The Need Of Software Testing In A World Of Tech-driven Retail


By Neha Sethi

The Need Of Software Testing In A World Of Tech-driven Retail

Over the years, the entire concept of the retail industry has gone through a digital transformation. Right from the manufacturing stage to the inventory management, distribution, logistics, or direct sales, everything has turned extremely satisfying with the interception of software technology.   

This is why big brands like Walmart, Nike, or Ikea have managed to streamline their ever-expanding customer base and to deliver the right products to the right users at the right time. Thanks to the intelligent solutions driven by AI and ML that have made it much easier to work on geographical data, creating the perfect merchandising mix for optimum sales. Moreover, the software equally benefits the customers to check for the services or products that are most trending in their area.   

The strategy works really well when you have exposure to the fact that 91 per cent of the consumers prefer to stick with a brand that could provide relevant products and offers to the customers based on the demographics. Though the idea of software technology into the mainstream with the retail sector seems as pleasing as the above statistics and information, one thing that defines the success of your retail business using advanced software technology is the investment you make with software testing in the retail domain.   

Since the future of the retail industry is all about delivering services that are customer-oriented, aligning with the changing needs of the consumers require fostering omnichannel experiences. Especially when the retail market is flooding with the rapid adoption of cutting-edge software solutions, cultivating great shopping experiences demand efforts with POS Performance testing.  

With an ever-widening scope of user data into the retail sector, retail giants are in need of software solutions that can help have maximum insights into the customer data. Moreover, with PwC making revelations on how consumers in the US are likely to share more personal information to companies providing a convenient customer journey, investing in retail app testing services is crucial to ensure the best usability, functionality, and performance. Let us learn a bit more about the tech trends that will redefine the future of retail while sneaking into the idea of QA for each of them:   

Augmented Reality  

If we need to talk about one thing that has made the most impact on the customers while benefiting the sales, it would be nothing else than Augmented Reality or popularly known as Extended Reality. With eCommerce adoption becoming more prominent than ever, XR has enabled retailers to create holistic user journeys.  

Consider the example of IKEA, a leading furniture giant has beautifully used AR to allow their customers to visualize their furniture purchases in the real-world setting using their smartphones. Moreover, there are so many makeup brands and eyeglasses stores that have used AR to envision their looks for better purchases. Thus, it is extremely important that new retailers adopting such solutions should give their best shot on software development and eCommerce testing to ensure on-point delivery of services to the customers.   

  Digital journey

Predictive Analytics  

When you provide a personalized experience to your customers, the chances of conversion are increased by 80 percent. This means your eCommerce software should work in a way that it takes the least amount of time to navigate the user to the product they need to buy. However, meeting such goals these days, retailers to take access to technologies like deep learning and AI that can help collect user data to support informed purchases.   

Also, working on these smart business tactics could help you have more information about the changing needs of the users. After all, having access to user data for their preferences could help retailers to keep personalized suggestions on the top of the display allowing higher sales and added revenue.    

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Cloud Computing   

The next big thing that could help transform the customer experience for the retailers is the not-so-new, Cloud technology. Though the concept of cloud infrastructure is widely used and adopted across different industries, there is still a large section of retail that needs more transparency in the system. Investing in cloud testing can not only help retailers to experience scalability, speed, and storage benefits but can also help yield significant performance improvement with sales.   

However, the adoption of the cloud should be done with keen and thorough planning on development and retail application testing services. This would allow you to progress in a manner where you can take command of different workflows related to inventory, order management, loyalty benefits, pricing, and overall sales.   

Smart Support or Virtual Assistance   

Last but not least, it is virtual assistance or smart support that is likely to change the future of the retail industry. From trained bots to navigational assistance on the website, virtual assistance would enable customers to enjoy a highly personalized customer experience.  

From availing discounts to improving the time to check out, the use of chatbots has become so significant that the chatbot market is likely to have a CAGR of 24.3 percent that is $1.23 billion, by 2025. However, guiding the customers across virtual stores or taking them to the checkout options, working on all these functions, need extreme POS testing cutting off any downtime.   

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The Crux  

The idea of technology is imperative for business success in the near future. From seamless transactions to strategic customer services, creating an omnichannel experience for customers need you to touch every point of technology that can capture the user’s attention. Whether application, software or websites, a flawless system needs you to have the best assistance on automated and manual testing in the retail domain.   

Since a minor failure in the system could make you cater bad reputation, testing retail applications can help you differentiate from the market. All in all, an interrupted user experience needs you to optimize applications for Quality Assurance. From performance management to load testing, compatibility and usability checks all need you to work on effective end-to-end testing.   

As more and more systems like CRM, ERP, and POS have become a part of holistic retail journeys, make sure you never hesitate to partner with a retail testing services partner who can help you offer maximum value on your business objectives.  

For personalized assistance on retail application testing, feel free to reach our experts at BugRaptors.  

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Neha Sethi

Neha is a testing professional having diverse exposure in various projects and application testing with comprehensive understanding of all aspects of SDLC. She is well versed with Manual testing, Mobile application testing, performance testing, load testing, Web applications testing. She is able to create effective documentation issue report and also working with bug tracking software which is used to report the bugs. Highly motivated and excellent team player with strong interpersonal, analytical and communication skills.

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