Five Things Testers Should Keep in Mind While Testing the Games


Five Things Testers Should Keep in Mind While Testing the Games

Gaming industry has a huge wide scope in the market. Millions of games are launched in every year, on various iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

Games belong to a certain platforms (iOS, Android and Windows etc.) may further divide into different categories and domains. Hence gaming testers must be the most versatile persons in the Game testing domain.

Either it is online games or offline games, a third person user or first person, a tester must be ready to tackle different obstacles that may come his way. There are below mentioned five things which tester should keep in mind while testing a game.

1. Multiplayer Feature: Testing the game for a multiplayer feature can be an agonized task, especially if the players are belongs to different area. Multiplayer games hard to test, debug and sometimes impossible to reproduce the bugs and game can break easily.

One way to be successful in testing such a game is by ensuring robust designs and also the use of the development framework (like Unity).

When it comes to games on mobile, they should be tested on latest Android and latest iOS devices by themselves. It also requires the use of realistic cross-connection networks and cross-platform before any mobile device testing can be done.

2. Game Authenticity Challenges: No gamer would ever want their saved game or high score ruined just because there is a bug in the game's authentication module.

Imagine spending session after sessions worth of time (and possibly dollars on buying those weapons and gears), unlocking those difficult levels only to find out that you have lost everything because the game forgot your last saved game data along with the unlocked levels (and weapons)!

3. Testing in Various Game Engines: As they say, choosing the right game engine often proves to be the first step in deciding the success (or failure) of a game.

With the advent of so many games platforms over the past few years and the release of the latest generation of consoles like the Play Station 4, Wii U and Microsoft Xbox One, selecting the right game engine can be difficult.

With so many game engines available for each of these platforms, it can be a hair-pulling moment if you're a game tester. e.g. Many PlayStation games are developed using GameMaker game engine while most online casinos like Mansion Casino prefer PlayTech!

Although this is a decision that is often taken by the game executives and lead programmers, as a game tester it means you have to be trained and ready to test in most (if not all) of these latest game engines and platforms.

4. Ensuring Accurate Social Integration: It was not too long back when Facebook introduced social media games in 2013 when the launch of Wii U (and Miiverse that came with it) made it obvious that social integration and social media as a whole were going to play a major role in games over the coming years.

Today, the games are becoming increasingly more connected to various social networks, but this also means that as game testers you will have to be even more attentive.

These kind of games need to be tested with caution, since it has the capability to break or make a company’s reputation.

5. Game' Ability to Withstand Heavy, Concurrent Load: No testing is complete without a round of good, old load testing before the product can be launched and it applies to Game Testing as well.

With more and more network based games emerging every day, and the focus shifting to MMO and MORPG games, your game should be tested to withstand real-time concurrent load before it can be shipped.

Load testing should be done to achieve consistent performance across all hardware/software/platform/device combinations that your target audience might use.


Gurpreet Singh

Gurpreet has been working at BugRaptors as a Gaming Tester. He is an enthusiast gamer which drives him to performs exceptionally well when it comes to game testing, be it mobile, web or desktop. He has dabbled in gaming engines such as unity & unreal engine 3.

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