According to recent research made by, “more than nine-in-ten Millennials (93% of those who turn ages 23 to 38 this year) own smartphones, compared with 90% of Gen Xers (those ages 39 to 54 this year), 68% of Baby Boomers (ages 55 to 73) and 40% of the Silent Generation (74 to 91), according to a new analysis on U.S. adults.”  

Ever since the world has started progressing on the path of digital transformation, the need for more capable applications and software technology has taken a boon. With all the above-mentioned engagement of the millennials in the mobile industry, it has become more important than ever to create mobile solutions that are not just stable but capable of meeting the user objectives but can also help drive the necessary competitive advantage.  

Besides, the continuous rise in the average online time spent by users of all age groups have pushed the IT industry to create more sophisticated solutions. Furthermore, the extensive demand for advanced mobile solutions have made it necessary to work on software testing services. Since the mobile usage increase has boosted the demand for applications, mobile test automation services has made it easier to align with quality testing goals.  

Especially, when there are so many small-scale and large-scale businesses that are aiming to gain a better market position, software and applications are something that is vital to give them an essential push. And these application and software at their development stage need technology that could drive performance from all users, irrespective of the platform or device they use.  

In other words, mobile test automation could allow enterprises to work on applications that are scalable and can deliver performance across multiple platforms. From testing complex applications for their consistency or usability, automation testing services could help save all the time and expenses.  

In this blog, we will try to highlight every detail associated with the concept of mobile test automation while defining the process to foster a mobile test automation for your business. Besides, we will try to talk about the most popular mobile test automation tools along with insights on how we can help the organizations striving to meet the digital goals.  

Let’s Dig In! 

Mobile Test Automation: The Definition 

Mobile test automation, as the name suggests, refers to automation done on mobile devices. It’s a process in which testers automate testing of an application dedicatedly built for a mobile device, which can be a WAP site or an app. Today, several mobile testing tools can help mobile application testing service providers ease out with the process, save time, and increase efficiency. 

6 Reasons To Leverage Mobile Test Automation 

With rapidly increasing number of mobile device users, businesses of all sizes have started to look for growth through technology. Usually, it includes software meant to foster business operations or website and applications that can handle customer services.  

Since usability is the primary concern of the business executives when they take a feature rich product to the users, it becomes necessary to aim for advanced mobile test automation services to drive the desired business goals.  

Nevertheless, working on mobile test automation brings exceptional business advantage. Here we have all the reasons why you need to choose mobile test automation for your existing or upcoming digital venture: 

  • Richer Functionality 

Testing a mobile app through automation could help you offer more dynamic functionality and features to the end users. Especially, when you need to aim at a huge set of specifications, functionality testing aids the entire design document improving the overall efficiency of the system.  

  • Driving Performance 

When it comes to digital environment, performance of a given system is a crucial factor to follow. Mobile test automation could help you streamline all the features, functionalities, and system specifications to yield the performance benchmarks that can sustain or rather outperform the competition. 

  • Integrated Security 

Either it is a software meant to cater internal operations or some application made to meet the needs of random users, automated security testing can assure you of data integrity on all the information stored within system. On top of that, security testing can help get rid of tainted inputs and ensure more streamlined activity logs.  

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  • Better Usability 

App usability is one of the essential factors that defines the success of any business. Test automation services could help you to meet the accessibility goals, offering all the convenience users need to work on intended tasks. Moreover, the test automation made to work on usability testing services helps you to achieve greater level of satisfaction when you aim for a digital solution that offers a pleasing user experience to the end users.  

  • Accessibility At Its Best 

When we say digital, it refers to creating a product that can help users from all age groups to enjoy an easy access to the platforms. Since there are certain regulations and norms associated with the use of any digital product, accessibility testing services could help you implement standardization. Besides, it can even help you to target a greater set of audiences that even includes people who are differently abled.  

