Any product that you've created doesn’t make any sense unit it passes the usability tests. Just imagine, you build an app with great thought and purpose, and you launch it without confirming whether it will help your actual users or not. This means you don’t even understand how your actual users will behave when the app doesn’t allow them to get an expected and user-friendly experience.  

So, the baseline is whenever you decide to create a useful app, always think about Mobile App Usability Testing Services because it focuses on delivering the best user experience to businesses that want to gain high customer loyalty and generate more revenue in the market.  

But, how can we assure that the app is usable? How can we expect that the app is user-friendly? How can we confirm that the people will actually understand what you offer? All these answers will be better resolved when you choose usability testing because it evaluates an application/ product by testing it collaboratively with end-users. This type of testing is performed by paying attention to the following points: the level of understanding and the technical expertise of the end-users.  

Besides, with this mobile app usability test, one can determine how fast, accessible, and user-friendly the product or application is.  

Why Do You Need Usability Testing?  

To know about this question, you need to scroll down below to read why it is important to conduct usability testing.   

Well, the purpose of your customers today is to get a seamless service experience across all channels. Due to this, it becomes important for businesses to concentrate on digital solutions or look for innovative ways that help customers engage and interact with the app thoroughly. If the product is not designed & developed as per users, it will fail to meet their unique expectations.  

Also, they will never use your application again. That’s why most Software Testing Companies spend more time on fixing usability issues today while testing. During testing, they also check the app’s features and ensure that it will run smoothly or people will feel that the app is easy to use.   

Moreover, in today’s competitive digital world, all products come with the same features, but only those become successful which are easy to use by the user. You need to understand that your users don’t have sufficient time for the evaluation of your product/application, or they don't care about how you design the product and how much money you spend on it.  

The only thing that matters for your users is usability. In one research conducted by Forrester, the data exhibits that 77% of the users possibly return if an application is easy to use. Accordingly, one should test the usability of an application with in-depth planning and expertise, and you must focus on the following areas in order to make your app successful.  

 a) Geographic Diversity: Most applications are designed to be accessed all around the world. Hence, evaluations should be based on all users across the globe.  

b) Technological Ecosystem: Some applications make sense only when they use as per the intended environment, so you should perform tests in that context.  

c) Time and Cost: It is vital to attain a quick turn-around time with Usability tests. Also, you should fix recommended issues in the same development cycle.  

d) Security: Certain prototypes cannot be exposed before release because most applications contain confidential information. Consequently, you should pay high attention to information security while testing the usability of the mobile app.  

e) Performance: Speed plays a crucial role in helping apps become successful because your users are in the urge of immediate results. Accordingly, you should perform speed and load testing to improve the user experience.  

f) Accessibility: Following the accessibility guidelines are essential to make an application compliant with tools, but when it comes to giving equal experience to different users, the testing becomes a reliable option. Today, customers are looking for service providers who can offer diversified user feedback and allow them to rate the applications based on their end-user experience. Therefore, these are some factors that help you understand that getting a usability test is extremely important if you want to thrive with a mobile app.   

What Things Should I focus on While Usability Testing?  

Are you ready for Usability Testing? Below we have given some points so you can check before testing the usability of a product.   

I) Effectiveness: The product should be capable of helping users complete their mission and satisfy all objectives with accuracy and completeness.  

ii) Efficiency: While Mobile Usability Test, you must focus on the performance of an app, and you should check how much time is needed to complete one task by users.  

iii) Satisfaction: The level of pleasure ensures that users will get the best functionality and friendly experience while using the product.  

iv) Learnability: The product should be manipulative in order to make changes in it. It should be easy to learn for the first time. Otherwise, it would be difficult for you to eliminate glitches.   

v) Memorability: It means the app should have a sufficient recalling system to handle an application after an idle period.  

vi) Errors: While testing, you must check the number of errors and focus on product easiness to deliver the best user experience.  

It can be argued that satisfaction and memorability are two factors that help assess the effectiveness and efficiency of a product. Thus, if you want to launch a successful product, you must run usability testing to work on the app's effectiveness and efficiency. Similarly, you should check errors within an organization to avoid future risks.   

