A few years back, Chatbots were only used in customer-oriented environments or companies to enhance customer service. However, today, from retail, education, healthcare, insurance to every software company have its own chatbots on their website, which they are using to perform a wide variety of roles, improve business efficiency and their CXs (Customer Experiences). 

 A chatbot is a computer program that supports humans to interact with technologies using various input methods such as text, voice, 24/7 365, gesture & touch, etc.   

Moreover, Chatbot is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) feature that can be used and embedded through any major messenger apps. Also, there are numerous synonyms used for Chatbots, including IM bot, Artificial Conversation Entity, Talbot, Interactive Agent, Bot, Chatterbots, and many more.   

What are the Various Types of Chatbots?   

Two major categories or types of chatbots are as follow:  

  • Rule-Based Chatbots.   

  • AI-based Chatbots   

Rule-Based Chatbots   

Rule-based Chatbots are defined as decision-tree bots. As the name implies, they use a set of rules, flows, and triggers to respond to the user's specific commands. In Rule-based Chatbots, the conversation is based in a scripted manner, and chatbots follow predefined rules to respond to particular questions of your users, which means whatever the training or scenarios are given to chatbots, based on them, they will perform and deliver solutions. In addition, in this process, no artificial intelligence is used. Thus, an open conversation with this type of bot is very limited or not possible.   

AI-Based Chatbots   

AI-based Chatbots are built with an Artificial Intelligence technique to understand the human language with emotions that don’t rely on the scripted language. Additionally, this type of Chatbot can accept any kind of input and give a response to users as per the existing domain language with self-learning abilities and maturity.   

Why is Testing Important for Chatbots?   

Chatbot testing is essential due to the following reasons:   

Facebook: The goal of Facebook was to integrate chatbots into its Messenger app to answer the queries of users automatically and to allow them to complete their payment transactions faster. In other words, the desire of Facebook was to build an utterly carefree platform in comparison to the Chinese ecosystem WeChat that is also using an artificially intelligent operation system within the large operating systems iOS and Android.  

However, the statement that bots are intelligent and automatically performed is not 100% true. Since the social network Facebook reported a 70% failure rate and its Messenger bots was failed to complete user requests. That means only 30% of interactions were successfully completed without the additional assistance of a human. Yet, we can’t ignore the 70 percent loss that the company had experienced in the long run.   

“Developers created about 33,000 chatbots on Facebook Messenger during the first six months of the service, but most chatbots hit a high failure rate due to the bleak purpose of the company. Notwithstanding, the scope that companies set for their chatbots were very generic and broad,” Xiaofeng Wangm, Senior Analyst with US-based market research firm Forrester revealed in a report. To read the complete news about Facebook AI-based Chatbots, go here.   

Ticketmaster Breach   

ticketmaster breach












The ticket sales and distribution giant discovered that automated customer support chatbot software from Inbenta Technologies that operates on various Ticketmaster websites was hacked and utilized to steal an unstated amount of payment card data. This news got so viral on Twitter and other social media channels and platforms. Some glimpses are shown below: 

breach cause







lucid media

data breach ticketmaster








According to BBC, Ticketmaster UK also gave a fine of £1.25m because the company failed to keep its customers’ personal data secure. Now, there is no need to say because you are smart enough and may understand that why as a business owner, you need Chatbot Testing Services or AI Testing Services, significantly if your chatbots are leveraging AI-based planning.   


Do you want to enhance your bots’ NLP accuracy, efficiency, and performance? Let’s discuss your niche and business requirements with us.  


Why Choose BugRaptors for Chatbot Testing Services or AI Testing Services? 

At BugRaptors, we have a range of Chatbot Testing Frameworks/Software from Botium.at, Chatbottest.com, dimon.co, Zypnos.com, and qbox.ai with effective chatbot testing techniques to automate your chatterbox and improve your customer experience. With us, you can ensure that the major key attributes of your chatbot will work as intended and fulfill your user expectations, which are pre-defined by the organization. Also, our domain expertise and real-time testing solutions help you accomplish 100% operational excellence for your bot since we focus on the crucial given metrics and ensure the highest success rate.   

