loads completely Screen Reader will again announce Google.Com Homepage. Now if I go to Google Search, then Screen Reader will announce Google search. So that would be easy to recognize things in an easy manner for a blind person.

We, at BugRaptors, while performing Web Accessibility testing we are also implementing thoughts to make sure that we can manage required tasks and perform accessibility testing by keeping in mind all the positive and negative scenarios.


Mahasweta Singh

Mahasweta is having 5 years of experience works as Senior QA Engineer at BugRaptors. She has expertise comprises testing Web-based and Mobile application that includes Android, iPhone, iPad, Tabs etc. She tested Social Networking, E-commerce, Transportation apps. She has extensive experience in using QA tools like JIRA, Mantis, Asana, Quality center etc. and Good knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC).

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