The term ‘user interface’ is the important feature of the website, which helps users understand what the business is all about, what various functions are contained in the specific software or application, or how it runs. It is the first thing that attracts users to buy products and services when they find a website very friendly and extremely useful for fulfilling their unique requirements. The website user-interface should be so simple that a customer in an emergency can easily understand it within a few seconds.

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But do you know who makes the website’s GUI very effective? Who helps generate the quality in the web application by providing characteristics like familiarity, responsiveness, clarity, aesthetics, and concision. Who helps users interact with the device or an application?

It is a software tester and a team of developers who drive success to your website by performing web UI testing with Selenium or using several other software tools to ensure that the application is working correctly. All the interface elements like navigational components (search field, tags, icons, slider, pagination, breadcrumb, icons), input controls (buttons, checkboxes, text fields, list boxes, data field, radio buttons, list boxes), containers (accordion), and informational components (progress bar, message boxes, tooltips, icons, notifications, modal windows) are free of errors and needs no improvement.

War All the Time: Which is better - Manual or Automated UI Testing?

In software testing, there are two ways to perform UI testing on web applications: manual and automation. The GUI design or the website's visual elements, which is tested by the tester manually or via manual strategies, is known as manual UI testing. This kind of testing is considered when all the tasks are subjective in nature. For example, if it is the matter of reviewing the look and feel of an application, in that case, we can’t prefer automated web UI testing.

Similarly, automated ui testing is the best when any business owner wants to test the website faster and has a limited budget to spend. In this case, the main focus is given on the use of the web GUI testing framework appropriately, shortening the software development life cycle, and winding up the tasks before the expected time.

Companies should automate if it is possible to run with web UI testing tools. Not everything can test using automation strategies. Thus, maintaining the right balance between manual and automation approaches are necessary for web UI testing.

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Latest Web UI Testing Tools to Remember

Life is unpredictable; When thinking about the web testing tool and UI, no one can predict the upcoming apps, websites & software until the developer or the owner doesn’t reveal it on the internet. There are no limits to technological progress.

Here are some latest Web UI testing tools for automated GUI testing:

Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE is the automated web UI testing & open-source project that needs no extra configuration except the installation of the extension on the browser. People who are searching for a UI driven record-and-playback tool can use Selenium IDE without any hassle.


  • It is an incredible and robust tool for the adoption of web UI testing best practices.
  • Provides multiple locator techniques for single elements when it records.
  • It is flexible enough for making quick changes in the code.
  • The test suites of Selenium automation are reusable and can be checked across multiple operating systems and browsers

Katalon Studio (Intelligence Test Automation Software)

Katalon Studio is an end-to-end automation test platform that is available free of cost for UI testing of web applications. This tool is easy to use and gives a codeless experience to beginners.


  • It allows us to execute performance tests under various conditions.
  • It gives the ability to export distinct types of test scripts.
  • It has a recorder feature that is easy to plug-in to the chrome browser for generating test cases.
  • The productive IDE of Katalon Studio ensures automated tests experience for all operating systems and platforms, regardless of the website’s complexity.


The companies which are using this TestIM tool can better explain the web UI testing benefits to you as it is specially curated for the organizations who want to obtain out-of-the-box results while testing the UI of web applications. It is a Saas-based application built by developers for the teams who want to save their time and energy with an automated testing environment. Moreover, the idea of developing this tool comes into their minds when they realize - while eliminating the simple bug, sometimes it breaks the design of the entire app. Therefore, it is necessary to use an easy solution for UI testing.


  • With its elegant user interface, you can create tests quickly and accurately.
  • It suggests intelligent locators with providing a powerful strategy to maintain them.
  • It has a remarkable self-healing ability as an element of smart locator technology.


Perfecto is designed for those companies who want to test mobile applications and UI in a simpler and codeless/scriptless way. It is mainly suitable for mobile testing, but its UI testing ecosystem is also very nice for test creation, test maintenance, test reports generation, and cloud execution.


  • It gives multiple locators for recording the elements of web applications.
  • Delivers world-class experience to users.
  • Ensures 50% faster execution than other testing tools.
  • Complete test coverage for all operating systems, devices & browsers.

Web UI Testing Checklist

  • Test CSS properties of an element.
  • Test font styles such as font colour, font size, and font family.
  • Check whether the label test is clearly readable or not.
  • Test validation and error messages. If not displaying correctly, test it again.
  • Check the images - whether it is visible or it is broken, or it contains any watermark.
  • Check the proper alignment of images.
  • Check the content on the website.
  • Check typography errors and fix them.
  • The content fonts on the app should be appropriately aligned.
  • Check grammatical errors or spellings - it should also correct.
  • Check heading tags where you want to display the content.
  • Check data integrity with the database. (If the website includes dynamic elements like login form, contact form, registration form, which is handled via the database or the data of the elements stored in the database, you need to perform testing on it).
  • Check the interlinking of hyperlinking of websites.
  • Check the responsiveness of the website design.
  • Check the formatting, color, and size of the buttons or input fields.
  • Check the usability of an application. For example - the font size used for the content should be accurate for the end-users and the people who read on the website.
  • All the titles & subtitles used in an app should be useful for end-users.

Important Test Cases of Web UI Testing

  • Menu Items

If your web application contains menu items, it is essential to conduct UI-based testing to ensure that it is working for all geographical locations or for the area you design the website.

  • Progress Bars

The major purpose of testing the progress bars is to ensure that the pages are displayed correctly on the screens. One can also understand how much time it takes to load the page.

  • Navigational Elements

Testing the navigational buttons are essential because it helps redirect users to the right page. If the page is not working fine, it would be difficult to say whether the customer buys from your website or leave the site due to the poor experience.

  • Log Files

Testers should record the error details appropriately. It allows you to inform the person later if you find any issue while running the website.

Wrapping Up:

Half of the web site's success is generated through web UI testing. The best part is it takes only a few hours to test the web app's functionality and usability. When there is a problem identified in the graphical user interface like images, colors, buttons, fonts, checkboxes, and layouts of the software or an application, GUI testing brings confidence in software testers to deliver the best UI and UX to end-users.

When to Look for the Web UI Testing Company?

If you’re getting too many complaints from customers due to your poor website design or if you fail to get traffic on your page, or if the elements of the user-interface are not working exactly as you expect after designing the application, you should quickly consult a web UI testing company.

How BugRaptors Can Help You?

We have domain expertise of manual web ui testing and automated GUI testing backed with strong usability testing team. We are available online 24*7 to give you 100% support while testing your web applications' UI. Let us know your unique project requirement, and we ensure you to provide the best & possible solutions. Schedule your free consultation with one of the UI testing expert. Contact here.

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