  • Conversational Flow.  

  • Usability & User Experience.  

  • NLP Score.  

  • Bot Accuracy.  

  • Bot Speed.  

  • Conversation Steps.  






How is Chatbot Testing Done?  

Several tools and platforms are available for testing the chatbot development. Still, some tools lack a standardized approach for Chatbot Testing, and this type of testing is very different from the traditional approach for a website. This is because of the uncertainty and randomness in the conversation. Due to this, it is possible to consider every situation that may happen while chatting with chatbots. Apart from that, Chatbots interact with different platforms, cloud services, and numerous multi-channels that may help you experience some limitations while testing with tools.    

Similarly, users are allowed to add any kind of detail to the chatbot. Thus, testing should be done correctly. That means, if you are the person who is planning to take AI testing services for Chatbots, then you need to understand the significance of your chatbots’ functionality, performance, security, integration, user-interface, and exception handling because all should factor should be robust to make the conversational AI solution successful.   

Now, the point is how chatbot testing should be done. So, it should begin with manual testing, followed by as a Software Testing Service Provider, you should perform testing with a closed group of people to get real-time feedback. And, if you are a business owner, you should keep these factors in your mind.  

For Chatbot Testing, the Chatbot Testing Service Provider should collect the data to understand the unexpected user behavior and invalid data responses. Moreover, the automation testing should be done as per the functional aspect because there is no magic or shortcuts made for testing the conversational flow. Besides, performing Regression Testing, End-to-End Testing, Voice Testing, Security Testing, and Performance Testing are some of the crucial software testing types that you should perform to obtain the accuracy of results and help your users engaged in chatbots’ conversational flow.   

Furthermore, different types of chatbot testing are performed based on the chatbots’ purpose and target user profile. Nonetheless, there are some more testing types that one can consider for chatbots and get the testing done in the right way. However, before going your chatbot live to the market, you need to check the scope of testing chatbots below:  

Personality: Does the tone of the chatbot change each time when users start conversations with it or does it remain the same? Does a chatbot have a unique personality and its name relates to its service offerings?  

Onboarding: Does a chatbot greet and welcome the user when she/he starts the conversation? Do chatbots help users know its goals and capabilities?  

Understanding: Is a chatbot can understand emojis, small talk, idioms, etc.? Does the chatbot understand the question being asked during conversations?  

Accuracy: Does the chatbot respond in multiple steps? Does a chatbot give valid answers to users?  

Navigation: Does a chatbot support users to go back and change the context of the conversation?  

Intelligence: Does a chatbot remember the things that have been questioned by users? What makes a chatbot intelligent? Are all chatbots based on AI? Does a chatbot remember the context of the conversation?  

Speed: How much time does the Chatbot take to provide a response to the user's questions or queries? Does a chatbot take more time to respond?  

Error-Management: Does a chatbot can handle a difficult situation alone? What questions do chatbots ask? What answers can chatbots give? 

Most Popular Types of Chatbot Testing  

  • Onboarding & Personality Testing 

  • Conversational Flow Testing 

  • NLP Testing 

  • Context Remembrance & Switch Testing 

  • A/B Testing 

  • Domain-Specific Testing 

  • Limit Testing 

  • Crowd Testing 

  • Regression Testing 

  • Performance Testing  

  • Security Testing  

  • API Testing  

  • Multilingual Testing  

  • Voice Quality Testing (Listening & Speaking) 

  • Spell Checking Testing 

What Parameters do BugRaptors Consider to Improve the Effectiveness of Chatbots?  

Here are some parameters that we, as BugRaptors, the Software Testing Company consider to ensure the effectiveness of your chatbots.  

Speed: Ensure that your chatbot will deliver a quick and instant response to all types of users.   

User Engagement: At BugRaptors, we promise to make your chatbots intelligent enough to initiate conversations with your users or customers. Also, to help your chatbots interact with users, we perform the A/B testing to increase your user engagement, plus assure that your chatbot will give meaningful answers to your customers.   

