What is E - Commerce Testing?


What is E - Commerce Testing?

E-Commerce Testing

What is Ecommerce Testing?

eCommerce testing is defined as testing of an eCommerce (online shopping) application. It helps in the prevention of errors and adds value to the product by ensuring conformity to client requirements.

The objective of testing is to ensure

  • Software reliability
  • Software quality
  • System Assurance
  • Optimum performance and capacity utilization

Setting up an E-commerce system is a complex process and subject to many market-specific variables. To maintain the integrity of the E-Commerce system, testing becomes compulsory


Browser compatibility

2 Page display
  • Incorrect display of pages
  • Runtime error messages
  • Poor page download time
  • Dead hyperlink, plugin dependency, font sizing, etc.
3 Session Management
  • Session Expiration
  • Session storage
4 Usability
  • Non-intuitive design
  • Poor site navigation
  • Catalog navigation
  • Lack of help-support
5 Content Analysis
  • Misleading, offensive and litigious content
  • Royalty free images and copyright infringement
  • Personalization functionality
  • Availability 24/7
6 Availability
  • Denial of service attacks
  • Unacceptable levels of unavailability
7 Back-up and Recovery
  • Failure or fall over recovery
  • Backup failure
  • Fault tolerance
8 Transactions
  • Transaction Integrity
  • Throughput
  • Auditing
9 Shopping order processing and purchasing
  • Shopping cart functionality
  • Order processing
  • Payment processing
  • Order tracking
10 Internationalization
  • Language support
  • Language display
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Regional Accounting
11 Operational business procedures
  • How well e-procedure copes
  • Observe for bottlenecks
12 System Integration
  • Data Interface format
  • Interface frequency and activation
  • Updates
  • Interface volume capacity
  • Integrated performance
13 Performance
  • Performance bottlenecks
  • Load handling
  • Scalability analysis
14 Login and Security
  • Login capability
  • Penetration and access control
  • Insecure information transmission
  • Web attacks
  • Computer viruses
  • Digital signatures


Priyanka Tiwari

Priyanka works as a Software Test Engineer at Bugraptors. She has expertise in manual testing of Web and Mobile (Android & iOS) applications. She has good knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC).

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