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One of the critical components of the SDLC (Software development life cycle) is software testing tools; thus, picking the proper tool for your project is crucial for any business or company.    

There are currently hundreds of software testing tools available on the market to help you with the work of manual or automated software testing. However, you cannot choose one at random. This is what our blog is about.  

Manual testing is the essence of quality assurance. It is the basic and prime necessity to practice manual testing in order to create products that are developed in regard to human instinct. ~ Kanika Vatsyayan  

At BugRaptors, we completely understand that every project is different and has its own unique requirements. Thus, relying on one testing tool or finding a perfect tool that can take on every project is quite a difficult task to pursue. With all our expertise handling projects that are dedicated to manual testing services, here is the list of 11 most amazing manual testing tools that our experts recommend based on their personal experience and capability to align with client requirement.  

And before we jump on discussing the tools in detail, let us have some brief insights on manual testing. Let's begin!!     

Why We Still Need Manual Testing? 

Manual testing is a highly essential part of the entire quality assurance process. Especially, when we need to create digital products that are crafted to meet the end-user goals, manual testing allows checking on all custom features for optimum output.  

Besides, there are certain other potential reasons that can help back the fact that only automation testing alone cannot allow creating products that are made to meet the end-user's desires:  

  1. Manual testing allows harnessing human intelligence to detect potential errors related to usability, functionality, etc.  
  2. Manual testing allows checking on all features and functions. 
  3. Manual testing involves human experience of testing similar past projects which even allows finding errors outside the code.  
  4. Most importantly, manual testing allows maintaining a testable system with more accurate emulation of UX.  

Top 11 Tools For Manual Software Testing 

Top manual tools

  • TestRail     

TestRail is one of the best bets for scalable, adaptable, web-based test case management. This efficient tool uses cloud-based/SaaS solutions to set up quickly or deploy its server on TestRail. It can effectively manage test cases, plans, and runs for human and automated tests.  Also, it Utilises informative dashboards, analytics, and activity reports to gain real-time insights into the status of your testing efforts.   

Moreover, milestones, customized to-do lists, and email notifications are created to increase productivity. This tool can also Record test cases together with expected outcomes and screenshots. Using this tool, one can create unique templates or use the adaptable built-in templates.    

Not to forget, it is well integrated with JIRA, Bugzilla, Jenkins, TFS, and other tools in your CI/CD/DevOps pipeline. This tool created the enterprise edition for large teams and mission-critical projects.     

  • Selenium   

Selenium is a web-based tool with a portable software testing framework for the web application and one of the most well-liked open-source manual testing tools. It has a playback tool and is simple to use, making it possible to create functional tests without learning test scripting.    

It also offers a domain-specific test language for several computer languages, including PHP, Java, Python, C#, Python, Perl, Groovy, and Scala. Selenium is open source. Thus, it's free, and can testers can download the program anytime. It supports various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS.  

  • Apache JMeter   

JMeter is a free manual testing tool that may be used to evaluate the effectiveness of static and dynamic websites and web application resources. This Tool's foundation is a Java application in its entirety. Functional test behavior and test execution are the main uses of Apache JMeter. The Tool also highlights a feature that makes it simpler for the tester to use the source code and develop new apps.   

  • SonarQube   

Another top-notch manual testing tool that supports testers in maintaining the integrity and security of the code is SonarQube. The program compiles, examines, and produces reports on source code quality. It is written in Java and supports several different technologies, including MS Build, Ant, and Maven.  It tracks measurements over time and has a flexible usage plugin to give an evolution graph to gauge source code quality.   

Fantasized by tools? Need Help With Visualization Testing? 

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  •  Bugzilla   

Like the earlier Tool, Bugzilla is an issue tracking program designed to keep tabs on software's quality and problems. Perl was used to creating this utility, while MySQL was used as the database. Its web-based user interface is comparatively simple and practical.   

Additionally, it features customization, email alerts, bug filing, and time monitoring. One of the best open-source manual testing tools, it is available for everyone to download and use.  

  •  Trac   

One of the most widely used free manual testing tools is Trac, which was created and implemented in Python. Even though it is a web-based testing tool, a tracking system is not a given. However, the tester can explore the code, history, and other changes after integrating the SCM system with Trac.   

The tool has a ticket management system, and all issues are tickets. As a result, engineers can address additional needless flaws in the future.  Additionally, the Tool is compatible with several databases, including MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite. Additionally, it is quite customizable, works with plugins, and more.  

  • Mantis   

One of the first manual testing tools, Mantis is renowned for its straightforward and user-friendly design. QA experts use the Tool to track glitches or flaws in software and hardware. The tools are mobile and web-based and work with several operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. 

The program has several add-ons, such as email notification systems that enable testers to alert stakeholders and developers. Additionally, MantisBT is open source and free to use.   

  •  Quality Center (ALM)   

Software manual testing tool Quality Center, sometimes called Application Life Cycle Management (ALM), supports test management and business processes for both software.  

It works well for tracking project health, managing milestones and deliverables, and ensuring that the final product meets quality standards. The backend of this program is Oracle and MS SQL, and it is built on Java 2. In terms of user statistics, it is practical and user-friendly.    

  • QTP   

A QA manual testing tool called QTP, commonly referred to as UFT software testing, offers functional and regression tests for software still in development. It has a supported keyboard, programming interfaces, and a graphical user interface.   

The tool controls the software being tested, specifies tests, and manipulates objects using the Vbscript method. The tester can use this functionality to test every layer of the software from a single console.  

  •  LoadRunner   

A popular manual testing tool created by Micro Focus is called LoadRunner. The main goal of LoadRunner is to locate and eliminate common sources of software performance problems.  

Performance testing and system behavior for various approaches, methodologies, and application settings are provided by this program. This tool also supports Numerous technologies, development tools, and protocol stacks. 

  • FogBugz 

It is one of the most widely used web-based manual testing tool, which is commonly involved in bug tracking. It displays the details of the project in an efficient way. People use FogBugz tool as it makes the tracking and calculating of results much easy!   


It is important to consider a software testing tool's price as well as its effectiveness and capacity to find bugs and flaws. Before investing, you need to carefully examine it and check for evaluations.   

Additionally, since you will be using the pertinent Tool for a while, you should determine if the interface and features are what you are searching for. Look for features like issue trackers, test planning tools, and the ability to execute tests. Hopefully, you'll find the ideal one that meets your software's and your clients' needs.    

At Bugraptors, we provide efficient manual testing services. We offer complete and quality-assured end-to-end manual testing solutions to ensure that you deliver products without defects.  

Our deep expertise and experience in testing and various testing processes, tools, and technology contribute to achieving quality results. For more information, contact us at   


Kanika Vatsyayan

Kanika Vatsyayan is Vice-President – Delivery and Operations at BugRaptors who oversees all the quality control and assurance strategies for client engagements. She loves to share her knowledge with others through blogging. Being a voracious blogger, she published countless informative blogs to educate audience about automation and manual testing.


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