The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic was one of the most unexpected incidents to happen. The sudden outbreak not only affected the health but caused significant business loss and halting of the education industry. The situation, therefore, caused a large chunk of the global student population to witness closures at schools, colleges, and universities.  

Though the actions were necessary to counter the infection and ensure the safety of students as well as staff at educational institutions, the massive pause made the whole situation quite unfavourable. Being a quality assurance service provider, which has been serving the education industry for a long time, we found it an opportunity to reform the education sector.  

Even if there were already existing eLearning giants in the market, the pandemic introduced the need for moving out of the formal classroom setting. Therefore, it would be nothing wrong to say that the pandemic broke the monotony of traditional learning practices and showed the importance of digital learning solutions.  

Since the pandemic confined the entire student community within their homes, digital transformation found its way to dig deeper into the education landscape. Also, the situation justified the importance of technology like education software testing services in maintaining the continuity of learning through visionary educational practices. 

In other words, the education industry is leaning towards online learning practices, understanding the importance of learning management systems and video conferencing tools. As these tools offer all the support students with required course material and communication with teachers, EdTech providers are aiming to meet the sudden surge in demand.  

In this blog, we will aim at learning the importance of digital solutions in transforming the education sector while underlining the need for investing in online learning solutions for a better future. Besides, we will highlight all the factors that make Quality Assurance services an important part of improving the EdTech platforms.  

Let’s begin! 

Education & Digital Transformation 

Talking about a few years back, the total expense made on digitalizing the education system was very low. However, the pandemic turned out to be the potential reason behind increased digital spending. According to Statista, the education software market amasses worldwide revenues of around 10.85 billion U.S. dollars in 2021.  

And now, when we are moving out from the pandemic, the numbers are coming out to be even stronger. Estimates suggest that this trend of strong growth will continue for years to come, reaching 11.6 billion dollars by 2025. In other words, the post-pandemic landscape called for greater adoption of technology complementing the future education systems causing a quick reformation of the sector.  

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Presently, the sharp exponential growth of the EdTech platforms has positioned technology as an essential rather than a luxury. Besides, the advantages like cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and flexibility in learning are all a few factors that push the growth of virtual learning across the world.  

All in all, EdTech has the potential to lift any geographical and physical limitations that may restrict learning and Education. From having the liberty to learn at one’s own pace to accessing on-demand information, the existing as well as upcoming EdTech solutions, are making every possible effort to make learning a seamless experience. Also, the integration of interactive elements in eLearning solutions has everything needed to increase engagements under any remote settings.  

Using Technology To Pursue Unconventional Education 

Global organizations like The World Bank and UNESCO have been continuously supporting the drive for digitizing the education system. The process even involves Ministries of Education at the world level that aim to nurture remote learning options.  

As far as it is concerned, in a traditional setting, the teaching process was restricted with limited availability of resources. However, the unconventional setting, or say, a learning process that has an impression of digital transformation, has all the potential to improve retention, cultivate resources, and overcome any practices that may cause the lag. 

Adding to that, next-gen technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality can be used to simplify learning modules. As these technologies have the capability to eliminate the limitations of remote learning, they can be integrated into specially designed platforms complementing the learning for people who have health concerns like Autism or Dyslexia.  

Though the process may demand access to AI or ML Testing services, the outcomes can be huge to witness. However, the right integration of the technology and a focus on Quality Assurance and Educational Software Functionality Testing could offer extensive benefits to the current learning approach: 

  • More Personalized Training 

  • Richer Information 

  • Higher Engagement 

  • Flexible Learning 

  • Connected Environment 

Why Is It Necessary To Digitize Education? 

Whether it is an IT consulting firm or a QA company, a hospital or a public service office, Education is a constant requirement. The technology that humans have been enjoying for years or the technology we are planning to achieve is all a concept that has its foundation ingrained through Education.  

Considering the situation like the recent pandemic, it is necessary that technology must be introduced to Education, aiding the survival as well as empowerment of the learning process. Technology over the years has helped increase the interest in learning, adding to the critical thinking and analytical abilities of people. Also, digitizing Education has everything necessary that can help students as well as learning professionals to excel.  

Role Of Quality Assurance In Digital Learning 

The EdTech solutions need to add and contain a plethora of information, making the systems prone to glitches. Therefore, to prevent such malfunctions or inconsistencies, digitizing the learning platforms should involve keeping a focus on security protocols, performance outcomes, functionality, and any potential fallbacks.  

Access to eLearning Application Testing Services allows eLearning service providers to overcome any obstacles that might hamper the learning experience. Moreover, an investment made in an end-to-end quality assurance strategy could help negate any bugs or glitches in the systems that a potential user might come across while learning.  

All in all, creating a reliable, secure, and fully-functioning eLearning platform is everything necessary to foster the trust of the users in digital learning. At BugRaptors, we have rich experience in addressing digital transformation goals for the education industry. And if you are working on an EdTech platform that has the potential to redefine the future of learning, we can help you with comprehensive education app testing services catering to all your needs for creating a digital learning ecosystem.  

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