What is Ecommerce Testing?  

The process of evaluating an eCommerce (Online Shopping) application against functionality, performance, and security issues is called Ecommerce Testing. It aims to help in error identification and ensure value to the product according to customer requirements.  

The goal of testing is to assure  

  • Software reliability  

  • System Assurance  

  • Software quality  

  • Optimum performance and capacity utilization  

Setting up an E-commerce system is a complex process and subject to many market-specific variables. Similarly, testing becomes necessary to maintain the integrity of the E-Commerce system and due to the following reasons. 


Browser compatibility

2 Page display
  • Incorrect display of pages
  • Runtime error messages
  • Poor page download time
  • Dead hyperlink, plugin dependency, font sizing, etc.
3 Session Management
  • Session Expiration
  • Session storage
4 Usability
  • Non-intuitive design
  • Poor site navigation
  • Catalog navigation
  • Lack of help-support
5 Content Analysis
  • Misleading, offensive and litigious content
  • Royalty free images and copyright infringement
  • Personalization functionality
  • Availability 24/7
6 Availability
  • Denial of service attacks
  • Unacceptable levels of unavailability
7 Back-up and Recovery
  • Failure or fall over recovery
  • Backup failure
  • Fault tolerance
8 Transactions
  • Transaction Integrity
  • Throughput
  • Auditing
9 Shopping order processing and purchasing
  • Shopping cart functionality
  • Order processing
  • Payment processing
  • Order tracking
10 Internationalization
  • Language support
  • Language display
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Regional Accounting
11 Operational business procedures
  • How well e-procedure copes
  • Observe for bottlenecks
12 System Integration
  • Data Interface format
  • Interface frequency and activation
  • Updates
  • Interface volume capacity
  • Integrated performance
13 Performance
  • Performance bottlenecks
  • Load handling
  • Scalability analysis
14 Login and Security
  • Login capability
  • Penetration and access control
  • Insecure information transmission
  • Web attacks
  • Computer viruses
  • Digital signatures


Types of ECommerce Testing   

There are six types of ECommerce Testing for eCommerce applications:  

  • Functional Testing   

  • Performance Testing  

  • Security Testing   

  • Payment Testing   

  • Localization Testing   

  • Compatibility Testing   

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Functional Testing -

Functional Testing is a specialized type of software testing that can help you maintain quality for customer satisfaction and retention. Moreover, with the aid of Functional Testing Services, you can easy to focus on the critical features of your eCommerce application like Login System, Search & Filters, Search Result Page, Order Details Page, Shopping Cart, Order Confirmation, Order Tracking Page and discover potential glitches to improve the customer experience.   

Performance Testing –

Analyzing the performance of your eCommerce application is the vital part of the SDLC (software development life cycle) because it lets you concentrate on app speed and assists you in getting a stable application to handle the normal to peak load, which mostly comes during special occasions like Halloween, Christmas, New Year, etc.   

Security Testing –

The risk of theft, fraud, and security breach and major threats to eCommerce applications that you should address with Security Testing as it includes various types like Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Testing, Security Auditing, Vulnerability Scanning, Ethical Hacking, Security Scanning, and Risk Assessment to make sure that your app is free against loopholes and vulnerabilities that become the big reason of hacking.   

Payment Testing – 

To ensure seamless transactions through online payment gateways and to help the full transaction cycle working in good condition, it is imperative to get payment testing as it assures a smooth payment experience with the assistance of different types of tests, such as Functional Testing, Integration Testing, Performance Testing, Security, Usability, Localization, Location & Compatibility Testing. Plus, it helps you avoid mistake fares, security breaches, pricing glitches, and several other revenue-sapping bugs.   

Localization Testing –

Attracting a worldwide customer base is essential for the long-term success of an e-Commerce platform. Yet, when it comes to delivering a native app experience across different markets, choosing Localization Testing Services becomes the right option due to its capability of ensuring product stability in terms of design specifications, linguistic accuracy, and functionalities.   

Compatibility Testing 

This type of testing service strives to provide you a consistent app experience and helps you fix issues related to navigation flows, version updates, broken tables, screen size adaptation, or frames, etc. For Compatibility Testing Services, one should have real device testing labs and abilities to ensure that the app will work smoothly across a wide range of operating systems, hardware combinations, and network environments.   

Benefits of eCommerce Testing   

Though eCommerce testing may appear a consuming task to do, doing it the right way with right test plan in place could help you yield some amazing benefits. Some of the fruitful benefits of eCommerce Application Testing can be listed as:  

Helps Delight Your Customers    

Whether it is software, mobile app, integrate the system, or unified platform, test automation is the one-stop solution for customized eCommerce apps because it comes with unique features like Smart Element Locators, Easy Assertions, Control Structures, Cross-Browser Support, and Reporting to assist you in detecting bugs from an eCommerce solution. Moreover, it allows you to acquire an excellent risk management plan and lets you make necessary changes to improve online shopping performance and delight your customers.   

Improve Site’s Loading Speed   

After running a robust eCommerce test, you can help customers search for their faster and ensure the fast-loading speed for each page. In case of not performing eCommerce Testing, your customers can experience a bad experience and affect your sales. As per the study, 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% decrease in conversions. Therefore, always perform an eCommerce Test from the Reputed Software Testing Company to boost search functionality and enhance the loading speed of your app.   

Optimum Protection against Cyber Attacks   

With ECommerce Testing, it is possible to examine, verify, and validate the security issues of products or applications. It can protect the application from cyber hackers and intruders and ensure that all the transactions from your app will be carried out securely.   

Helps Obtain Compatibility with Web Browsers   

Testing is crucial to make the app compatible with different browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, and many more. It helps your customers run the app without any technical glitches and poor usability.   

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Customer Satisfaction plays a crucial role in the success of an eCommerce business. Therefore, if your eCommerce app has issues like slow loading speed, extensive downtime, unresponsive page, insecure transactions.  

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