Over the years, the FinTech industry has gone through a rapid transformation. Thanks to the ever-changing technology landscape that has renovated the whole concept of making payments and exchanging currencies.  

Nevertheless, the FinTech sector was growing at a very steady pace unless the pandemic hit the industry allowing greater innovation to flow inside. According to Statista, “the latest fintech transaction statistics and trends flag a total digital transaction value of $10.52 trillion in 2025. By the end of 2021, the total transaction value was expected to surpass $6.68 trillion. In 2020, it was at $5.47 trillion, while in 2017, it was only $3.04 trillion.” 

On top of that, the global funding for the FinTech industry has grown by 96 percent compared to the last year. In simple words, the FinTech solutions have developed more than ever as we as a Quality Assurance company have been continuously engaged in testing and meeting QA benchmarks for QA apps and solutions.  

In this blog, we will aim at underlining the top trends for the FinTech sector in 2022 which must be a watch for all the FinTech brands that are aiming to build greater success in upcoming years. Also, we will try to highlight how Quality Assurance services could aid in meeting the metrics on different trends for the FinTech industry.  

Let’s begin! 

Top Trends for the FinTech Sector in 2022

  • Embedded Finance 

If it is something that has stormed the financial world more than anything, it is nothing else than embedded finance. The term defines the seamless integration of financial services into a non-financial platform allowing customers to access financial services within the traditional context. For instance, integration of multiple payment methods on an inbuilt payment solution.  

Also, embedded finance has opened Buy-Now-Pay-Later opportunities where solutions like PayPal allow users to make seamless transactions online with greater convenience. All in all, the embedded investment programs have made the users access funds and stocks with much ease. For example, Acorns is a leading embedded investment app that has simplified the process of saving and making an investment by sparing change on any purchases made. It is one of the most interesting areas in Fintech that will rise in the upcoming months.  

  • One-Stop Digital Shops 

The previous year’s FinTech predictions focused on Digital-only banks and it has even set a very steady trajectory for growth. Especially, when all brick-and-mortar stores got closed under the effect of the pandemic, one-stop digital shops gained all the interest of the market. 

The same is likely to go mainstream in 2022 as McKinsey reported digital payment to be the biggest fintech product that ruled in 2021. And therefore, all the modern financial institutions are looking forward to take the advantage of the emerging trend in order to leverage fintech solutions while working at more convenient digital-only banking. In a nutshell, the entire idea behind the introduction of one-stop digital shops is to avoid physical interactions and yield a fully-remote environment for the entire course of the consumer journey. 

  • Cryptocurrencies & NFTs 

Though most tech enthusiasts, financial experts, and the banking community are talking about the ways blockchain could disrupt financial operations, there is a much bigger community jumping on the blockchain. Besides, the extensive list of uses on blockchain makes it an even more valuable asset compared to traditional channels.  

Some of the most dynamic applications of blockchain technology are likely to be managing currency funds, order processing, and overcoming friction in transactions across capital markets. It can be referred to as all practices that can help cut the costs and time involved in financial operations.  

Therefore, 2022 is going to be a year of blockchain growing as a FinTech trend. Especially, when blockchain has all the potential to improve the end-to-end security on the transactional funnel, it can be a great move to overcome frauds and ensure compliance on audit and regulatory concerns.  

Wondering how Blockchain has evolved? 

Click here to explore all details related to evolution while exploring the idea of blockchain testing. 

Lastly, blockchain offers all the speed on transactions with accelerated asset transfers, investments, and payments. Besides, it even helps to eliminate the unnecessary costs and delays involved due to errors in the transactional process.  

  • SMEs & Forex Solutions 

Another concept that gained the huge attention of business enthusiasts ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world was home deliveries. As a result, the market showed a corresponding expansion of eCommerce at the International level. The situation made way for potential opportunities for SMEs at the global stage which can be tracked from the fact that cross-border payment flow has increased by 5 per cent CAGR and is expected to pass 156 trillion USD by 2022. 

Though customers are already familiar with payment solutions available on international sales portals, most SMEs that come under “the squeezed middle” category is still struggling on completing foreign payments. The situation has occurred due to no provision defined to help SME clients with global payments. It, therefore, pushes SME leaders to process all the transactions through solutions that are quite unaffordable. In other words, there is a huge compilation of international regulations that create resistance for companies that are in need of services like finance on invoices or financial underwriting. In general terms, the conditions could be defined as hurdles that SME owners encounter on their way to managing operations and increasing working capital.  

Thanks to the new technology such as BaaS platforms that have simplified the whole concept of foreign currency services. And it could have been only made possible through giants like Stripe, Curve, OpenPayd, and more. Overall, 2022 is going to be a favourable year for such platforms that are subjected to simplifying foreign currency exchange and transactions for SMEs, giving them an equal opportunity to grow.  

  • Futuristic PaaS Solutions 

Last but not least, FinTechs have always longed for efficiency and security while offering financial freedom to their customers. However, the ever-evolving financial regulations have made it somewhat less achievable for businesses across the world. Nevertheless, customer data APIs find an effective role here.  

Since processing financial transactions throughout the world demands embracing the cloud, the right use of APIs and cloud capabilities could help yield the desired customizations on infrastructure. Moreover, PaaS solutions and cloud practices could even help banks and FinTech institutions to align well with regulatory changes  

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Quality Assurance & FinTech 

Concluding it all, 2022 and the upcoming years are all likely to be a productive time for the FinTech industry. Whether it is the use of PaaS-based cloud solutions or adopting advanced technologies like Blockchain or embedded finance, the FinTech experts have to ensure that anything created must work well to satisfy QA benchmarks.  

Especially when skipping on essential quality checks like usability and security could cause a decline in customers and falling ROI, Quality assurance and testing services is the only thing that could help bridge the gap between financial freedom, security, and growth of the FinTech industry at the international stage.  

Good Luck! 

And if you are working on some application or web portal that can help streamline all the international transactions, we can bring you all the excellence you need to meet the regulations, compliance, and ROI goals through rich customer service.  

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