Scalability: At BugRaptors, we have a wide array of certified testing teams to offer you top-notch AI Testing Services and Chatbots Testing Solutions that leverage AI-based planning. Therefore, you can choose us without any hassle to support your numerous users and additional modules at the same time in most server environments. Also, we assure you that your chatbot will support different domain technologies, or we can say that we will make your chatbot 100% scalable to help you get the maximum benefit.   

Interoperability: Your chatbot should have the ability to gather relevant information, and its setting should be configurable when users select any channels. Overall, we will perform interoperability testing to help your users get the right thing from the chatbot at the right time.   

Functionality: We ensure that your chatbot functionalities are very well performed after the end of our functionality testing. Plus, we will help you get an easy navigation experience to boost the user’s conversation journey.   

Comprehension Abilities: With testing, you can ensure an error-free and good texting experience from your chatbot, as well as get an auto-correct feature to impress your users.   

What are the Key Performance Indicators in a Chatbot?  

  • Goal Completion Rate – Its purpose is to help understand the successful engagement of the users with the chatbot, or you can know how well your users engage with your chatbot.   

  • Self-Service Rate – There is no customer support intervention require to measure the successful completion of the task, which means you can evaluate the self-service rate itself. But, how? Learn from BugRaptors about how the Self-Service Rate is measured. 

  • AI and ML Rate – Being a reliable service provider of AI and ML Testing Services, we can help you measure your chatbots' AI and ML capabilities and ensure to improve them over time.   

  • Fallback Rate - Also, we can help you know the failure rate of the chatbot with ease and give additional suggestions to eliminate the future mistakes.   

  • User Intention Rate – Do you want to know how many users will return to your platform? Let us make the right vendor for your business because we are specialized in AI-infused Application Testing Services or have well-versed knowledge of Chatbot Testing to help you measure the user’s return in a particular time frame.   

What Makes BugRaptors Out-of-the-Box?  

We feel that no business can run without customers, or if your chatbot is not able to give customer-oriented results, it means you have a lack of strategy and are so away from success. In addition, to help you with this, BugRaptors comes up with Out-of-the-Box thinking to test your chatbot in such a way so that it can deliver quick responses to your customer queries and help your company make a better decision.   

Furthermore, when it comes to security, we protect your chatbots from major hazards/risks such as DDoS attacks and malware, including don’t tolerate weak coding practices, user errors, and weakest links because these are some factors that make your interactive agents or bots vulnerable.  

 At BugRaptors, our mission is to leverage advanced Security Testing Services to help you get 100% assurance for End-to-End Encryption, Two-factor Authentication, User Authentication, Intent Authentication, Channel Authentication, Compliance Validation, Authentication Timeout, and Self-destructing messages.   

Besides, On the BugRaptors website, you can find our customized in-house assistant that will look similar to you, as given below in the image.   

Tawk chat













The best part of the BugRaptors chatbot is when you ask it - What Services do you provide? It acts like a human and helps you get therelevant result based on your query, as shown in the below image.  

tawk screenshot












Furthermore, if you type your query – Can I get chatbot testing? It will ask for your requirements in detail.   

bot screenshot












screenshot 3



















Also, if you want to get a demo before testing your AI-based chatbot application, in that case, BugRaptors talkbot helps you to get connected with its best experts and lets you schedule a quick call with them to view the entire process and portfolio, or you can understand that it will help you know how the chatbot testing is done at BugRaptors, including we will explain everything from scratch. Now, what are you waiting for?  

Are you ready to test your website’s chatbot with us? We are also waiting for your details to start working on your chatbot testing and help you create an intelligent enterprise with us.   

Contact us today or anytime as per your flexibility and stay tuned with us on different social media sites from FacebookTwitter, Linkedin, and Instagram to make a trustworthy bond with our company.   

I hope you find useful information in this blog post.   

If you want diligent testing experts at BugRaptors to improve the quality and performance of your Chatbot, just – Book a Call 


Kanika Vatsyayan

Kanika Vatsyayan is Vice-President – Delivery and Operations at BugRaptors who oversees all the quality control and assurance strategies for client engagements. She loves to share her knowledge with others through blogging. Being a voracious blogger, she published countless informative blogs to educate audience about automation and manual testing.


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