No doubt, the rise of online mobile educational apps is improving the education system around the globe. Nowadays, most of the students prefer to learn with the help of online educational apps. What do you think might be the reason behind the increasing popularity of educational apps? Well, mobile educational apps not only give an in-depth knowledge of the concepts but also help the students with exam attempting techniques. Overall, mobile education apps have changed the face of Education by offering a different way of learning. Now let us see how educational apps are influencing the Education system around the world.

Influence of Online Education Apps on Global Education

The impact of technology can be seen clearly in almost every field from the past some decades. Previously, the educational system was not as advanced as it is today. Also, it was not connected with money. But, change is the law of nature. With the advancement in technology, the level of education has gone to the next level. Nowadays, students don't need to go anywhere to clear their doubts, as various online mobile educational apps are available to meet the purpose of the students.

Contribution of Mobile Education Apps to the Education System

When it comes to the participation of online mobile apps in the comprehensive education system, then we can say that it is incredible. Following are some of the eye-catching gains that students can unlock by using mobile education apps:

1.  Personalized Learning

It is quite difficult for the teachers to determine the educational standard of each student, especially in a class of 30-40 students. On the other hand, every student has a different IQ. So, it is equally distressing for the students to meet the pace in the classroom. Here online mobile education apps can help the students with personalized learning to rank up their knowledge.

2.  24/7 Availability

Generally, educational institutes are not available round the clock. Unlike schools and educational institutes, online mobile education apps are available 24/7 in a day to help the students with an endless educational experience. With the help of online educational Apps, students can clear their doubts whenever they want, wherever they want. 

3.  Remote Access

When students take leave in school or institutes, they miss the lectures. But, when it comes to online educational apps, students can easily track the lectures to keep themselves updated with their educational curriculum. In layman terms, online educational apps offer remote access to the students by using which they can information on various topics or subjects.

Why Online Mobile Apps Needs Software Testing?

Do you know that before launching any online app, there is a critical step known as software testing? Now the question arises - Why online apps need software testing, and what is the importance of software testing? Software testing is a programmed and systematic set of activities, which makes sure that the software processes and products meet the requirements, quality standards, and procedures.

If we talk about processes, it is a collection of activities that include designing, developing, enhancing, and software maintenance. On the other hand, software, data, documentation, and reporting paperwork come under products.

Well, software testing is an unavoidable part of app development. The primary purpose of software testing is to make sure that the app is not only user-friendly and intuitive but also free of errors. Moreover, bug-free software pays a vital role in gaining customer satisfaction. Overall, Quality assurance is an inescapable part of the software development process that delivers excellent value to every product.

Considerable Factors for Testing Online Learning Application

1.   Content and Functionality Testing

Initially, Quality Analysts (QA) team needs to check the content and the course functionality. It includes two factors:

  • Testing Content: In this factor, testing professionals make sure that the content is according to the client's input and storyboard.
  • Testing Functionality: In this part, testers ensure that the course matches all the technical environments correctly.

2.   Testing on Multiple Devices

In this type of testing, the QA team tests the course on all platforms and devices, such as iPad, iPhone, desktop, etc.

3.   Browser testing/Compatibility Testing

When it comes to Browser testing or Compatibility testing, the software testers test the course on all the operating systems and browsers (portrait and landscape views).

4.   Localization

In the case of eLearning, there are many courses available that are developed in different languages. Moreover, testing is carried out to check the quality of the product for a particular locale.

5.   User Interface Testing

When it comes to the testing of the User Interface, it includes the checking of designs, spellings, alignments, and labels of objects concerning functionality.

How To Perform Education Domain Testing

The educational institutions/colleges/universities have to manage not only a large number of records and data but also ensure their safety. So, the testing solutions for the education industry should address all the aspects of testing modules such as:

  •     Organization Management (Area\Schools\Division\Dept)
  •     Facility Management (Locker, Room, and Parking)
  •     Curriculum Management (Course/Program Management)
  •     Student Admission
  •     Registration & Enrollment
  •     Student Management
  •     Grade/Transcript Management

Testing Services Comes Under Education Domain

1.   User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Functional UAT test cases are used to check and assure that the application satisfies its business requirements. It is one of the kinds of Interface testing that aims to check the communication between the system and the users. The primary purpose of user acceptance testing is not to verify that a program works as per the specification but to review that it will work as per the business context.

2.   System Testing

System Testing is the type of testing conducted to test complete and integrated software. The principal objective of this type of testing is to evaluate that the system complies with the specified requirements. Moreover, it includes functional & non-functional testing to check the functionality & performance of the product.

3.   Performance Testing

Performance testing is the process of determination of various factors, such as speed, responsiveness, system stability, software program, and device under a workload. Moreover, it measures the quality attributes of educational apps, such as scalability, reliability, and resource usage.

4.   Regression Testing (Automation/Manual)

Regression testing compares a specified baseline of what it should be. In Automation Regression Testing, we run all the previously executed test cases on a new build program. When regression testing is automated, it ensures a variety of changes, workflow, plans, scripts, and other processes within a regression testing methodology.


With the rise of new technologies, the Education industry is also technically spreading its wings. It not only benefits the Educational sector with a higher ROI but also unlocks several monetary benefits, such as marketing and future up-gradation cost. But, testing plays a backbreaking role when it comes to the functionality of an app. The above-shared information will help you understand why online mobile educational apps require testing. Moreover, it will also help you know all the critical factors for the testing of online learning apps.

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