Do you have any tools for Mobile Usability Testing? Then, how will you perform testing? If you want to conduct mobile-based usability testing, discover our Top 5 Mobile Usability Testing Tools below:  

Top 5 Mobile Usability Testing Tools  

Mobile Usability Tools is a one-stop solution to conduct usability testing and collect actionable insights into how well your product will be usable by your audience. The objective of mobile usability tools is to help you reveal your mobile app in front of real users and enables you to identify their frustration points while performing any task in your mobile app. Overall, it helps you track user feedback. After that, based on user reviews, it lets you make data-informed decisions so that your users can get the best app experience.   

If you are searching for usability testing tools to test the user-friendliness of your product, you can check our list of Top 5 Mobile Usability Testing Tools below:   


UserZoom is the one-stop UX insights solution that you can use for faster design iteration, taking user-centric product decisions, and evaluating the performance of your UX. With this usability testing software, your digital teams can easy to understand, manage, and measure the application’s UX as it will help them create products that your customers actually want.   

The purpose of using this tool is to eliminate the traditional practices for usability testing because they were performing with the help of cue cards and provided not accurate results. However, UserZoom is specially curated for usability testing and allows you to test your participants in a natural environment.   


Analyze your customer’s behavior with LiveSession because it is another tool or analytics that can help you enhance your UX, boost your revenue, and gives you an opportunity to increase your conversion rates.   

Furthermore, it comes with session replays and enables you to record the conducted usability tests. With the aid of these recorded sessions and replays features, you can easy to address small problems within your app and helps your users get a more user-friendly product experience.   


Applause aims to give you a quality-based approach to this product excellence platform so that you can create digital experiences. This world-class software product is combined with an enterprise-grade SaaS testing infrastructure and makes it possible for you to conduct surveys, usability testing, mock surveys, audits, and even questionnaires.   

Google, Uber, Microsoft, and other big brands have considered this next-generation brand to acquire a flawless digital experience. It offers a reliable insight before releasing the digital assets with confidence and greater velocity.   


If you are looking for a mobile app usability testing tool, you can prefer Userlytics as it is the state-of-the-art testing suite curated to perform website testing, mobile application testing and lets you optimize the app’s interface, your customer journey, and overall customer’s experience. 

One of the significant advantages of the Userlytics testing suite is it supports you while running the blend of moderated or unmoderated user experience studies, performs card sorting, and helps you get the tree testing project done with a wide array of features just to meet your unique needs.   


Swrve is the complete app marketing solution for A/B testing, targeted-based campaign testing and makes it easy for you to track your user’s activities. Besides, with Swrve, you can perform usability testing and take advantage of it to modify your user’s experience.   

With Swrve, you can engage users in real-time and helps them get customer satisfaction because it has a robust design and automated capabilities to manage the onboarding flows, optimize monetization interactions, and develop target groups based on their demographics.   

Benefits of Successful Usability Testing  

1. The companies who embrace usability testing in their products can generate more revenue for products.  

 2. It helps Increase the sales of a product and assist companies in gaining a good reputation. With usability testing, one can get feedback/reviews from the customers and even know their personal experiences while using the product in real-time. Based on their reviews, you can know whether customers will buy a product from you again or not.   

 3. Making a product more usable can potentially reduce the amount of training required for employees.  

 4. Consumers of the product may require fewer hours of training to make the product intuitive. This process helps them in becoming productive within their company as well.   

 5. Companies that pay close attention to the usability of their products will not have any issues as many software updates or maintenance releases issues occur when the product is not tested for usability.  

6. Lastly, if you have technical writers, you can easy to prepare the document for the whole testing process and helps your customers know how the product works.  


Usability testing is critical for the success of any application or product. BugRaptors has had many success stories and can help you achieve great UX with the help of QA. Our usability recommendations can improve your product efficiency by almost 10%. Also, we have expertise in making a comprehensive report with qualitative and quantitative feedback to take our client ahead in the market and ensures to give you a superior user-friendly application.  

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