  • Cross-System Compatibility 

Mobile test automation has all the potential required to accelerate digital initiatives within an organization. From different devices to operating systems, mobile test automation services could make your product deployment ready by working on anything and everything that affects accessibility.  

Overall, the timely integration of mobile test automation into your existing digital model could help you elevate your technological expectations with a product. Besides, it even helps you to yield better test efficiency, coverage, and time to market with effectiveness on all the deliveries. The approach ultimately allows you to cater any high-performance requirements that are mandate to create flawless outcomes.  


How To Work On Complete Mobile Test Automation? 

Since software testing and quality assurance are highly significant moves that can aid your digital impression, it is necessary that a solid test strategy must be worked. Let us quickly jump on understanding all the essential steps that a reliable software testing service provider must follow to create efficient and effective products.  

  • Effective Planning  

Your approach to the test automation process begins with understanding the nature of the application. It will help testers and developers to synchronize the front-end and back-end of the application to overcome any potential issues that might affect the project in its progressive stage. 

  • Create Test Cases 

The next task that you need to take after working on requirements is to work on test suites. It can be anything from search-based navigation to safety on payment gateways. Since we are talking about mobile test automation, the automation testing tools offer advantage to generate automation test scripts that can justify the defined requirements.  

  • Test Environment Setup 

Since testing an application needs you to configure it on the given device, the next step you need to take is to define your test environment. However, creating the perfect test environment requires you to understand the application version properly in order to yield appropriate results.  

  • Drive A Series Of Tests 

Once done with planning the requirements with proper detail on test cases and test environment, all you need to do is allow your mobile test automation tool to take command on usability testing, performance testing, security testing, accessibility testing, compatibility testing, and memory leakage testing.   

Top Mobile Test Automation Tools 

With changing requirements on products, mobile test automation tools play a significant role in scaling the test process. Here we have a list of top mobile test automation tools that you can explore when need to test a software or application made to serve android, iOS, and hybrid models.   

  • Appium 

If you are looking for an open-source tool that offers cross-platform convenience, Appium is made for you. Either hybrid applications, native iOS, or any android version released after 2.3, it can be used with multiple programming languages including Java, Ruby, C#, and other options used in web driver library. Based on UIAutomator library, Appium allows you to automate its process for android and is quite similar to selenium in use. It works by receiving test requests that are available in JSON format and are then converted into commands that are compatible with native testing frameworks.  

  • Espresso & UI Automator  

One of the most preferred test automation frameworks, Espresso is made for android applications that supports version 2.3 and above. However, the framework allows limited use and does not offer support on features like push notifications, contact synchronization, and navigating from existing application under test to another app. However, to overcome the flaws of Espresso, testers often work with UI Automator as it allows checking on interactions of subject application with other apps as well. Nevertheless, both Espresso and UI Automator are meant to be run parallelly and may need you to compromise on the fact that UI Automator offers support only for android 4.3+. 

  • Kobiton 

If you are looking for a mobile automation testing tool that can help you get full access on real devices during manual testing, Kobiton is made for you. Either you need help on camera control, speaker, device connection management, GPS simulations, and gestures etc., Kobiton can capture all actions to log issues and enjoy all the efficiency.  

  • Test Project 

Test Project is the first ever cloud-based community-powered test automation platform that allows users to test web, android, and iOS apps for all of their operating versions and system configurations. Also, Test Project can help you collaborate with your team using selenium and Appium to yield necessary quality and speed on top of features like recording, ability to use addons, and develop coded tests.  

Concluding It All 

Irrespective of the industry or business, mobile apps have proven to be of great value in driving business efficiency, customer service, and better revenue. With large number of applications landing the android, iOS, and windows market, it has become more important than ever to deliver performance driven through quality.  

Since manual testing can get laborious at times, switching to advanced techniques like mobile test automation could help testers to enjoy all the necessary commitment they need. And if you are looking for some fast, secure, reliable, and bug-free mobile experience, our experts at BugRaptors could lend you a helping hand for your needs.  

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